Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 13 (A ScruffCap)

Ah, Show. If you were only another episode or two longer, perhaps I would not feel like we are rushing to the end. Still, thanks for these sweet scenes of happiness for several of our couples, before you shredded our hearts with that cop-out BS story twist at the end.
becca: I'm just going to stare at this adorable face and try to block out the coming pain.

Episode 13

Our pair is enjoying some late night closeness; May is on a swing, while Rut wanders a bit around a campfire. The villagers are at a distance cheering them on as some kids light giant sparklers. Cheesy grins all around! Rut kneels down in front of her. They are leaving the village tomorrow. May is poignant. She is going to miss this place, but FakeWatit promises they can visit again.
Aww, can't we just stay here? Pleaaaase? People are nicer here.

I guess Goo-Goo came back; May gives it a pat good-bye as FakeWatit gives their farewells to the village. They leave the rest of the school gifts for the children there. May asks Weaver not to turn Goo-Goo into lunch; she agrees and gives them a group hug.
That piggy is soooo getting eaten, right?
Evil Goon is driving Uncle Bulldozer’s car, following the last path on the GPS. Uncle calls him, and he gives the excuse that his vehicle needs repairs. But he’s heading straight for Veggie Farm.
Eep! No no no no no, this cannot be good.

At school, the younger pair, Mai looks stressed, but he doesn't tell Rin why. Rin wants to buy a flower bouquet at his store, but she doesn't tell him for whom. Gee, guys, you were my favorite communicators!
Aww, but you have to admit her teasing and his confusion are kinda cute.
As they bounce down the road, May muses that Waapo is probably sad that FakeWatit is gone. He calls her jealous, and offers to return to the village if she wants. Which, ha ha, she categorically does NOT want to do. But May is worried about her mother.
Ah yes, this is why they have to go back. Because there are some nice people who are left at the mercy of some very not-nice people.

It’s a modern miracle; her iPhone managed to keep a charge throughout their stay, and she now has a signal. (She plugged it into the car with her mobile charger - PPL!!) May calls Flower Mom and reassures her, promising to see her when they return.
Meanwhile, Evil Goon makes it to Veggie Farm. Somebody stop him, please! Or Mom, where are you, so you can intercept him!! Wat? Anyone?
This is gonna be baaaaad, isn't it? *covers eyes*

Mom is actually tucking Watit in as Evil Goon draws closer. I’m actually puzzled here, mainly because Watit is in the house in the back of the property, which would not be within view of the lot where Uncle would have parked.  But we all know Eeevil has a way of sniffing out plot holes. Goon peeks through the window of the small house, and sees the prone body, but Mom has figleafed Watit’s identity. She finally walks away, and Goon sneaks into the unlocked door to stand next to the hospital bed.
He quickly calls Watit’s phone, and when FakeWatit answers, he knows something is up. Once they hang up, Rut comments that Goon would never call him. Ack, Rut! Red flag! Red flag! Goon is putting two and two together in his mind. This would be a really good time for another lightning storm and tree limb/car fire. No? [sigh]
No! We have to get back to stop the evil Goon!!
At Greed House, Evil Goon tells Greed Dad, who is incensed that the good guys have done something tricksy. The two bad guys are convinced that Uncle Bulldozer has evil intentions. They decide to plan a retaliation ploy.
He has evil intentions? HE does???? You fellahs better just turn those fingers around right now.
Yeah, YOU!!!
The next person May calls is Tippy, who is ecstatic to hear from them. Uncle hasn't made it to the office yet to hear the good news. But he’s at the house when the pair finally arrives. FakeWatit apologizes for their disappearance, but everyone is happy they returned safely. Evil Goon has to be nasty about it, though, implying that FakeWatit deliberately got them lost.
Oh, so it's okay for you to do it, but not him? Oh. Right. You didn't actually plan for that tree to be struck by lightning and fall on the truck. Probably. I still have my suspicions.

Horrid Housekeeper begs FakeWatit not to do anything dangerous again, and nasty Evil Goon snarks that it’s okay if he does, since he’s not the same person he used to be. And now they who are in the know, know that he knows what they know, you know?
Or do they?
Rut and Uncle take a stroll together. Uncle agrees that Evil Goon is suspicious, even if he isn't completely sure, and Rut promises to be careful. But that’s not enough; from Uncle’s point of view, he’s worried enough about his son to clear his business at Citrus Farm and head back to Rut’s place to stay with Watit. Rut asks him to take care of his family.

May and Tippy are having their own conversation, and May smiles as she admits to her confession. Tippy is happy for her bestie but confused how it all happened. May is a little confused too, but that’s okay. Poor Tippy! She’s almost on the shelf!
That makes me sad. She should have a sweetie, too! Maybe Watit will wake up and suddenly fall in love with her, and they can all live happily ever after. Hm… only two episodes left, but stranger things have happened.
Evil Goon shows up, all smiles and crap; May’s face immediately falls to neutrality. He wants to talk to her alone. Outside, by the pool, he tries to play sad puppy, since he was the last to know she returned. He tries to take her hand, but she pulls it back. He tells her that soon she won’t have to worry about that jerk she married. She admits that she now feels glad to have Watit as her husband.

He is appalled that she loves this man, and grabs her arm in a punishing grip. She tries to yank it away, telling him that, just like before, they can only be siblings to each other. She finally pulls loose and walks away while he calls after her.
This guy just doesn't get it, does he? Watit or no Watit, Rut or no Rut, it's never going to be Goon. Any chance he ever had is long gone.

A shadow passes over Goon’s face from incredulity to evilness, and he murmurs that it won’t be long before her love turns to hate.
Naree is having breakfast. She’s also having nausea, and we all know what thS
The two women are preparing the meal, and Mom can’t resist prying into her daughter’s lovelife. After all, the two seem to have solved their communication issues. After all, every time they fought, Mom would hear about it first; but now that they are in love, it seems she’s almost the last to know. How did she find out? Tippy!
Yes! I love you and your big chatty mouth, Tippy!

Mom is happy, and thinking about grandchildren. Why is that always the first thing they think about? May reminds Mom that they still have to deal with FakeWatit’s ‘health issues’. But Mom is quick to point out all the strength FakeWatit used during their recent adventures. He’s plenty strong to father children. How did she find out? Tippy!
Haha! I'm now imagining Mom and Tippy calling each other constantly and arranging secret meetings to discuss May's love life, and it is quite amusing.
Mom’s one track mind goes back to grandchildren; May blushes and goes back to pounding the pork. Mom keeps pleading. Aww.

May finally has a chance to corner her brother outside, after watching him sigh. He claims to be a little stressed, but she calls him out on it. It turns out he’s been thinking about Veggie Girl’s bouquet request, since people only buy flowers for their significant others. May reasonably points out that flowers are given for birthdays, graduations, hospital stays… Mai interrupts her. Rin ordered roses and heart stickers! May tells him to calm down and not look for trouble; just keep an open mind and fix things only if there is a problem. Sibling bonding time! So cute.
Aww, I've missed seeing these two together.
Greed Dad is meeting with Evil Goon, talking over their plans to expose and oust FakeWatit. Greedy wonders if May is in on the swindle, but Goon is sure she’s doesn’t know. Naree drops her fork in disgust over Goon’s near-worship of the other woman, and Dad asks if he really plans on picking up Watit’s leftovers (meaning May). The keep discussing until Naree begs them to just stop it. After all, Uncle and Watit own all those things, so why should they try to steal them? They are already living comfortably. Wow, Naree as the voice of reason. Does.Not.Compute.
Good for her! You know, I feel weird about it, but I've actually grown kind of… almost… fond of her. At first she was just hateful, but then we started to see just how pathetic her life is and how little self respect she has, and I started to pity her and wish she could somehow turn it all around and get away from these awful people.

Goon drops everything and stomps away. Dad tries to stop Naree from chasing him. His plan is to let Goon do all the dirty work for them, then grab everything. She doesn’t care, she pulls away and catches up with our Cray-Cray Man at his vehicle. She beseeches him to stop messing with Citrus Farm, but he won’t listen. She tries anyway: you have a long life and are very talented, so why should he waste all that with wrongdoing? He can carve out his own life, even if it isn’t with his uncle. He tells her to stop bothering him, and takes off. She’s calling after him as he leaves, and Greed Dad strides up to yell at her not to interfere with their plans. Good time for another fainting spell.
The doctor comes by Greed House, and the family is smiling. Yay, she preggers with a little evil monster child! Dad is exciting to start the wedding process, but Naree begs for some time to tell him. Dad doesn’t care, since his grandchild stands to inherit everything once Goon takes care of it all. But Naree thinks he will more than likely go to prison; Dad shrugs, then he still gets all the goods and it will still go to her baby. But if Goon turns nice, Dad won’t accept him because he doesn't have any assets. Nice dad, NOT.
Ugh. Can we drown him in his stupid pond with his stupid koi fish?

It’s May and FakeWatit’s first night back at the farm, and everyone is feeling shy and coy. May gets around to asking if he thinks having a little kid running around the house is good. Rut smiles and agrees that it’s a cute thing. May takes a breath and continues: if she likes kids and he likes kids, and their parents like kids, then maybe they should generate a kid. Awkward!!
Hahahaha! But soooo cute and funny!
Make sure to ask the right questions, May!
Rut covers by telling her that he wants to get a thorough medical checkup before they decide anything. For now, they should just sleep. She smiles and snuggles in for some nighttime only huggy-kissy time. Did you hear that? That was the bullet he just dodged.
Boo! We want babies! Okay, that'd be bad because technically she's still his brother's wife, but…we only have two episodes left! DO SOMETHING. Aww, or you could just snuggle and be cute. I like that too.
Veggie Girl shows up at the flower shop for her bouquet. She still won’t tell Mai anything, so he brusquely points to the bouquet: seven red roses with white lilies wrapped in red burlap. She loves it. Flower Boy snipes that he hopes her boyfriend likes the flowers. Rin mentally shrugs and starts to walk away. He stops her, though, and finally asks the big pink elephant question: does she have a boyfriend?
I'm disappointed, Mai, honestly. I thought you already knew that she likes you.
Yeah, but he still has that my-english-sucks-and-I'm-a-murdering-jailbird inferiority complex on his back.

Her face lights up for a moment before she tamps it down and turns back to face him. What’s wrong with having a boyfriend? He pretends indifference, but there’s a streak of hurt in his words. Nothing wrong with it, but choose wisely. She laughs and tells him the real reason for the flowers. Her brother is in love, and she wants him to be successful in his courtship.  Wait, is May going to be the recipient?
I was wondering about that, too, but… wouldn't that be weird? Considering that Watit is her family, too, she probably wouldn't be cheering for Rut to steal the girl. Right? *scratches head* I dunno.
HIS face now lights up for a moment before HE tamps it down. Well, why didn't she tell him when he asked? She admits to teasing him, and they both share goofy grins. He revenges by chasing her around with a water mister. She turns the tables on him and starts misting him. She ends up face to face in his arms with her lips pressed against his cheek. The moment! They stutter to a stop, then he grins, kisses her cheek and runs away.
You cuties.
He invites her into his house. One of the first things she sees is a portrait of May. Maitree points her out as his beautiful older sister, and Warin clearly recognizes her. Just then Flower Mom shows up with snacks. And Mom is not above a little matchmaking as she tells the young girl that her son has talked a lot about her, and she is a lot prettier than described.
We're not going to have noble idiocy because of the sibling thing are we? That would be sad.
Those lovely red flowers? They are for Wat! To help woo his ladylove. LOL. After a few words of encouragement, Wat is ready! The family comments on why Rin looks so down, and she tells them that the boy she likes is actually Watit’s brother in law. Which puts the twin’s secret straight into the path of her love life.
No! No interfering with the little ones and their adorableness! I will not tolerate it, Show, ya hear?

Wat kicks himself for thinking that Watit’s wife was a gold-digger when she really needed the money to help her little brother. Veggie Mom asks if she told the boy anything, but Rin knows that twin switcheroo secret might be exposed. Now she has to worry how Flower Boy will feel when he finds out she never told him. Mom thinks they should wait until Watit regains consciousness before taking any action. Um, will he even wake up? Only 2 episodes left, you know.
I just remembered that Rut still thinks May is a gold-digger, too. I had thought her motives for marrying Watit would have been a bigger deal in the story.
I think they just wanted to use it as an excuse for Rut to be nasty to May for all those multiple episodes.
Boobs is strutting around the market, back to normal after the shock of her “first love” being unconscious. One of the stalls gives her some of her favorite dessert, from a secret admirer. A short distance later, she gets a PPL soft drink that has “To A Beautiful Person” written on it. Next, a kid gives her a bunch of red, white, and pink balloons. Next, a huge teddy bear. Her poor driver is forced to carry everything, and is running out of places hold things. Finally, the flowers. She coos over them for a moment, and then wonders who the secret admirer is.

Wat is secretly listening, apparently coordinating everything through his earpiece. Suddenly she wonders if all this is being done by some old, fat womanizing psychopath. Whups!
Lol! That "earpiece" is just a plastic straw, though! Wat is so funny, trying to act all cool.
Wat is trying to figure out what to do next when she spots him. She peremptorily calls out “Monkey Face”, her name for him. He turns and opts for the aegyo route, calling out to her as if she’s his fangirl. He asks her to feed him, and the next thing you know, they are sharing a meal. Well, he’s eating; she is just watching. Once he finishes, she asks him if he knows who gave her all the stuff. He touches his name on the bouquet card. LOL, she hadn't even checked! Well, she did see him right after she received the bouquet.

He strikes a pose as she counts down: 3…2…1…Anuwat!  Her face goes “huh?” before she finally snatches the bouquet card and reads the name written on it. Next thing you know, she shoves him to the ground and demands an explanation. He retorts: he’s has all the appropriate body parts in all the appropriate places, so what’s wrong with him? She yells that these things are about feelings! He yells back that he has liked her for a long long time now! Well, that shuts her up.
After I finally gave up on the Wat-Tippy pairing, I started to like these two. After all, Wat is a great person, and if he loves her, he should get her. She's obnoxious, but she's not so bad.
Everyone in the market is avidly watching the show. He promises to be the man she has always wanted, as long as she doesn't cut him out of her life. She tries for bravado. What if she still like Rut? Aw, come on, girlie, give him a break.

Wat asks if she really likes Rut; if so, he will just change his name to Rut so she can like him instead! She yanks his arm; for her relationships, she likes the man just as he is, and not as another man. Anuwat processes this for a moment, like there’s a thought grenade in his head. Tick…tick…tick…He realizes what she just said – she will date him?? She acts coy; she might like him a little bit. A tiny bit, maybe.  Wat breaks out in the best smile ever as the crowd cheers. They share a big noisy hug.
Aww. Awwww. I squeed! Yes, I did!
[grumbling] I wanted him for Tippy.

It’s not noisy with our Evil Guys. Evil Goon gives Chard a map to Veggie House; the plan is for him to sneak into Watit’s room and kill him. No gun though, it needs to appear to be a natural death. Oh, crap.
Eek! Unni, make them stop! Make them stop!
I can't! I'm not the screenwriter!
Sure enough, it’s dark when Chard shows up and slips a black mask on. However, he is wearing the same denim clothing that’s worn throughout most of the show, with distinctive lettering on the left placket.
Yeah, I still can't get over the fact that Rut didn't recognize Chard when he attacked him that time in the woods.

Mom is just wiping Watit’s body when Chard peeks in the window. Mom locks the doors before heading to the rear with the used linen, forcing Chard to try the windows. He forces one open and climbs in. The first thing he does is pull the plug, then he disconnects the ventilator tube. Oh yeah, this is going to look like a natural death. Except, just for additional security, he grabs a pillow and starts suffocating the man. Watit starts twitching from the abuse, but it’s clear he can’t defend himself.
Grrr. If I could climb into the screen and slap him into next week, I would. Get away, Chard, or so help me a;dkfj;ad!!!!

Just then, Mom comes in, and tries to stop Chard. When she starts yelling for help, he pulls out his gun and fires at her. Which alerts the whole family. Chard takes off as Rin and Wat arrive.
Not Mom! Chard, you son of a three-legged toad!! If you don't die by the end of this show, I'm going to feel very cheated! And that goes for your Evil Goony boss, too!
Both patients are transported to the hospital. Wat calls Rut, who is sleeping entwined with May. He untangles himself and sneaks out of the bedroom to answer the phone.  His face drops in shock when he hears the terrible news; quickly, he hangs up and turns back to the bedroom door. A wide-awake May is standing in the doorway. Who was on the phone and why does he look so alarmed?  Rut, what are you going to do?

He tells her there is an emergency he has to take care of. She is quick to offer to accompany him, but FakeWatit say no. He and Uncle can handle it together.
They… they won't die, right? Right?
When the two arrive outside the ER, a grim Wat is waiting for them. Veggie Mom took a bullet in the chest, but has completed surgery to remove it. Rin is by her bedside. But Watit is in the ICU with no additional news. The doctor finally comes out. Unfortunately, the twin was pulseless and apneic before reaching the hospital, and they weren't able to revive him. So poor Watit is dead, without any chance for happiness. Why, show???
Seriously? Seriously??? Maybe if the show hadn't spent so long on Rut and Goon being jerks, they would have had time to figure out some way for Watit to live and be happy without May. But noooo, we don't have time for that, so let's just KILL HIM. Bah.
Uncle immediately collapses and becomes Patient # 3.
Not helping, Uncle. Not. Helping.

At Greed House, Naree overhears Evil Goon yelling at Chard for screwing up the mission and shooting Watit’s caretaker, and then hears the whole sordid tale unfold.

In mid-tirade, Evil Goon gets the call that FakeWatit and Uncle left the farm for an emergency. Wait, Greed Dad is there too, and seems to not care at all about what went down that night. So Naree knows her love is a psychopath, and her father is gleeful about somebody else’s death.
Surely this will snap her to her senses, right? She'll leave him now that she knows he's a murderer… right?
Rut breaks the sad news to his sister, who bursts into tears at never meeting her brother. And never telling him that she loved him. Rut tries to console her, sure that he heard and knew the family’s feelings towards their kin.
*sniff* How are we supposed to have a happy ending now? I wanted a final scene with the whole family together and happy. The two brothers finally reunited and close as two peas in a pod. The in-laws and younger sibs laughing and having a grand time. Maybe we can still get part of that, but it won't be the same without Watit.
Wat thinks it was thieves, but Rut is convinced it was a plot to kill Watit. After all, if they were thieves they would have gone through the main house first, and not snuck around to the back garden house.  And there’s only a small group of people that would benefit from this.
It was Chard and Goon! Go beat 'em to a pulp, Rut! DO IT NOW.

Naree tries to talk to her dad.  She admits to hearing everything from before. Dad confirms that RealWatit is dead, and FakeWatit is next. She begs him to stop this path they are traveling, but in his mind, Angkoon must get everything, and everything is sacrificed to The Big Plan. Naree tries again; she doesn't want her dad to be a murderer. But Dad is smiling from Delusionville; the other two are murderers, but not him, no way. Besides, he’s doing everything for her and his grandchild! He warns her to silence.
This guy… he isn't right in the head, is he?

At the hospital, Veggie Mom is still unconscious and receiving a blood transfusion. Rut shows up… or actually Watit? He’s wearing glasses and a hospital johnny. He gently calls her name, and she wakes up knowing exactly who he is. He tells her he is good, and the hug each other. When they pull apart, he sadly tells her he must leave, and thanks her for being his mother. She knows something’s up, but she can’t stop him as he asks her to take care of herself and disappears into sparkles.
This is wrong. No. The wimpy little nerd has to live. He has to. *in denial*
She starts screaming, which brings everyone else into the room. They see her reaching out towards the wall calling for her son. She tells them her vision, and finally knows that he passed away. She breaks down into big sobs, but a crying Rin begs her to let Watit go in peace. They all cry together.
…. While poor Wat watches helplessly from the sidelines. He needs a hug, too.
Uncle is in another room; his eyes are open but he seems completely unaware of his surroundings. Doctor tell Rut he’s in psychosomatic shock, and the only treatment is medication and time until he can accept reality again. After the physician leaves, Rut promises Uncle he will bring the culprits to justice.
I'm hoping for the old-fashioned kind of justice. "My name is Rut. You killed my brother. Prepare to die!" That sort of justice.

When Rut arrives back at Citrus Farm, Evil Goon is smiling into a cup of coffee. Evil. Horrible. Despicable. How dare he. He wonders where Uncle and FakeWatit went so early in the morning; Rut smoothly covers that Uncle wasn't feeling well and plans to stay at hospital for a couple of days. Well maybe he should visit him, Goon replies jauntily, unless the older man is hiding the truth. What truth? He’s sure that “Watit” knows what he’s talking about. They get into a shoving match as Goon taunts him; after all, no secret can be kept forever.
Oh yes, please hit him, Rut! Just one solid right hook. Please!
The rest of the household runs outside, and May pushes the two apart. *disappointed* May wants to know where FakeWatit went to all night, and he uses the cover story of Uncle’s illness. Rut and Goon glare at each other until May orders her current husband to go inside and rest.
So… fisticuffs later, then?

In their bedroom, May asks for an explanation, but Rut just calls it stress. May is sad that she never noticed that Uncle was having a hard time. Rut admits that sometimes things happen that you can’t tell anyone about.
I think it might be best for him to come clean now. 

Even though he was supposed to have a lie-in, Rut ends up outside talking to Wat about the steps they need in order to investigate the attack. Wat warns his friend that he is the next target, and he needs to be careful for his mom’s sake. He disconnects with Wat just as Tippy comes by with the fertilizer purchase orders. He signs them and asks if Goon behaved suspiciously while he was lost.
Poor Tippy. The only men left are the middle aged drivers.
Naan's cute though, with his Boston Blackie pencil thin mustache.
Tippy remembers a conversation where Goon asked her where Uncle kept disappearing to. That pings Rut’s gray matter. He next asks Naan, Uncle’s driver, and finds out Goon talked to him. Naan admits to telling Goon to check Uncle’s GPS. Rut looks at the truck’s navigation, and finds the most recent route is to his farm. Rut asks that the driver not tell Goon anything.

So Rut knows, but can’t really use the proof for anything. He tries to call Wat, but there is no answer. He texts him instead and throws his phone on the nightstand before leaving the bedroom. And don’t tell me, unpassworded.
We should be so lucky!

May walks into the bedroom as the phone starts buzzing. The screen says “Anuwat”. She looks around, but FakeWatit isn't there. The phone finally stops ringing, and she gets ready to put it on the nightstand again. Except when the “Missed Call” alert shows up, the photograph is the group family one Warin took! You know, the one with the slumbering Watit in the background. Shite, meet fan. She definitely recognizes at least two people in the picture: Mom and Rin. Actually, when I rewatch it, I realize she probably recognizes everyone, including the patient.
…. Or does she? I honestly can't tell. I mean, she should… but does she?
Rut comes back in, and she hurriedly tosses the phone onto the table. She asks him point-blank if there is something she should know that he is hiding from her? He lies and tells her that he has never kept anything from her. Whooo boy, that’s going to come back and haunt you. She asks him one more time, willing to listen to anything he might say. But he doesn't take the offer. Strike Two!
Spill it, Rut! This may be your last chance! Also, why is he not breaking down? His brother is dead, his mom has been shot, his uncle has basically shut down… shouldn't he be raging or crying or something? He's surprisingly calm.

Once he disappears, she tries to use his phone. But it actually is passworded, and she doesn't know the code. Still, you can almost see the trust dissolving in her eyes.


I found a talk show where Toomtam walks cameras through his home (at 37 minute mark). He has more shoes than I do, all lovingly sealed in individual plastic boxes. And he loves his parents! Awww. Anyway, enjoy this side of him!
Oh, I think we enjoy all sides of him.


Oh Rut, Rut. This is hardly the time to keep a secret that has already blown up way past your expectations. You should have come clean with May and together come up with a plan to trip Evil Goon; after all, after the initial shock, you might have gotten her on your side, especially when you tell her that her ex-boyfriend could very well be the murderer of her husband.
I honestly think that if he had told her everything in that moment, she would have been on his side almost immediately.
Reluctantly, though, I can kind of see his point. It's gone so far that the fear of discovery trumps rationale. But how is he going to find proof when he's now the target, and everyone around is ignorant of his current status?
There's little enough to talk about Anuwat and Jae Bood. Never thought they matched, I feel like it was a last-minute setup, and I'm shipping TippyWat forever.
I have reluctantly given up. If Wat is happy, that's good enough for me. I still wish Tippy had someone, though.

As for our Flower Veggie kids, they clearly have a better chance of their relationship getting out of this relatively unscathed. The fact that Rin is sort of already related to him by marriage isn't insurmountable, and that she never told him is much smaller compared to Rut's flat-out denial.
Will two episodes be enough to resolve all these story-lines? I'm getting worried.

Poor Watit. For all intents and purposes, he was only a plot device, much like Kang Kyung-joon from the Hong Sister's South Korea show "Big". No chance of a happy ending and destroyed by Deus Ex Machina. I sigh for what could have been. Why weren't you twenty episodes?
I think the show could have told this story quite well in 15 episodes, if they'd cut out the unnecessary and/or repetitive stuff (the village, Rut being a jerk, Goon proving time and again that he's evil, etc.). As much as I have enjoyed the show, I am also disappointed because it could have been so much better.