Yoo Na's Street - Episode 24 (A ThugCap)

Peace is made in this episode, on various fronts. It's about the importance of family, about forgiveness, and about being good. Surprisingly, quite a lot of people act very mature in this one.
becca: Ack! That ugly dog is back!
Mary: Manduuuuuuu <3

Episode 24

It's showtime! Mi-sun pretends not to be interested in the right PIN - just cut the thingies off! Yoo-na, on the other hand, shows more of a business-attitude. He has one more chance! To Mi-sun's disappointment, he gives the right code this time. After the confirmation comes from Yoon-ji, they cut Min-kyu lose ... nothing else is cut. It's a bit unfortunate.
Chicken Soup noona comes to visit right after they've left and he gets to play sad little puppy again. >.< I'm not satisfied with his punishment! Well, at least they got W38 million from the bastard. Yoo-na gives it all to Mi-sun - saying that it's all hers and includes a fee for mental suffering. They go to eat cold noodles - where Yoo-na refuses to have her noodles cut for her. Qualms?
becca: I wouldn't really want to think about a dude's junk being cut off while I was eating, either.

Manbo informs Chang-man that all is taken care of in the causa Min-kyu. Chang-man is grateful (and Manbo is always boasting, whatever he says, right? Pretty much. Sometimes it's cute; sometimes it's not.). Anyway, Manbo then insists that Chang-man has to tell everybody they know inside and outside the colatec that it's Madame's birthday the next day. He needs to call them personally, not texting. Oh Manbo ….
becca: Ohhh, this is awkward.
Chang-man starts by telling the dancing instructor and we soon realize that this is about money. Manbo!! Because his discomfort is so great, Chang-man smartly delegates the task of telling everyone to Gye-pal who has absolutely no problem with it. He does it himself on his birthday too - to get gifts.
becca: This is why you don't have friend, Gye-pal!!
Mary: *cough*FYI, my birthday is on November.*cough*

When Chang-man leaves, Misses Curly gives him a bouquet of 100 roses that someone delivered for Madame. It's from a law firm. Oh! I remember something! This is from a certain family member, right?
becca: I think it is~! Also, wow. That's a pretty bouquet.
Mary: What if it's from a hotel CEO in Jeju???
In front of the house, Chang-man runs into Da-yung, who is lugging a huge load of rice cakes for her mom's birthday. I know we've hated on her before, but I gotta say, she's always so cheerful, I can't hate her for more than a few minutes. (When she's not clinging to Chang-man or being bitchy to Yoo-na, I do like her.) (She's an awesome Unni and daughter.) We learn that indeed, the flowers are from Da-yung's aunt (snooping much, Chang-man?). Madame's younger sister who became a prosecutor. I'm a bit too lazy to go back and see when she was first mentioned ... but I think it was when Madame talked about Gye-pal and why she feels responsible for him?
becca: Yes, we'd heard her name a couple of times before that, but we got the full story about little sister Gye-suk in episode 16 (wow, that feel like a long time ago).

Chang-man also asks Da-yung about her date tomorrow (why would he?! Chang-man! Leave the girl alone!) and she tells him that Yong-geun is only so-so - but she's excited about the play they're going to see. It's one of her favorites. Because Chang-man claims to be "a bit" jealous, Da-yung promises to take him to see it one day.
becca: Please stop encouraging her, Chang-man. Don't be so nice - it only makes it harder. :(
Madame's reaction to the bouquet isn't exactly joyful: she decides to pretend she never got it, especially since her husband and brother don't know about it. But Chang-man advises her against it: she should call her sister. It's clearly time to make amends.

The three semi-successful Min-kyu punishers are at the café, where Mi-sun hears a lot of praise for Yoo-na from Yoon-ji. She has tremendous standing in the field of pickpocketing, for her skills, loyalty, and humanity - all the juniors want to follow her. That just means that they wish for her to grow old in prison, says Yoo-na, because they want her to keep doing what she is doing until it's too late.
Madame visits Gye-pal in his roof-top room - she brings him rice cakes and tells him about the bouquet from their sister Gye-suk. She orders Gye-pal to call the number their sister has given them (seriously!). And then, they talk! Chang-man is happy to hear that the little sister will join the celebrations tomorrow. He likes far less that Gye-pal confirms that all the people he called about Madame's birthday were furious. It seems Manbo is just using the birthday as an excuse to get extra money.
becca: *sigh* Oh, Manbo. I'm glad Madame and Gye-suk are at least going to try to make up, though.
Chang-man hears from Bong about Yoo-na's hospital stint. The problem is that vermin Min-kyu threatens to go to the police if they do not return W15 million. Bong gets Chang-man to "mediate". He tells Yoo-na about it, but she takes the opportunity to be nasty once again - and anyway, she can't decide herself, she says. Must be true love if Chang-man keeps loving her the way she treats him!
It seems Manbo absolutely hates Gye-suk - he refuses to have a meal with her. On the actual birthday, he gets Chang-man to have hangover soup with him. We learn that Gye-suk not only obstructed the marriage but also reported Manbo for rape. Okay, that's horrible. Manbo, we understand why you're upset!
becca: Whoa. That crosses the line from disapproval-town to crazy-ville. O____o
Mary: I'm keeping mum about Gye-suk for now, because spoilers. :|
Chang-man takes him to the club next (poor Manbo wanted to go see the sea, but they're having a large event at the colatec later that Chang-man can't miss). Madame tries calling Manbo, but he won't pick up. Axe (who eats seaweed soup with her) advises her to leave him be. Big-eyed Herring also comes to visit and after running into Mi-sun/Yoo-na (who have business elsewhere), Gye-pal hears from Herring that the two ladies need to leave this place. That's news to Axe and Gye-pal!
becca: Aw, and they are very opposed to the girls getting kicked out. What loyal fellows you are!

In the car, Yoo-na and Mi-sun discuss the matter of Min-kyu's money. For Yoo-na, leaving him a few bones would be the right thing to do. Mi-sun agrees to give back W10 million.
becca: Which is W5 million less than he demanded. I hope he doesn't make a fuss over it.
On the roof, some of Dong-min's clothing goes missing in mysterious ways. Oh boy ... Yoo-na stole them. To give to Han-jeong's little brother (that's the kid that went stealing with her "aunt and uncle" and ended up turning herself in). Yoo-na gets all teary-eyed over discussing who is a kind person and who isn't with Mi-sun afterwards. Yoo-na thinks she "is the worst". Oh gurl …
becca: Here's an idea, ladies. Instead of pointlessly arguing over who is worse, how about trying to be better people? I know you have it in you!
Manbo is hiding depressed at the colatec, but Chang-man is at his best when he convinces him to go back home and forgive the sister-in-law. At home, Madame is super nervous about meeting her sister - but she needn't have been. Gye-suk (played by Shin Dong-Mi) gives her a heartfelt hug and apologizes. Tears flow.
And then ... Gye-suk and Manbo meet. It's super surprising that HE apologizes first, for never calling her sister-in-law before. Then she apologizes ... it's all super awkward and emotional, so Da-yung invites everybody to sit down and eat. But Madame is still in tears - she missed her little sister so much. This is the best birthday she ever had. Awwwwww…
becca: Awww, and thank you, Manbo. That must have been hard, but it meant the world to Madame.
Mary: Awwww give that little man a hug!!!
And as sister Gye-suk sings a song for her sister (and everybody continues crying), Yoo-na and Mi-sun leave the orphanage, but only after Mi-sun gives the little boy a long, tender hug.

Next up, Yoo-na meets Nam-su with two pickpocket girls (one of them Yoon-ji), who want to go to Japan to try their luck (they call it a "Business trip" :). Yoo-na is not interested. She also tells them that the exchange rate is shit and that they need to learn more before going. (Pssst, I think Nam-su should have a much bigger role) (I would not be opposed to this, either) (OMFG HE'S GORGEOUS. KAKASHI KNOWS HOW TO BAIT ME WITH HER PIC CHOICES.)
Bong meets with Chang-man and hands him an expensive birthday present for Madame (an expensive fish). Because he's grateful to the colatec for sending so many customers his way. Chang-man counsels against it - it will not go down well with The Boss, but Bong insists. Chang-man takes it reluctantly and ... feeds some of it to Axe. Who feels age and loneliness most acutely after witnessing today's reunion in the Manbo house.
It's date time for Da-yung and her Beau! After the play, he takes her to an expensive restaurant. They get along well enough, it seems, though he is the kind who always boasts with everything he says too. And we do take note that a woman bumped into him as he was exiting the theater. That can't be a coincidence :) (and indeed, a little scroll-back reveals it's the girl who was with Nam-su and the rest before)
becca: Eeek! Check for you wallet before ordering, dummy! I cringe with every sip and bite they take.
Yoo-na returns home - to the wonderful smell of grilled fish. Curly grilled one for Chang-man. Yoo-na follows him into Chang-man's room ... hunger is certainly making her more mellow. He invites her to have a piece ... and ends up feeding her as well.
becca: Pwahaha! She becomes shameless in the presence of yummy food!
She asks him who that woman was that Gye-pal and Madame said farewell to outside and he tells her about the teary reunion. It got him thinking, he adds. That she should look and meet up with her mother. No way in hell, is her answer.
becca: Um. Maybe you should work out your own family problems before preaching at Yoo-na, Chang-man.


Uh-oh, mother is coming!
I'm really hungry now because of how they praised the fish. And I do hope Chang-man gets to eat some of it himself!
And the family-reunion scene made me cry.
becca: I will admit to tearing up, too. I'm so happy for Madame that she finally has all her family together - she still deserves all the hugs.
Mary: Omigod here comes the mom-drama... *hugs jorjeous Namsu pic close* For comfort! For comfort, I swears!