Unkind Women - Episode 11 (The SJR only version)

The hour of angsty misunderstandings is upon us.(But we don't care because he looks FOOOOOOooking Goooooooood)
Rim thinks for a moment, then agrees:  He DOES look good

Episode 11

Rim has made an important decision and this is the first step toward making it a reality

Who's this friend?  Someone important to Rim, clearly

Friend is quite good at handling balls

Rim resorts to hand gestures to explain his wishes for what happens next

Fun and games are over, though, and Rim becomes reflective

They had a good run.  It's not his friend, it's him.  He needs to focus on Mary now, and today must be goodbye

Friend is a gentleman and makes it a comfortable process.  'Some people come into your life for a season.'

'Oh, I just had to take care of some business, no big deal. What did YOU do today?' Rim asks Mary.

On this beautiful, sunny afternoon, Rim feels very confident about the new direction of his life.

At night, though, he feels less certain.  Memories tug at his heart.

Rim goes for a long ride to ease his feelings - it seems today was a difficult day, after all