Falling for Innocence - Episode 7 (This is Not a Recap)

I continue to be amazed that I am so enthralled by a drama with such a 0815-script. Yeah, you got to look that one up, cause that's something only people in German speaking countries use. Also, we get to meet Gollum (that name is used here courtesy of maxqnz@maxqnz) in this episode! It's true!
I love this drama too and it's totally due to the actors, because the story isn't anything all that different. You're right about that. I did look up 0815 - do you know it refers back to the type of weapon German soldiers were issued? A totally ordinary, run of the mill thing. Until you get these guys involved and then... we fall in love.
It's good that we love him, Jung Kyung Ho thinks...but IS he really in an '0815' drama?

Episode 7

Perhaps Min Ho shouldn't have a super-smelly lunch before he kisses a girl...

He spends his afternoon regretting his meal time choice

Poor guy can't get rid of the aftertaste or the burning sensation, but seeing him suffer brings out Soon Jung's caring side. 

Aha! The plot thickens! Joon Hee suggested the entrée that day, and confesses as much to Soon Jung.  'I wanted him to smell, and to have heartburn, AND diarrhea! I hate him!'

Soon Jung is tired of such childish maneuvers and puts Joon Hee in a solitary time-out

Poor Min Ho, he has an upset stomach AND a broken heart - he has no idea Soon Jung is on his side

After days of not eating or sleeping, Min Ho faints. Joon Hee practices his smirk: surely Soon Jung won't care for such a weakling?

But Soon Jung is horrified at his increasingly callous behavior, especially contrasted with Min Ho's boyish charm

"What should I do?" Soon Jung wonders. "Should I eat a smelly lunch, too? To show solidarity?"

Meanwhile, in Joon Hee's delusional mind:
 'My Precious will ssssooooooon be mine, yesssss ssssshe willll yesssssss'

Min Ho is mostly better but his stomach is still a little iffy - he has to be aware of the location of men's rooms wherever he is these days.  Joon Hee, on the other hand, wears special panties that allow him to appear 'in control' at all times. He crinkles when he walks, but no one will mention it.

Min Ho is a little panicked - he took Soon Jung for a drive and now it's pouring rain, miles from anywhere, and he's getting 'that feeling' - where's a men's room NOW?

Alas, there was an accident.  Min Ho wraps himself in a blanket while Soon Jung assures him it won't change her opinion.


Me and Jung Kyung-ho on the backseat of a car. It's going to happen.
Get in line.