Falling for Innocence - Episode 5 (This is Not a Recap)

(JoAnne, you should probably write the intro so that it matches your story!)
Nooooooooooo!  I like your intros, and I like the brief moment of reality before I plunge us into LaLa Land.

Jung Kyung Ho ponders a world without Kakashi's words to start the day and feels lost

Episode 5

Soon Jung completely misunderstands. Kang Min Ho cannot have her hair!

'Pabo,' Min Ho replies. 'I want to learn from you, not take it from you!'
 '...and....maybe...sniff it once in a while,' he confesses shyly.  'Just a little sniff, now and then.'

Deep down, he does have some concerns.  Sometimes her hair smells like radish.

Meanwhile the crisis at work results in cost cutting measures that include closing the company gym and lowering the heat in public spaces. Everyone finds innovative solutions to make it work

Joon Hee and Soon Jung have put public transport to enjoyable use since
 company cars are no longer a perk for mid-level executives

Min Ho is very annoyed to realize that his efforts to bankrupt the company  are bringing Joon Hee and Soon Jung even closer together!  He's going to have to get serious about the hair angle if he wants to spend time with her.

Turns out Soon Jung is a firm believer in the benefits of scalp massage. Min Ho practices under his doctor's supervision.  He has a ways to go.

Soon Jung shares the news of Min Ho's efforts with Joon Hee, who is confused.  'Doesn't everyone just wake up with fabulous hair, like you and me?'  He has no idea what Soon Jung goes through.

Min Ho is serious about this, though. Turns out Awesome Secretary has distinct opinions about hair massage to share:  'You've got to really get IN there, you know, USE those finger muscles!  

Soon Jung inspects his progress critically.  She sees improvement, but is it enough?

 Min Ho sheepishly admits that some nights he does NOT massage his scalp before bed.  Soon Jung is shocked.  'You must be loyal to the program, Min Ho!  Chunseong!

'Fine, fine, every night!  I promise!'

It's a grueling regimen, and the effort shows on Min Ho's face.  His hair, though.  Pretty smooth!

Min Ho pores over look books at the salon - should he get a glaze?  Maybe semi-permanent color?

Decision made!  Everyone approves of Min Ho's choice:  he will simply get a clear glaze to add shine and body - no color to distract from the simplicity of the cut

The two rivals spend a lot of time observing each other, trying to analyze every strand.  Min Ho has to admit that Joon Hee's hair always looks effortlessly fabulous.

But Joon Hee hides a dark secret:  his hair is thinning!  Already, his bangs only cover half his forehead.  Last year it was three quarters!

'Boss, don't worry...I've got your back!'

Awesome Secretary laughs to think of how he's messing with Joon Hee:  those 'vitamin injections' he gets from the salon?  Botox to make his forehead swell.

Joon Hee calls Soon Jung for some advice about his bangs, but she's busy shopping and can't talk

Later that same night, though, she rushes to Min Ho. The hair glaze caused his heart to act up!
 He'll be okay, but glazing is out for him.  Soon Jung is moved by his bravery.

Much like his bangs, Joon Hee feels Soon Jung slipping from his grasp


Well, JoAnne, Cutie Soo probably isn't as clean as we hoped. I did feel a tiny little bit sorry for him, but after some reflection, he would never have gotten her, even if he had spoken out earlier in life. Because he is EVIL. And she is the opposite. Will she turn Min-ho into a good guy? I hope not.
Ah, but the thing is, Min Ho IS a good guy, but early hardships made him harden his heart.  I think his natural instinct is to be a good person, though.  Look how much his secretary loves him!  As for Cutie...sigh...I think he thinks he's doing the right thing for the most people (and of course it benefits him greatly) but his judgement is clouded by his private sense of inferiority and a skewed belief that money is necessary for happiness.  I think he genuinely cares for Soon Jung but you're right - with that chip on his shoulder he'd never be the guy for her. Still, I can forgive him for being the insider who helps bring down a CEO he believes is evil and has made him do evil things...I just wouldn't be able to forgive him for having ANY part in Dong Wook's death.