Unkind Women - Episode 16 (The SJR only version)

Well, well, well. We're getting somewhere in this episode, are we not? And what about those rumors that this is getting an extension? I have also heard that Rim will dance naked in the streets if the drama reaches 30%. Apart from that, we have a problem, JoAnne. There is hardly any Rim in this episode. I think most of the important stuff happened off camera!
Your pictures always make a story very clear to me, though.
Rim sincerely doubts that anything important involving his face would ever happen 'off camera'

Episode 16

Rim listens attentively as Mari runs through her list of errands for the day

He is shocked to discover that she doesn't scan the sale flyers before making her shopping list

'It just makes SENSE, Mari!' Rim says.  'That's how you know who's got the best prices!'

Later that day, Rim visits his secret ahjumma coach, who gives him tips on smart living


What a polite young man! The perfect son-in-law.
Wow, you were right.  He only had a few minutes? I guess he can still be the 'romantic lead' if you consider that the story is really about the women and he's just one part of one woman's story.  If you think of it that way, Mari's dad's as much of a lead as Rim.  So is that other guy, the publisher. Is he still in it?  Does he still like that anchor sister?  I wonder if I'll ever catch up on this.