Falling for Innocence - Episode 3 (This is Not a Recap)

Oookay, what happened? This just got very cute and funny. Well, not everything. I still find all those cliché things terrible, but Min-ho and his strangely beating heart? D'awwwwwwwww. Poor confused jerk. I also like his male secretary - when they get the side-kick right, they get it right.
Remember the fear we all felt? I think it's going away. I giggle my way through most of the episodes. Paksa commits to his role 100 percent, and everyone is doing what they need to do to keep up. What I love most is that all three of the main actors are skilled at both comedy and drama, and they can make crazy work.
Meanwhile, in the ruthless corporate jungle, a fearsome, cold-hearted killer ponders his next move
...and enjoys a tasty cherry lollipop

Episode 3

Kang Min Ho's worst nightmare:  he wakes up in a strange bed, no memory of how he got there,
and he can just FEEL that his hair is different

'It was horrible, Boss!' says the awesome secretary. 'You fell asleep and leaned over and the lollipop got stuck in your hair and we had to cut it and we saw some, you know, gray...so we put you in a coma for two months, let it grow, then gave you a cut/color/perm, and woke you up.'

'Well, I suppose it's not too bad...I can blow it straight...but HOW do these lollipops keep getting into my hand anyway? I'm not a sweet eater!

Kang Min Ho ponders his cruel hair fate. Just a few minutes ago, he lost ANOTHER lollipop...if it lands in his hair again this could be a disaster!

Not Very Cutie looks down over the lobby and watches as patients battle in forced matches: the winner doesn't have to eat hospital food that night

Meanwhile, Soon Jung is awarded the Sparkly Butterfly, prestigious recognition given only to those with the smoothest, most manageable hair.

'Oh MAN!' exclaims So Not Paksa. 'I have DREAMED that one day I would earn the Sparkly Butterfly! You must be so excited!' But in her smooth, manageable way, Soon Jung has put the SB away for a special day, and opted for a tiny, modest bow.

When Kang Min Ho describes how he wants to run his fingers through Soon Jung's hair, Joon Hee struggles with feelings of jealousy. Or perhaps indigestion. Lunch was a bit heavy.

And then, Min Ho touches him. Suddenly, a new world opens before Joon Hee's eyes.

At home that night, Min Ho is feeling a bit overwhelmed. No, wait. He's not overwhelmed - he sniffs his hands. This is an allergic reaction to Joon Hee's cologne!

Joon Hee stares, frozen - his new dream crumbles to dust as Kang Min Ho screams 'Throw that shit out!' after blaming Joon Hee for his difficult night. That's his favorite cologne! They can never be.

Kang Min Ho soothes himself with sweets and the sycophantic attention of his devoted assistant

'I may have overreacted a bit,'Min Ho apologizes the next day. 'But I was almost killed by one of those cologne spraying people when I walked into Lotte once, and it's left me a bit traumatized.'

Min Ho and Soon Jung run into each other unexpectedly on the street.  In the dark, unfamiliar alley, Min Ho reacts with shock and fear. 'Your HAIR!' he screams. 'It's all....MESSY!'


Hahahahaaaa, So Not Paksa, I really like you. Such an ass, but your ass personality is under attack!
Love this drama, real or fake. I think everyone is watching, I'm not going to keep posting the real story in the comments. (Ok basically, Min Ho wakes up two months later, and he has this recurring dream of him lying in a bed and a woman crying over him. All he can see is the butterfly - which he now sees on Soon Jung. (The dream is a Dong Wook memory from when he was dying in the hospital. And he cries now, which is a Dong Wook thing, just like the lollipops.)