Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 1

Sometimes, I have the power to make things happen. It's true! For example, I really wished for another Kdrama star to come to Switzerland after Lee Jun-ki (please read about that fiasco here, if you haven't already) - and then, Kim Ji-hoon's attendance at the Clau Wau here in Switzerland was announced. You all know what happened then, right? If not, here is that fiasco.
Anyway. That was then and now is now. And now, I REALLY want Kim Ji-hoon in another drama. It's been too long! It's not fair! I'll just keep posting stuff about him all the time until that happens, okay? My luck that he is currently in two variety shows, one being 썸남썸녀, the other the Let's Eat variety meokbang spin off "Let's Eat With Friends", which just started airing last week on tvn.
We got a few pics of him in European cities REALLY CLOSE TO ME (bastard) and last week, we got the full ep of "Let's Eat With Friends", episode 1. No subs yet, but those are optional anyway. This is about Kim Ji-hoon. I just want to see his sweet face and hear his wonderful laugh.

Well, if you want Kim Ji-hoon like me, you can skip to minute .... WHAT? THERE IS NO KIM JI-HOON IN EPISODE 1!!!!! Okay, I'm now considering dropping this.
Of course, I had to watch all of it to actually find that out, so I can tell you that you won't miss much if you skip episode 1 entirely. I mean it. There are lengthy check-in scenes, some shenanigans while checking in and then the flight, then some troubles using the metro and getting to the Notre Dame. BOOOOORING. And they don't even eat anything. Well they do, below ... a French picnic, I guess, but they're not properly meokbang-ing.
I must admit that I only really know Doojoon of the bunch, and him only because I saw him in IRIS2 (no, I never watched Let's Eat). Where he actually impressed me. He looks so mature for his age and his face is fascinating. So that other one, Yoseob, is from BEAST too, Google tells me. Awwwww, Doojoon took him along as friend! And he looks about 12! Great. The one woman is Seo Hyun-Jin, from Let's Eat 2 and the other, the droll one, is Park Hee-bon. Ah, she was in Master's Sun. I like her.
Episode 1 is a bit awkward and stiff, the kids don't know whether they should act or be natural, we see Paris, I got Paris-homesick (husband spent 3 full months there and I large parts of that) and I do hope Kim Ji-hoon is in episode 2. And yes, I'm going to KimJiCap this. If Kim Ji-hoon makes an appearance, that is.