Unkind Women - Episode 8 (The SJR only version)

This episode is all about tying things up.
Yes, Rim.  THAT kind of tying up.

Episode 8

Mary believes that as a modern woman, she should say what she wants. Rim is unaccustomed to this.
He's eager to please though, so when Mary demonstrates for him, he asks questions and takes notes
Anticipation is high - surely this will make him an even better partner?
As a modern man, Rim knows that it's only right for him to share his fears and self-doubt with Mary
His male pride does require him to present the best possible appearance, though, so he makes sure to get pumped up before their next date
Rim starts to hyperventilate a little bit while giving himself the obligatory pep talk.
He'd die before he shared his nervousness with his buddy, though
On his way to meet up with Mary, he overhears some girl talk about his skills

'That's right,' he thinks.  'I'm RIM.  I got this.'
He likes to walk a little behind Mary - it gives him a view of her cute behind
More importantly, he can usually check himself out in the mirror without her noticing.  Not this time, though!
Mary has her own insecurities - her knotwork could use some attention, and she practices on Rim
He REALLY likes that, but Mary isn't sure she wants him in control
Later that day, Rim remembers their play from earlier and smiles.  'We'll see who's boss,' he thinks to himself.