Falling for Innocence - Episode 15 (This is Not a Recap)

Ah cute, touching, and quite satisfactory episode. He is going to die, isn't he? (Well, in fact, I know he isn't. I'm just trying to get some tension into this)

That's my LIFE you're playing with, Kakashi!

Episode 15

Min Ho and his magic assistants are psyched about a new trick they're learning.

Of course, it all goes wrong. Injuries were relatively minor, thank goodness.

Still, Min Ho is upset when Awesome lets it slip to Soon Jung.

She worries, you see.

Min Ho insists he'll be fine, he won't do any dangerous tricks, everything is good.

And then he distracts her the best way he knows how. It would work on me.

Without magic to distract him, Awesome's little 'habit' gets out of control.

Dude. Get yourself a girlfriend. That's Min Ho's advice. (But not just for that reason, of course.)

Awesome tries to convince his co-assistant that he's not 'just a pretty face.'

Awesome is quite embarrassed to learn that Min Ho shares everything with Soon Jung. Everything. Min Ho insists that open communication is the key to a good relationship.

'I want you to look deep into my eyes, and then pull really hard like this.'
Let's just assume he's talking about a magic trick.

Meanwhile, Gollum has sourced a magic bean that will give him super powers.  Or so he thinks.

Unaware of the potential doom on their horizon, our loving couple continues to discuss 'good touch' techniques.
A little wand practice, a la Harry Potter - they're so playful!

All that communicating must tire a couple out, I guess.