Falling for Innocence - Episode 1 (This is Not a Recap)

kakashi: Dear Squeeglets, this is not a recap. But how could we pass on this drama (even though I watched episode 1 and hated it)? Does it not have Paksa and Cutie Soo in it? And Kim So-Yeon who, at least for kakashi here, was one of the first female leads that made an impression, first in Prosecutor Princess and then in Athena: Goddess of War. But then, there's that thing called time, and with a gazillion recaps and non-recaps already going on, all we can do at this moment in time is a CapCap aka Caption Cap aka JoAnne's favorite form of blogging anyway. Nothing that you see or read here may ever have come to pass. Have fun!
JoAnne: I watched the first episode last night, and I have to say I couldn't decide what it was it doing, this Show. But it has Paksa (I'm not at all impressed with the look, why do KDramas try to make executive hot shots all look like Hugh Hefner in the 60s?) and Cutie Soo (oh I am SO impressed with the look!) and Kim So-Yeon (big time girl crush for me here, Kakashi, never fear) PLUS it has just about every ahjussi supporting actor in the world so I keep thinking how bad could it be?  I guess I'll know better soon.

He better be summoning up that Paksa fire, if he knows what's good for him.
I think he doesn't, though, because he looks like Bambi.

Episode 1

'I am out for REVENGE.  I am going to take back my father's company and destroy my uncle in the process!' So Not Paksa practices his mantra in the mirror every morning.

Kang Min Ho, a man who has mastered the quick outfit change

What he has NOT mastered: being human. Kim Joon Sung is left a bit shell-shocked.

Turns out, naturally, that they knew each other as children.

And thus we know that they'll be the OTP.  
He's hateful, plus the kid thing, plus there's a dad thing, plus he put a sticker on it. Fate!

Like us, Kim Soon Jung is upset that Cutie is wearing longer jackets in this series

We're supposed to call him Lee Joon Hee this time around.  He's a really good lawyer, has also known Joon Sung a long time - they're best friends-and of course he is secretly in love with her.

He has mastered the hands-free gravity-free water-based push up.
Who isn't going to fall for THAT in a man? Soon Jung, that's who.

See this woman? She doesn't matter to Kang Min Ho, and she won't matter to us. Bye-bye!

Min Ho is intrigued - turns out that Soon Jung likes to shop at the same bargain basement suppliers that he prefers - you know a man doesn't get rich by wasting money!

'I spent THIS much on my last date,' he tells her under the mistaken impression that she will be awed by his budget genius. 'What.An.Ass,' thinks Soon Jung. 'I'll fall for him, I bet. Dammit.'

Lee Joon Hee - always a bridesmaid, never a bride. He's watching Soon Jung walk off with her brand new fiancee, after the surprise engagement party he helped the guy plan. Idiot.

Kang Min Ho got beat up by that very same fiancee, just for being an ass.
 The fiancee doesn't even know that Min Ho's gonna get his woman.

A rare moment of Paksa-like introspection, assuming Paksa ever saw the light of day.

'Please, Soon Jung, for the love of GOD - look at my HAIR! Who does yours? I need a new hairdresser! I can't deal with these weird wings off the back of my head!'

Soon Jung gave him a name... but it wasn't the right one. Unsuspecting Min Ho practices his all important 'in the shampoo station' face.

But Soon Jung is a decent person and she regrets her trick, even if he is an ass.

When she returns to tell Min Ho the truth, it's too late. He's so traumatized by his ordeal that he faints in her arms. Yeah, I'm just gonna call him So Not Paksa from now on.


Why, Dramagods, why???!
I couldn't decide if they meant us to take it seriously, mostly because of how it looked - everything sort of muted and old-fashioned. I want to believe that they're yanking our chains with the old school melodrama, but I'm not sure.
Plot, for those who care:  
1.When he was a boy, Min Ho's uncle screwed over his older brother (Min Ho's parents, both of whom died, mom by suicide.) Min Ho is now a corporate raider, known as a 'serial killer' - and his sights are on his uncle's company. He has a heart condition (same thing that killed his dad) and is expected to live another month, so he has some urgency about this.
2.  Soon Jung's dad was Min Ho's dad's secretary, but he was made a VP in return for supporting Min Ho's uncle in the discrediting of Min Ho's dad. He's dead now, so Min Ho says he'll take out the punishment on Soon Jung. She's his uncle's secretary now.
3.  Joon Hee also works at that company, and his dad is a security guard at a company plant. I believe that Joon Hee and Soon Jung have known each other since childhood, but he does not know Min Ho from childhood. (Different circles)
4.  Dong Wook is Soon Jung's fiance, a perfect cliche of a charming, roguish, skilled detective. He HAS known Soon Jung since childhood, and his father is a plant manager where Joon Hee's dad is a security guard - so THEY'VE known each other since childhood, too. There's a running bit where Joon Hee takes a close look at Dong Wook and tells him how beautiful he is and how much he loves him.
5.  Because this is KDrama we know the following:
  • The uncle is an ass
  • There's more to the story about Soon Jung's dad's betrayal
  • Joon Hee has always loved Soon Jung
  • He probably introduced her to Dong Wook
  • Dong Wook will die and his heart will go to Min Ho
  • Min Ho will be torn between his new feelings for Soon Jung and his need to avenge his father
  • With Dong Wook out of the way, Joon Hee will pursue Soon Jung
  • He will fail
  • She will end up with Min Ho, but not until there are a lot of misunderstandings between them
  • There is a small possibility her dad really DID betray his dad, in which case some of their misunderstandings will be her playing noble idiot