Unkind Women - Episode 18 (The SJR only version)

35 minutes until Rim! He may get the girl this time, but he sure is completely irrelevant, ahahahhaaa, sawry, Rim-lovers.
Ahh, but he's SO CUTE.
It's so hard to believe Mo Il-Hwa lives behind this face, too

Episode 18

Rim goes to his mother/doctor office to pick up medical records

She cannot believe he's serious, but Rim insists:  he's a big boy now and he needs a doctor who didn't teach him the birds and the bees

 Just thinking about that day last week gives him the creeps, now.
She really should have done it years ago.

No matter! Mari and Rim are just happy he's got the basics all straight, no matter how he got them

Rim thinks it's absolutely awesome that they get to practice this stuff!

He wastes no time, either.  Mari wishes perhaps that more knowledge equaled better technique.

'Oppa is the best kisser, isn't he?'  Rim doesn't read the look on Mari's face correctly.

'Oppa is so CUTE isn't he!' Rim covers Mari's face with kisses while she tries to smile encouragingly
He really needs to stop with the third-person references, though

Rim firmly believes that every bit counts when it comes to keeping his face small, so he employs an interesting head-scratching technique to sneak in some extra exercise

Mari finally has enough of the awkward kisses and tells Rim about the problem; he reacts immaturely and tells her if she doesn't like it she should just leave!

I can move right on to the next fan! Look at this letter!  They're waiting!


Oh dear. Are the lovebirds headed for yet more trouble?
Uhm, I don't think so?