Unkind Women - Episode 17 (The SJR only version)

I can't believe we're already doing this for the 17th time. It never gets old, though. Keep em coming, drama! In real life, I would definitely have dropped this. And sorry, JoAnne: once again, hardly any Rim.
Seventeen times? Really? Where have I been? Perhaps... out hunting the elusive Rim?
Classic symptoms of Rim withdrawal

Episode 17

Does anyone else hear the chorus of angels singing? No? Just me?

Rim and Mari hatch a plan to win over her mother. Mari has far less confidence than Rim - he didn't hear what Mom said after he left, last time.  Lots and lots of ranting about 'pretty hair fancy boys', yes, but even more about crazy-ass mothers, revenge, and how hard it might or might not be for Mari to borrow one of the studio swords.

This is Rim's face after he hears the bit about the sword

Hey, your mom's gotta do what she's gotta do, right? No one likes my mom. Not even me!

Then again... three days of mourning? What a drag! Mari agrees.  
Back to trying to calm her mom down.

Rim goes with the classic

Unfortunately he's SO complimentary (not to mention cute) that Mari's mom gets the wrong idea

How awkward! Rim's now been rejected for a marriage proposal he never made

Still, it smarts. How is he lacking? She's no great shakes, after all.


How is it that I still actually sort of know what's going on in this drama, which I haven't watched in at least a month? If not more?
Cause you're amazing!