Falling for Innocence - Episode 6 (This is Not a Recap)

kakashi: Alright then, JoAnne wants me to write something real about this episode. Hm. Well ... this show remains a puzzle to me. Is it comedy? Is it not? Judging from this episode, it is not. This episode was sad and somehow, there is little hope for any of the characters for ever finding happiness. Even if Min-ho turns "good" and gets the girl, his previous life will be made meaningless and he will regret deeply. If Soon-jung falls in love with this weird copy of her previous fiancé, I'll be angry too, especially if it happens so soon. Min-ho is an asshole, 95% of the time. The few things he is now forced to do do not make him like the dead guy at all. That said, I still really enjoy this drama, though I remain cautious. It might break our hearts.
I take it back. Don't make me question my baby drama! I love it too much! If I have to look at the various pieces critically I'm afraid that will end.

Min Ho tries to eyeball how many licks it takes to get to the center

Episode 6

Even though it hurts to watch, Joon Hee discovers that he sort of likes being a peeping tom

Soon Jung is struck by the thickness and vitality of Min Ho's hair as he rests in the hospital  Did she judge him too harshly in the past?  

Now that Min Ho is home and Soon Jung is more amenable, he practices for date night

Min Ho does realize that a lollipop is not exactly like a woman, but 'ahhh, it will be fine!'

Meanwhile, Soon Jung and Joon Hee practice techniques TOGETHER. Min Ho is incensed.

In an attempt to pique Soon Jung's interest, Min Ho has her on speaker while he demonstrates a particularly effective move and asks her to guess what it is by the sound

Min Ho is really excited about how well that went, but he should watch out for Joon Hee

'What can I do, what can I do? There has to be something! Joon Hee is all worked up by the prospect of Min Ho stealing Soon Jung right out from under him

Min Ho demonstrates a particular tantric move that he promises will drive Soon Jung crazy.  She's overwhelmed even by the thought of it!

Oooh, plot twist! While the two rivals were posturing, it turns out Awesome Secretary snuck in and got a little some for himself!

Soon Jung must have a soft spot for Min Ho, though. Even though he has competition for her heart, she finds herself wanting to help him with little things, like his application of BB Cream. 'If you're going to use a lighter shade to appear more pale, you really need to blend well.'

Min Ho has to admit it: her beauty skills are better than his. It's just one of the reasons she's so cool.

Newly confident without a visible foundation line, Min Ho faces off against Joon Hee. 'Oh, I know your army of hair specialists are having success with regrowing your bangs, but she WILL be mine.'

His bangs really are coming back - Joon Hee keeps checking in the mirror and comforts himself.  Soon Jung will understand that his good bangs and her smooth cap belong together in the end, right?

Uhhh, Joon Hee? I think you have a problem.


kakashi: Fuck forced kisses. I hate them! Min-ho, your a selfish dick. Grow up and get over your huge ego, palli! And you, Cutie Soo ... yeah, I see you've been given a difficult childhood and some major psychological scars, but really. Why did you also have to become such a dick? Poor Soon-jung. The choice of men is truly horrifying. 
JoAnne: I.. what? I was just thinking (and not for the first time) that teeny mouth and skinny neck or no, I would be interested in kissing Jung Kyung Ho. Maybe just to get those HANDS on me.