Yoo Na's Street - Episode 23 (A ThugCap)

We left this at the (first) scissor-threat incident. Justice will be served, I am sure of it! Min-gyu needs to be taught a lesson, Chang-man thinks, and so do I. Oh yes, it's payback time. A very satisfactory episode.
This is such a good show - I'd almost forgotten how much I like it.
It is almost too good. While watching this, I caught myself wondering why they don't act that well in ever KDrama. Even the same actors don't act as well in other dramas

Episode 23

Chang-man deposits a pair of scissors on Min-kyu's vacated bed behind Axe's back - carefully opened a bit, to maximize the threat. This is kinda like a horse head in your bed, right? Chang-man and the Axe leave and Mi-sun has nothing better to do than lovingly carry Min-kyu's mobile infusion stand down the hospital stairs, even though she is hurting herself. After checking whether it's safe, she ushers him into the room. Where they find the scissors. Ahahaha.
*cackles* The look of pure horror on his face is soooo satisfying.
Mary: scissors of justice! I love you!
These are scissors for cutting meat, Mi-sun remarks. They look horrified as the scenarios start playing in their heads.
When Yoo-na hears of the scissors-deposit on the phone, she breaks into a huge smile (while hanging up the washing on the roof). Gye-pal sees her beaming and comments how pretty it is. She can't stop. And it IS really pretty. Quite funny also: Axe realizing that he has been "used" by Chang-man to deliver a threat even though he didn't even know he was delivering a threat when he entered Min-kyu's room earlier.
He didn't really seem to mind though, did he? :)
Mary: That's better than actually beating the shit out of the guy and making him pee himself. RIP Hammer's self-confidence.

Chang-man returns to the colatec (where Madame hears how much the ladies love him as a manager, because he's always so polite - and also hears how they didn't like the "skin & bones"-guy and his depressed air, which is poor Gye-pal). Chang-man is to see Manbo - who has some thug wisdom to share. First of all, he's got it covered with Min-kyu's boss who is an old buddy of his. Second, if Chang-man ever needs to beat someone up again, come see him first.
Mary: I kept laughing at this because I've been wondering since ep1 why Jo Hee Bong has such a long face everytime he's onscreen. ^___^ Apparently it's a character thing?
Madame is having a go at her brother for always looking so depressed, even if he is just eating noodles. Chang-man tries to get him to smile... Chang-man, afterwards: it's better if he doesn't smile at our guests. Hahahaaa.
"Just imagine that we're all dogs and try smiling. Uh…." "It looks like he's sneering at me." Poor Gye-pal! *cracks up*
At the hospital, Min-kyu gets a visit from his "Madame". His pimp, I guess? (His manager at the host bar, so not exactly. I think Min-kyu's being doing some… "freelancing.") It's a good thing because Mi-sun overhears him talk about the three wealthy noonas his "is managing". While she is still processing that info, one of the other three noonas (a married woman with kid) comes running, delivering chicken soup. Min-kyu gets banned from the establishment for the trouble he cause - and when the pimp has left, Mi-sun gets a glimpse of Min-kyu making out with the chicken soup noona.
That makes her have a complete melt-down. With throwing up, crying, regretting. I hope it's the last of the scum-bag we'll ever have to see.
It was sad to see her suddenly hit by reality, but it had to happen - I only wish it hadn't taken so long.
Mary: Noooo, wait! We need to see more of him. More suffering!
Oh, who is this handsome stranger? Nam-su! He's trying his luck at being a spotter? It looks like he has three girls working for him now (and not as escorts). Ah, no, he is just helping them out - at least that is what he is telling Yoo-na when she bumps into him. He is talentless - and the girls are, too.
*sigh* Poor Nam-su.
Mary: Nam-su T_______T you're too honest and desperate for this kind of work. You need to be cool as a cucumber for this. Like Yoona. Should I offer you a different jeob? I mean, job?
They go have a drink and Nam-su admits to having no heart for the bodobang. Pickpocketing is also not working anymore: the young ones don't want to train properly because they see it as a dying trade. And all his previous friends are in jail. Just then, the girls come in and Yoo-na tells them to change trade - that's how bad they are. Poor Nam-su ... what will he do in life?
It's a bit weird hearing them talk about pickpocketing like it's any other business, but for them it's totally normal.
Like the good manager he is, Chang-man checks the colatec floor before going home - there's a space that needs to be repaired. Gye-pal is impressed by Chang-man (me too … sometimes), but admits to being disappointed that he didn't call him before messing up scumbag Min-kyu. Since he loves Mi-sun! Chang-man doesn't take that all too seriously. Which hurts Gye-pal some more. Because he? He takes it very seriously.
Yoo-na finds Mi-sun wasted and asleep at the café. When Min-kyu calls, it's her that picks up ... to tell him he is "dead meat".
At the house, Manbo and his Madame are once again praising their future son-in-law's brains over eating very tasty looking corn. (I really want some corn on the cob, now.) He studied Shakespeare when he was in the States! Would you believe it! Right after, Madame overhears her daughter turn President's son down for a date (since it's her mom's birthday) and forces her to call him again to agree to that date. She is so driven, that woman. Haha.
Mary: I am distracted by Diver Ajumma now. Owner of The Black Pearl.
The Curlies are doing a bit of dance-twisting in their apartment - their TV is broken. Madame delivers some corn to them and looks jealous at their happiness. They seem so in love ... cute. (Well, she doesn't need to be jealous, because later, Manbo is really sweet to her, too) Chang-man also gets some corn (he is studying, good to see!) and knows all about corn, of course. He really does know everything.
Aww, I love the Curlies (usually). And I love Manbo and Madame. When he told her that he notices everything (like when she changes her hair or that her shoes are worn out) even if he pretends not to, my heart just melted.
Mary: The curlies have a lovely marriage. :)
Yoo-na calls him, asking him to pick them up, since both her and Mi-sun are drunk. He goes, of course - after Madame has let him know that she is no longer opposing him dating Yoo-na. He gets them into his car ... and home. And upstairs.
In return for his considerable troubles, he asks Yoo-na for a kiss. But ... nope. Not even that. So prickly, our Yoo-na.
C'mon! Would one little peck on the cheek kill you, Yoo-na? He's worked so hard for it.
Mary: He's not your driver, Yoona! That guy does things because he lurrrves you. Sure, he's also nice to everyone else, but your errands come with an extra side of heart beams.
Madame and Da-yung got Manbo's credit card - Madame is on a mission to sex-up her daughter with form-fitting dresses. Hm, will this work out? Probably not. President is playing golf with Herring (computer golf, inside) and is quite interested in Manbo and his inability to collect outstanding rent. He also expects Mi-sun to be out of the house soon. Hm….
I'd forgotten about that… don't be so petty, Mr. President! Where will the girls go?
Soon after, Chang-man is called to his boss to ... look at Da-yung in her new outfit. And admire her head-to-toe make-over. WTF, so embarrassing!!
So. Awkward. You don't have to show off that she's seeing someone else, Manbo! Chang-man was never interested to begin with!

Yang-soon is at the hospital to visit Min-kyu! Chicken soup noona is there as well, immediately jelaous when she sees the karaoke owner. She calls Yoo-na - who is at the sauna with poor suffering Mi-sun - and tells her about the state Min-kyu is in. Not bad enough, is Yoo-na's verdict. They're going to rob him.
Min-kyu should really be scared now that the girls are out to get him - Chang-man is nothing compared to them! *cheers*
Mary: Chang-man has a conscience. Yoona has meat scissors. PERPARE YURSELF!!!!
Yoo-na has Yoo-ji (the talented thief - love her) bring her and Mi-sun some class A scissors. Yup, it's for Min-kyu. It's on! Mi-sun enters the hospital room first, briefly giving Min-kyu the feeling that everything is okay. Until Yoo-na enters. She boxes him in the face and ties him up in his blankets. Mi-sun sits on his legs. Outside, Yoo-ji is on the look-out, until they call her in ... rope expert, are we?
Min-kyu is tied up! Yoo-na gets the scissors out and asks where his credit card is. Under the pillow! There's also a bank passbook - with all the money she gave him on it. They get him to tell them the codes. Yoo-ji rushes off to the bank to check whether they're the correct ones - and Yoo-na cuts some cardboard in front of a terrified Min-kyu. Then a plastic bottle. And then, the phone call comes ... the pin numbers are wrong.
I love Yoo-na, too. "Whoa! Hey, Min-kyu, look at this! *cuts bottle*"
Down with the trousers! "Cut it", Mi-sun says coldly.
*snip snip*
Mary: *cackling*


Haha, we wish. Of course they won't cut it off. And somehow, I'm not sure I buy the terror that Min-kyu is feeling. Would he really think these women are capable of such a crime? That said, who cares. He's a little shit and I love to see him quake in fear. But let's not forget that Mi-sun used to do the exact same thing to heaps of men .... not cool either. Is this her punishment? Yes, maybe.
Yep, she's far from being squeaky-clean. I'd like to think that she'll learn from all this and live honestly, but who knows? Human behavior isn't always so straight-forward.
Mary: I draw the line on domestic violence. They can cheat each other all they want, I think that's part of psych warfare in a (twisted) relationship. But when Misun faceplanted into her steering wheel and almost ran Chang-man over some episodes ago, my heart ran out and bought some scissors with Min-kyu's dick in it.
I agree!!!