Unkind Women - Episode 15 (The SJR only version)

I have absolutely no clue anymore what is happening in this drama. When people tweet about it, I go "huh? Is that what happens? Sounds wrong!"
Because my version is so compelling.  I also have no idea what's really happening, and yet I don't seem to care.
Looks like we aren't the only ones who aren't sure what's going on

Episode 15

Rim is mortified that his doctor went so far; she can hardly believe it herself

Mari is confused.  'Your doctor beat up my mother? Your doctor?'

'She's not just my doctor, Mari.  She's also my mother. She's a bit...off.'

Aww, Rim is worried that Mari won't want to be with him now that she knows about his family.

A stranger comes out of nowhere and attacks Rim!  Seems the ER is full of wackos tonight

Rim has made the difficult decision to cut ties with his mother. She's worried; 'No one else will accept your insurance,' she claims. 'How will you get decent medical care?'

Turns out Rim's special friend is also a doctor.  'YOU accept my insurance,' he insists.  Friend is aghast - everyone knows Rim has the worst plan out there. Friend will lose money on every visit.

In the end, though, it all gets worked out.  Settlements, doctor bills, all of it.  They all bow to the Hospital God to signify that they accept the terms.

Rim and Friend run into the old guy who got Rim's watch the other day.  They have some drinks and laugh about the misunderstanding, but the old guy refuses to give back the watch.

'That's the price you pay for jumping to conclusions, young man.'  Rim nods his head sadly.

'That watch was so cool. I could just look at my wrist.  Now I have to dig out my phone.  This sucks!'


This is turning into a Romeo and Juliet scenario, yes? Both can only be together in death!
We could kill his mother.