Unkind Women - Episode 24 FINAL (The SJR only version)

OH THANK GOD IT'S OVER! (So ... these women, you know how they're supposed to be unkind? But it's one big happy kind family in the end. I'd say: FAIL. Only Rim isn't there in the end. I think he went to America. And never came back).
I don't see the not-quite mistress. Did she die? (no, I think she was miraculously cured) I'll save my kind/unkind thoughts for the end of this.
We know these women aren't real because no woman would look that happy if Rim left.

Episode 24

Mari and Rim continue their walk through the night, reluctant to say goodbye, afraid to go indoors

Mom confronts them, and Rim overcompensates for his guilty thoughts.  Mari is just frustrated.  How embarrassing to be caught!

'I can't help it!  I just want to GRAB those...I'm sorry. I know she's my sister but...' There's really nothing that Rim can say that will make this any better. Only worse.

They agree that this is goodbye. It's the only way.

Rim hugs Mari desperately. 'My hands are above her shoulders!  
This is totally legit! Nothing going on here!' 

On the way home, Rim gets caught in a sudden shower. Uh-oh.

'I'll be totally fine! Don't worry! Only GIRLS die from getting wet outside in Korea!'

Sadly, Rim starts to feel poorly the next day. Or is it just the boring wedding he's at?

No...vhe definitely has a sore throat. And he's feeling clammy. Oh dear.

Bye-bye, Rim Dear. If only you had carried an umbrella...


I stopped watching a while ago. I see that the older sister married Rim's funny publisher uncle, the one who loathed Rim's mother. Someone told me that the not-quite-a-mistress didn't die after all. I have no idea why Rim and Mari didn't end up together, but whatever. I clearly didn't care enough about them to actually watch.
I have absolutely no clue what happened. But even so, I know this ending is terrible. I mean the real one. Ours? Perfect.
I will say that 'unkind' was probably not the most graceful translation. These women could be quite kind and loving - it's just that they spoke their minds and didn't always toe the quiet, sweet line. None of them were hateful, except Rim's mother, and I have no idea if the story explains why she is such a vicious bitch. I'm glad the others appear to be happy there at the end. 
She gets a happy end too, JoAnne. Seriously. She meets that dude again, I think he's Rim's real father?