Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 2

The only thing I'm interest in ...... will Kim Ji-hoon appear in this episode? (Well, it's not quite the only thing. The other things is when this show airs? Why are there only 2 episodes available?).

This is what happened last time: Doojoon, Yoseob, Seo Hyun-Jin and Park Hee-bon are in Paris. They had some fun and then went to bed. Bed is good. It's 7 am - everybody is still sleeping. Then it's 10 am - and the girls are up. It looks like then went jogging or something. The boys are also up but look far less fit. AND HERE COMES KIM JI-HOOOOOON! First appearance at 3 Minutes and 11 seconds. GOOD hair, baby.

We see how happy he was when the PDnim told him and this random female (? haha, I don't know who she is?) what the show is about. (Okay, I now know who she is: Kim Hee Jung)

Time to see whether the little ones are up! He smiles the sweetest smiles after greeting hotel staff with a friendly "Bonjour". He knocks at the girls' door and pretends to be room service, which leads to him basically falling into the room when Hee-bon opens. They seem surprised he's there (well, fake surprised) and I die laughing cause he keeps pushing open the shirt over his chest "Paris style". Hee-bon totally does NOT want him inside her room. I don't get you, girl.
Better luck with the boys. Awwww, these Koreans are so polite! Kim Ji-Hoon, can I call you Oppa?You can wait for me outside the shower anytime.
The girls hit my poor oppa because he tried to get into their room when they were quasi naked. tsts-
He makes sure everybody knows each other (they do) and then they set out ... only Seo Hyun-Jin forgot something in her room (the money? or a calculator to calculate how much XY Euros are?). Bravo. Took you half a day to get out of there and now you need to go back? In any case, I'm totally and utterly biased but this show just got 1000 times funnier. They get more money, which is good, seeing how this is a show about eating but there hasn't been any of that yet. 
Off to the Wine museum! ... where they learn about the history of wine but don't get to drink any. Okay, NOW we're talking. They're sitting around a table and it looks like there will be food soon. Stuff like foie gras. I'm hungry. Seo Hyun-Jin does not like foie gras. Why am I not surprised ... They do some wine tasting and all of them start coughing because they suck the wine too far in. Only Kim Hee Jung gets it.
More food! Duck, for example. And veal. And a coquelet. And dessert. I'm getting hungrier. There's a lot of sharing of morsels of food across the table. So adorable. And then, it costs more than Seo Hyun-Jin got (222 instead of 200 Euros). Hahahahahaaa. There's endless discussions about the wine ... of which Kim Ji-hoon took the rest of the bottle out and away. You dork you. And because the wine wasn't included in their set 37Euro menu, the final bill goes up to 322.5 Euro. Nice PDnim gives them more money. Well, I would have liked to see Kim Ji-hoon work for it!
After another (fake) fright - Hyun-Jin is called back, but only because they want to give her candy - our band of slightly clueless but cute Koreans are walking down Rue Beethoven and towards the Eiffel Tower.
Then, into the metro at Trocadéro ... where a woman almost faints when she recognizes Doojoon and Yoseob. Awww, this is cute. She even bows all the time!
Off at Saint-Lazare and then walking up and down and up and down to get to métro No 12 ... to Saint-Georges. Kim Ji-hoon suggests they drink a coffee, but there seems to be no time. Poor Hee-bon is exhausted and has a hard time catching up to the group. They walk down Rue Saint-Georges to get to the Musée National Gustave Moreau (I think this is Hyun-Jin's wish?). It's definitely not her day though cause the museum is closed - they're on strike.

Hahaha. Sorry. But now, Kim Ji-hoon gets his coffee in this place. No, that's not wine he is drinking. It's coffee he poured into a glass with ice.
Next goal: Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur, down Rue de Steinkerque and up the hill and down the side (Rue du Chevalier de la Barre). This time, Kim Hee Jung is recognized. And I'll be damned, Kim Ji-hoon speaks English: he tells people Hee-jung is very famous in Korea and they start lining up. Then, they're on the other side again, at the Place du Tertre where you can have your portrait drawn in 10000 different ways. Yoseob has his drawn and it costs 40 Euro. Hee Jung's takes forever.
Time for ordering dinner! And then, Kim Ji-hoon is recognized ... for Jangbori. Awww, he blushes. Awww, this could be me. I mean SHOULD be me!
And then, FOOD PORN. 


This is much more fun than I thought it would be! I still want Kim Ji-hoon in a new drama, but for the time being, this will be the next best thing. How many more episodes?