Falling for Innocence - Episode 4 (This is Not a Recap)

Mmmmmmmhh, Min-ho is one sexy MoFo when he gets all emotional over nothing. I want to take him home, cook him dinner and put him to bed. Yup, this drama now has me. Well, he has me. Jung Kyung-ho is one hell of a good actor.
He really is. I'm falling hard for Kang Min Ho. He looks 12 and his neck is ridiculously long and skinny but when he's thoughtful I just melt. And the rest of the time I'm generally laughing. Also the porn of those hands.

Episode 4

Kang Min Ho sleep walks, but very few know this.  Too much sugar, probably.

See? It happened again! Where is he? He doesn't recognize this street.

Min Ho is shocked to see Soon Jung on this random street, yes, but even more so to realize she's wearing the Sparkly Butterfly with such a casual outfit.

It took me a long, long time to realize that was a lollipop stick, and not some random buck teeth I never noticed before.

Soon Jung greets the men as they arrive for work. 'Okay!' she says. 'Who got a new hair cut and looks adorable?' Kang Min Ho raises his hand.

I think Joon Hee might have a problem with that. He and Min Ho (plus their gangs) square off for the cutest 'school yard fight' in the world

Afterward, Min Ho relishes his victory by replaying his ninja moves. At one point he distracted Joon Hee by breaking into song - he figures that was probably what put him over the top.  

It's a real blow for Min Ho to learn that Soon Jung does not approve of fighting, especially musical ninja fighting.

The day just goes from bad to worse: finally fed up with being an errand boy, Awesome Secretary slaps a post it on Min Ho's face and screams, 'Pick up your own damn lollipops!'

While Min Ho lies on the floor and watches an ant carry crumbs, Soon Jung ponders why she was so mean to him after the fight. She doesn't object to musical ninja fighting, really.

Min Ho wastes time practicing how to whistle while Joon Hee gets right down to business and asks for po-pos. He lost to Dong Wook before, he won't waste time now!

Sometimes Joon Hee and Soon Jung come to work early and practice roller dancing in the parking garage - the floor is so smooth! They didn't realize Min Ho was there, and he's not pleased.

How awkward! The love rivals discover that they share a tailor. They're each wearing his patented Style 458A although only a true fashionisto would recognize that, considering how differently they've accessorized.  

Joon Hee strikes a pose near a sunny window, hoping that Min Ho will notice how perfectly his tie is knotted. Min Ho does notice, oh yes he does, but he stays strong. No Joon Hee for him.

Later in the week, Joon Hee sneers at Min Ho's ascot. 'Polka-dots? With PLAID?' Min Ho is hurt by Joon Hee's behavior. Just because they didn't work out is no reason to be enemies.

Still, he goes back to safer fashion choices. Joon Hee is many things, but wrong about fashion isn't one of them.

Later in the day, Min Ho is pleased (but embarrassed) to learn that his musical ninja routine has become a trend at work. When they learn that lunch time classes will be offered, both Joon Hee and Soon Jung are shocked.

Kang Min Ho is not pleased to see Joon Hee comfort Soon Jung. 'It's okay, Soon Jung,' he hears Joon Hee say. 'I know your secret - you have no rythm! Clapping is too hard for you!'

'Dammit!' Min Ho curses. 'WHY didn't I pick up the drycleaning? I'm wearing that ridiculous outfit again!' Despite his insecurity about the way he's dressed, Min Ho goes after Soon Jung to let her know that her clapping handicap doesn't need to come between them.

They look at each other soulfully. Soon Jung can hardly believe that Min Ho would be able to overlook her embarrassing secret - especially when he is so talented himself.

'Silly girl,' Min Ho boops Soon Jung's noise.
 'Your hair is all I need to be happy. Don't you know that?'


This was an amazing episode. Thank you, Paksa. Thank you, Prosecutor Princess. Thank you, Cutie Soo. I love you for knowing how to act. I really do.
This show brings me immense joy.