Falling for Innocence - Episode 16 FINAL (This is Not a Recap)

You can only read this because you're alive. Yes. That's the message. Also, always keep your clothes on when in bed with a man! It's quite efficient birth control.
It's a happy thing to live in a world with these two, though.

As they gaze out over the town, one wonders:  Are they masters of their domain?

Episode 16 - FINAL

Spit ball technique is very important
when you're going up against an evil genius with a magic bean

But wait!  Maybe that's not the right approach!

Gollum is all about the evil stare...maybe Min Ho should fight fire with fire?

When he tries, though...well, it works in a way:
Joon Hee laughs so hard that he can't keep on being evil and turns himself in willingly

It's a little embarrassing to admit this to Soon Jung.

But he claims success over soup with Awesome Assistant

Later on, Awesome shares the story with Wendy
She's quite amused by 'tremble in fear' vs 'shake with laughter' 

She feels a new closeness to Awesome

He's no fool: he jumps all over that!

Min Ho just has one big feat to accomplish, now that Joon Hee is safely out of the way

Soon Jung seems a bit nervous...possibly even shocked

Min Ho tries to be considerate, patient, comforting...

Subliminal messaging eventually does the trick.

Yes!  The ultimate demonstration of love for your man!  Cutting his hair!

Our lovebirds worked up quite an appetite tonight, it seems.

Look at that face.  Just look at it. That is the face of a man who is very satisfied with his hair cut.


Just because they're so cute together.  Imagine them like this together, forever.