Unkind Women - Episode 13 (The SJR only version)

Are we over the misunderstanding-silliness yet? I'll open my eyes if we are. If we're not, I'll smack Rim. On the butt.
I think he heard you, Kakashi.  But awww, look at his sad, teary face

Episode 13

At the studio, Rim loves to work out with his home-made Transformer scarecrow

He's still worried about their bad fate, but he can't believe that Mari is actually MAD.

He watches her, pouting.  She's LEAVING.  And she's packing everything ALL WRONG

Rim:  You'll crush everything! Mari: Like you did my kokoro?

Mari leaves, but Rim races walks up to her and insists she stop

'Wait!' he shouts.  'I need to ask you something very important.'

'Ah!  This is so hard.  I'm not used to feeling like this.'

'I mean...I can ask you, right?  You'll be honest with me.' 

'I got this new hair cut and I FEEL like it probably suits me but...'

'..but what do YOU think?  Should I have gone for the highlights?' 
Mari swallows her rage.  She stopped for THIS?

The next morning, while exercising:  'Come onnnnn, tell me what you think of my new hair cut'

'You know, I wonder if you should go for something longer, maybe chin length?'

'You really have the bone structure for it, Rim.'  'You're right, it's true.'

'I bet I could even go shoulder-length, remember how hot I was back then?'


Sorry, JoAnne, these gifs are totally lame ....
When in doubt, make Rim slightly dim and quite vain?