Unkind Women - Episode 23 (The SJR only version)

Have you ever fallen asleep sitting up? It happens to me all the time now! It's scary.
I fell asleep once in the position of Parade Rest, holding an M16. More recently... while sitting down. In the bathroom.
(you are? I have no idea who these people are)

Episode 23

Rim is distraught to learn that he is probably Mari's dead brother's long lost twin, Jeob. 

Rim thinks through the implications while his foster mother waits.

Yes, that's right. This is not a Jeob Mari can do.

Rim (Jeob) works out his frustrations in physical exercise

A quick check reveals the sad truth:  exercise isn't making the problem go away

Our lovelorn hero can't resist smiling at a text from his new family member, though

They meet to enjoy a sibling relationship-building walk on the beach. Hand in hand. Rim (Jeob) insists that adult brothers and sisters often do this. Mari is uncertain.