Unkind Women - Episode 12 (The SJR only version)

Sorry, mary. There's almost no Rim in this one. And the little we get is an idiot, because he thinks the wrong thing and hurts his Mary because of it. It's the noble idiocy part of the drama. I hate that part.
In quiet moments, Rim wonders whether Olla misses him

Episode 12

When last we met our hero, he was angsty motorcyle riding.  Now he is pissed off out of gas running.
A big believer in Fate and Signs, Rim confesses to Mary that he doubts their relationship.  After all, he ran out of gas!
Rim leaves, believing he has made the right decision.  Mary sighs, because he is stupid.
She follows him home, worried about his ability to navigate the city.  Sure enough, he's forgotten how to door.
He notices her, and is mortified to realize that she knows he can't remember how to get inside.
What's next for our poor pretty fool? Tune in next week to find out!