My Beautiful Bride - Episode 10 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Oi oi oi. Brace yourselves, people. We're heading for impact and after this, nothing will be the same. I'm glad this is only episode 10 and we have six to go. Not only because I immensely enjoy this, but also because it means that he cannot quite die yet. Damn.
I really like that we are both fully aware that this drama might just actually kill its hero - and I, at least, have faith that if this happens, it will work with the story. We haven't talked about it, so I'm not sure how you feel about that.
I will cry for days. But I guess I'll be alright. Eventually

Episode 10

Park Hyeong-Sik has his revealing anger-fit while Do-Hyeong waits for a chance to leave the dead corner he is stuck in. When it comes, he breaks cover and runs for the edge, jumps onto some tiles across and from there, down to another flat roof. There are stairs there that lead down to the street and he is soon out of sight. Park does NOT shoot - he only aims (was that little fake-out needed, drama?) Well, he could have shot - and he might have hit. Not sure why he did not. Not bloodthirsty enough?
I puzzled over that, too. In the end, I decided that Park is not a bad person; he's a person who did something bad. This means he won't always choose to do bad, and as I've said before, I almost think he wants to get caught.
Park gets the whole area blocked off by police officers though (like they have nothing better to do, duh!) and Do-Hyeong is trapped. However, when he sees a brand new and beautiful bike standing there in the street (PPL?) he has found his perfect getaway vehicle! Accelerating like the bike champion he is, he rides towards the police car that blocks the street --- and drives his bike OVER it. We don't cease to be amazed by you, Bank Guy.
I was so happy that a bike appeared in the story again! I want him to do more tricks with the bike like that! Between that and the we need to get him doing shit on a bus and on a plane and on a train. Next drama: Crazy Stuff Fit Men Can Do on Transportation.
Followed by: Cruel Things Old Men Can Do with Food
Do-Hyeong speeds away on his bike, but we can't rejoice because Judas Cop Park follows him in the police car. The bike is very mobile and can do quick turns into narrow alleyways and around sharp corners, which is the only reason Park does not catch up to him. It takes a nerve-wrecking while, but then, Do-Hyeong shakes Park long enough to drop the bike and hide...
I bet this guy is tired at the end of a day's filming. And I want to see BTS, especially if a bug flies in his mouth while he's on the bike.
... and call his banker friend Sim Han-Joo to pick him up. Awww. Han-Joo is curious about what's going on but gets told nothing. He has also found nothing dirty at the bank yet, he claims - which is strange. Is he looking hard enough? Do-Hyeong asks him to take him to the hospital where Janggab was brought. Which is exactly where the cops are guessing he might go next. Great.
Yeah, that was kind of stupid. But the whole massive manhunt thing is just ridiculous in the extreme anyway.
Park calls Lee El (who is overseeing President Jo's daughter's transformation into a prostitute) to ask about Glove - and warns them to get him out of the hospital if he is still there. He is! Haha, Seo throws a fit about that and screams at him over the phone to get out of there!
First Rule of Gangster Club: We don't use hospitals!
Do-Hyeong is dropped off by his friend and runs in. Because the elevators are taking too long (he never has any luck with them!) he takes the stairs. Upstairs, Janggab/ Glove is hobbling through a corridor, aided by his two gangsterlings. Park and his dumb sidekick arrive downstairs. Do-Hyeong has raced up the stairs to the 4th floor (not sure how he knew where to go, but hey, details), where the gangsterlings are just entering the elevator. Just as the doors fully close, Do-Hyeong catches a glimpse of them ... there is no way to stop the elevator, so he races back down the stairs.
See? Dude must be exhausted.
That's where he literally runs into Dumb Sidekick detective, who was sent up those stairs by Park (who takes the elevator). Dumb Sidekick screams for his Captain and runs down again. Do-Hyeong exits through a door into a parking garage, which allow him a great view of the street below ... where Janggab is just getting into a car.
How convenient. Me? I'm always on the wrong side of the parking garage. And usually the wrong floor.
And what does Do-Hyeong do? He takes the short way down. Holding onto a fire hose, he simply jumps out and down. He is completely insane, right?! Sexy and hot and extremely cool, but insane. The hose is a bit too short though, so he has to drop down about two meters, onto the roof of a car. Ouch. That slows him down a bit and even though he sprints with all his might after them, Janggab's car gets away. I like the fear on that scumbags face though, when he looks at Do-Hyeong through the rear window.
Of course. This guy is the freaking Terminator.
Park orders a new road block in the area of the hospital and puts a lot of police onto the street. Things are really getting very uncomfortable for Do-Hyeong as a result of it! He has nowhere to go - and when he steps into a shop to buy some water and some plaster tape, two officers come in, so that he has to quickly leave behind their backs. He goes to some public restroom to clean his face and to drink from the tap - but before long, he'll need some food and a place to sleep.
Disgusting. I hope public restrooms are much cleaner in Korea than they are here. He'd need to gargle with bleach.
In his desperation, he calls Yoon-Mi for help (putting his cell phone together for that). She is in the car, cruising ... and though she is of the opinion that he should turn himself in, she agrees to help him. For Joo-Young. I totally love that she lies to Judas Cop Park when he asks whether she has heard from Do-Hyeong on the phone. YES! She drives to a quiet street - and when he is sure she is alone, Do-Hyeong steps out of the shadows.
Hello, random mirror.
What a beautiful shot though! :)
I like their interactions very much. Her concern (and guilt), his quiet curtness. They're not friends and will most likely never be, but they are travellers on the same road with the same goals. They're searching every car at the roadblocks ... but not Yoon-Mi's, when she passes by the Dumb Sidekicks. He is not dumb enough, though, because he realizes that she's going in the direction opposite the station.
Jerk. Why do your two brain cells have to kick in NOW, huh?
Yoon-Mi lets Do-Hyeong out of the trunk in a different neighborhood. She still thinks he should turn himself in, but he cannot do that, seeing how the Shadows have his bride, might be doing all kinds of vile things to her and he happens to know who knows where to find her. Park Hyeong-Sik calls again (after hearing from Sidekick about Yoon-Mi passing the roadblock and driving into an unusual direction) and Yoon-Mi lies again (about being on her way to the station). I don't think Park is buying that though.
Just hurry up and figure him out, Yoon Mi. Once he knows you know, I'm sure he'll work with you instead of 'sort of' against you, because he'll be relieved it's in the open. Let him be the sacrificial death.
Do-Hyeong decides to search for Park Tae-Gyu next - and Yoon-Mi drives off, looking at him thoughtful in the back mirror. At the station, Park is already waiting for her - telling her full out that he knows she helped Do-Hyeong. She does not deny it! And she tells him that they gain nothing from going after Do-Hyeong - it's the Shadows they should worry about. And they should help Bank Guy catch them. No way, helping Do-Hyeong would be putting him somewhere safe, Park says - which is the truth, but Park does not say it with good intentions, of course.
I hate it when he's right.
At the factory. When Lee El saunters over to Joo-Young to reprimand her for getting them into this mess (I can't help but fear for that snow white dress in this dirty environment), Joo-Young begs her to let her go. Lee El just sneers and hits her. Then, Lee El struts over to a desk that is just standing there in this huge hall and gets an ID out of one of the drawers. It reads Jo Ha-Eun - that is President Jo's missing daughter.
Is she Seo's girlfriend or what? How is she involved in all their business?
It's a mystery.

In the meantime, Janggab is facing Seo Jin-Gi. Poor guy... I mean, no, he isn't, but we all know what's coming as soon as we see his crutch, right?! That "we all know" is including Janggab, who is bracing himself. Yup, Seo kicks the crutch away under him, threatens to harvest his organs if he messes up again and sends him to find Park Tae-Gyu. Without crutches and very much in pain.
I love it. Seo screws up mightily everywhere he turns and yet he expects perfection from everyone else, of course. Nothing is ever his fault. Dirtbag weasel scumsucking pigdog.
Park Tae-Gyu is drinking and suffering a lot in the apartment of his oversized underling.
Aw, man, just a grow a pair already.
Lee Jin-Sook gets words that "she has been found" and we hope, but "she" refers to the Bar Hostess friend who rattles cute Detective Han with her almost nakedness and then gets seized by Jin-Sook's guys. The only useful thing Jin-Sook gets out of this one though is that Joo-Young might have gone to see Bank Guy. You don't say.
Like you need anyone to suggest that.

Bank Guy is not near his house though but where he suspects Park Tae-Gyu or at least a lead: he went to the rundown building in which his underlings live. Bingo! In the living room, Park Tae-Gyu almost cries when he sees the sad remnants of his gang - and then jumps up in happiness when the bell rings and he hears Bank Guy's voice. Park Tae-Gyu knows where Joo-Young and his Mi-Sook are. And how does he know? The clever guy managed to memorize the number of the cell phone when he was put on the phone with Mi-Sook - and had that cell phone traced by some "friends". Of course, he knows that he has no chance against the Shadows alone, he needs to partner up with Do-Hyeong. We're having ourselves a team!
The little shit will run away again, I'm sure of it. I like him, but he's got no balls. Of course Do Hyeong's got balls enough for a rugby team, so it all works out...
It's high time they go to the factory ... Seo Jin-Gi - who muses that "things are not going well" - thinks it's time to go keep his promise. At the factory, a gangsterling gets the order to make Joo-Young shower. She manages to bolt and run on the way there (I like that she has never been a damsel in distress), but her freedom is short-lived. They lock her up in a room with a makeshift bed ... we saw Lee El in there earlier, with President Jo's daughter. I hate this.
Ugh. But you're right, she's never been one to stand around wringing her hands.

What follows gives me the creeps. We see how Jin-Gi gets closer and closer in his car ... and we see the fear and desperation in Joo-Young, who faces rape and degradation. She manages to pull a heavy metal cabinet in front of the door right before the smug and disgusting Seo Jin-Gi wants to come in. That only stops them for a few minutes, though: his underlings combine their strength and knock Joo-Young aside. In he comes, the scumbag, and closer he steps ... until she grabs a bottle, smashes to top off and holds the shards against her neck.
Do you think that story he made up for Tae Gyu is the actual truth? He did all of that to begin with because he wanted her for himself? Nah. He was a shit to her back when she was informing on Hak Soo also.
He just smiles meanly at that. He does not give a fuck about her life, that is why, and now, her rape seems imminent ... when Jin-Gi's phone rings. It's Tracksuit Chairman! Who is in Seo Jin-Gi's office. That can't be good, can it: for Jin-Gi, I mean. But it's very good for Joo-Young, because Jin-Gi is summoned this instance.
I love you Tracksuit Gangster!
Joo-Young is back in the main room, sitting next to Park Tae-Gyu's girlfriend Mi-Sook, who starts talking about buying or renting apartments. That plunges Joo-Young into a memory of happier times: Her and Mr. Banker in front of the TV, watching the news. Well, it's very complicated financial news, in fact, about interest rates etc. Joo-Young understands nothing. Do-Hyeong is much too considerate to say anything, but of course he suspects ... and confirms, after she leaves the room to search the web and he checks the browser history later. But he smiles so happily when she proves that she indeed understands now.
This broke my heart into tiny little ticker tapes of sadness.
And lo and behold! Park Tae-Gyu and Mr. Banker have arrived at the factory! Since Tae-Gyu thinks it's only "three to four" people inside, Do-Hyeong immediately goes off to look for an entrance. Inside, Mi-Sook makes a move: she has a lighter in her pocket! And since their capturers are currently sleeping, Joo-Young gets it out from there and burns Mi-Sook's plastic bind. It snaps! Mi-Sook is free! But OH FUCK, part of it is catapulted to the back, onto something that looks VERY flammable.
Oh dear.
They don't notice though! Joo-Young tells Mi-Sook to go and report to the police (Why would she say that?!) Mi-Sook leaves and Joo-Young fumbles for the lighter again ... when she notices the fire behind her (haha, that's really late! Come on, you'd smell this immediately, all that plastic burning!).
We can allow these brief moments of plot weakness, though.
CUT to Jin-Gi, getting to the office and readying himself before entering. Inside, Chairman Kang is ... grilling meat. Okay, this is funny and NOT funny, because I know right away what is going to happen. Kang is munching happily on all kinds of pig bits. Seo Jin-Gi is clearly thinking "wtf is he doing in MY OFFICE"!. And then, Chairman Kang starts talking about Hak-Soo, because this used to be his office. And then he says that something is missing from his collection of pig-bits: the head!
I love that he travels with a grill. And what an excellent insult, to not only take over the office but then stink it up with the smell and smoke and grease of cooking meat. Also, I dread what torture comes next.
Two underlings grab Jin-Gi. Chairman Kang says that in his opinion, Jin-Gi is nothing but a greedy pig. And now he'll be cooked. They start lowering his face towards the table grill ! He struggles hard, but ultimately in vain. Kang adds that Jin-Gi is the only one that could have done this to Hak-Soo. But Jin-Gi shouts that he'll get whoever did it, he'll do better from now on, he really will! Asshole.
There's no way Tracksuit believes him. He's just playing out that rope.
Well, fine, then. Chairman Kang wants Yoon Joo-Young, who is currently in Jin-Gi's hands. He wants her now, and he wants her unharmed. Tracksuit Gangster leaves the office and while Jin-Gi moans over his burnt face, his phone rings. BAD NEWS: There is a fire.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH this guy cannot catch a break. That's because evil doesn't pay, you bastard.

And it's a fucking BIG fire! When Tae-Gyu and Do-Hyeong run in, the whole upper floor is ablaze. Gangsterlings run out (some burning), Do-Hyeong runs up ... and just stares. So. Much. Fire. He remembers his sweet, smiling bride and looks at the inferno again. Then he screams her name.
I spent a little time pondering why the gangsters, who are only there to guard these oh so valuable prisoners, would run out of the warehouse without even attempting to bring along those prisoners. What happened to gangster determination to follow through on orders?
He grabs a bucket of water and pours it over himself (idiot! That won't help!!), puts his sleeve in front of his nose and mouth (idiot! That won't help either!!!) ... and GOES IN. Okay. He has a death wish. He goes a few steps in and shouts her name, over and over. Downstairs, Tae-Gyu wails for his Mi-Sook. He doesn't go in but he calls 911 and reports the fire.
Well, those things are better than nothing.
Do-Hyeong is walking in further and further. And then, he sees her. And she sees him. She starts shaking her head, but he steps closer - when a burning timber hits him on the head and he goes down. Parts of the building collapses over where she is standing too. Do-Hyeong lifts his hand ... and closes his eyes.
And they both die and Banker Mom goes on the warpath and kills all the Shadows, The End.


Man, I was glad the sound went all funny in this last scene (the "monster voices" :D) because otherwise, it would have been absolutely horrifying. I'm also really, really glad I'm watching and recapping this AFTER 11 and 12 have aired, because how could I have survived a whole week?!
I hated those voices. Very disruptive.

This was another super exciting episode! The whole cat and mouse game with the cops at the beginning, the hospital scene, Park Tae-Gyu and Do-Hyeong kinda bonding ... and especially Yoon-Mi going against her boyfriend and siding with Do-Hyeong. I think I loved that the most.
Yes. I want the bromance but I also want Yoon Mi to be useful in this.

We also got some more food violence in this episode and I must admit, I am now waiting for new ways in how to use food and food items to torture and degrade people. I might even be thinking about what else could be used, but I'm not sharing. Or you'll all think I'm a horrible person. Anyway! Seo Jin-Gi being punished was marvellous. I want more of it! 
Think about the scars left if you threw a hot pot of bubbling porridge at someone's face.  It would stick, too.

More BTS photos and gifs from OCN!

This woman is absolutely adorable