My Beautiful Bride - Episode 13 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

I can't believe we're nearing the end! TT_________TT
If you've been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I always tend to slow down in recapping speed towards the end of a drama. It's because I HATE goodbyes, especially if it's a good drama. It's silly, but the slower I go, the longer it lasts. In addition, it's so hot here I die after 10 minutes of being near my computer. I need one that turns as cold as ice when it's on. 
I am very cold these days. Do you think it's because I am wasting away? (OMG call BANKER!) Here on the porch, watching the ocean, occasionally wrapping a shawl around my shoulders to protect from the breezes? I think if it rained on me I might get sick. *dramatic sigh* (Seriously, I've lost 20 lbs in a month. If you don't know why, you don't want to know why.) (Also, this by no means makes me skinny, or even regular sized.)

Episode 13

Janggab is down, the trunk is opened - and Janggab loaded into it. Very efficient gangstering! Kim Do-Hyeong has no chance to see who is inside the car. But maybe he senses her? No? It's not that kind of drama? (Is it just me with early withdrawal symptoms or does he look particularly good in this scene?) This whole thing is clearly very hard on Joo-Young. So close ... and yet so far. But she has saved his life a second time.
I think he suspects. I also think he looks a little dorky in that picture, but I love him so much he could wear So Ji Sub's clothes and I would stand next to him proudly and say YES, this is my man and he dressed himself and I'm FINE with it.
The car disappears around a corner and Do-Hyeong bends down to help the girl on the bike ... who is crying and panicky and apologizing profoundly. One searching look at her distraught face and our smart Banker recognizes the girl: It's the missing daughter Jo Ha-Eun! She's clearly traumatized, but Beautiful Banker knows how to talk to someone who is freaking out (probably learned that in the military) and calms her down.
I'm guessing bankers get a lot more people freaking out on a daily basis than the military in Korea do; are they participating in any active campaigns other than the DMZ? Which is active, but you know, more the threat of active than anything else I think. Stressful, but not filled with hysterical women. I'm not sure. I could be woefully uninformed on this subject.
We left Yoon-Mi sitting in her car outside that bar - that's where she still is. Inside, Lee El (her laugh really annoys me) is having her daily meeting with Judas. Bank Guy is someone who will take it "to the end", Judas tells - let this be a warning to Seo Jin-Gi. Lee El looks at him like he's crazy. I think he is too, why would he warn MoFo? Lee El also keeps repeating "but he's just a Bank Guy", which just shows that she's a bit stupid.
I really don't get why we need her at all.
Downstairs, Yoon-Mi gets out of the car - after sadly looking at a picture of herself and Park, which she keeps in the glove compartment (hahaha, do people do that?) - and goes into the building with the bar. It's one of those you can only reach via elevator. That's why Lee El and Judas are warned and have time to disappear. Being a cop, she notices the two half-full glasses and the snacks on the counter though - and even catches a glimpse of smirking Lee El before she leaves with corpulent bodyguard. Yoon-Mi recognizes her as the woman linked to the insurance-shadow case and runs after her.
I keep car papers, emergency tissues, and a pen in my glove box. Plus whatever crap magically finds its way in there: ketchup packets, cough drops, hair bands.
To no avail. Lee El went out the back door and sits in her car, where she's soon joined by Judas Park. The "poor" guy (sorry, Trotwood) wants out:  Having Yoon-Mi find out about him seems a horrible thought. But Lee El just laughs at him and brutally pops his bubble: the relationship with his girlfriend is not savable anyway. Better flee the country with her when this is all over. When she is out of the car, Judas Park has a little break down. No, I can't hate him.
Fucking hell, neither can I. I can't respect him, but I do feel bad for his poor decision skills. Way back when he thought to himself, ' What could it hurt? I will rid the world of a scum bag and earn some money to get my poor mother the surgery she needs to save her life. I'm doing a SERVICE.' And then he woke up in hell. Plus, I think it might have started with some hanky panky way back with Lee El, before he met Yoon Mi.
Yoon-Mi still seems to want more proof though and goes to see Park's partner at the hospital. The guy with little brain cells, yes. Little brain cells or not, he's suspicious of the accident too, cause Park's a very good driver, usually. She gets a message from Do-Hyeong when she leaves, who tells her he found the missing daughter and is driving her to the station. Teary reunion between father and daughter ... which seems to really get to Do-Hyeong, who blinks away tears. He leaves quietly, head hanging low ... when Manager Jo runs after him to thank him and expresses his immense gratitude, we learn what is wrong with him: He feels personally responsible for what happened and bows deeply in front of Jo.
Here I have some trouble. It's not the bank's fault when a person doesn't qualify for a loan. It's not the bank's fault when that person then chooses to go to criminals to get money. It's DEFINITELY not the bank's fault when that person further says 'Why sure, I have no problem promising to give you my daughter if I don't pay back this loan because gosh, gee whiz, I never have money trouble so this should all go perfectly.' And when that person gets angry because the criminals go on to do what they said they would do, and take his daughter that he SOLD to them when he doesn't pay back the money he owes them, well... I find it less difficult to understand Judas Park. Let's just leave it at that.
Yoon-Mi arrives and Do-Hyeong tells her what happened in the parking garage. (I hear there are people shipping these two? SERIOUSLY? They have subzero chemistry). Do-Hyeong is still puzzling about who might have been in the car, but it seems he has been thinking about "that woman" Lee Jin-Sook quite a bit. Who, at that very moment, meets up with Joo-Young and lectures her about the necessity to use people and get positions of power. NO power = a shit life. I hope you listen, Joo-Young! The lady is right.
There are some for whom the appearance of a man and a woman in the same space repeatedly equals romance. I don't pretend to understand.
Time for a little chit-chat with "the Glove" *rubs hands in glee*. Jin-Sook gets out a hammer and a nail ... yup, an eye for an eye and all that. Janggab breaks easily (= no nails need to be hammered) and reveals who it is that is after Joo-Young: Director Seo.
Again, I say loudly: DUH. Why is this all so hard for these people to figure out? Joo Young at least should have known this about 5 minutes after Hak Soo died.
... who is currently very unhappy. His gut tells him that something is amiss: Janggab, who is missing, knows too much. When the phone rings it's not Janggab but Lee Jin-Sook. That name seems to ring a bell - I guess she's famous. Jin-Sook claims she wants to collect insurance money for her dead dongsaeng. Seo is super rude to her, until she drops the name "Chairman Kang" and hints at knowledge about a certain killing of a certain Song Hak-Soo. Yes, Janggab has spilled a few beans, it seems. Hehe. After telling Seo that he's finished, Lee Jin-Sook releases Janggab, well knowing that he's a dead man anyway. Her guys dump him on an empty road.
So beautifully cold.
At the station, Do-Hyeong bids farewell to Yoon-Mi, right after telling her to finally identify the leak. More sighing from her. I wish she did something else from time to time... (She sat in a car and looked at a picture a little while ago, come on.) She dials Park Hyung-Sik's number, but Judas does not pick up. Because he's at Beautiful Banker's place, to get him to drink soju with him! Yup. Very surprising, I must say. Well, obviously, it's not about drinking soju together - and Do-Hyeong refuses to drink with this guy anyway. Park offers an apology for what happened to Joo-Young - and then offers to work together with Do-Hyeong to catch Seo Jin-Gi. 
Dude, this will not save your ass.
You've got a nerve, Judas! Do-Hyeong tells him that he's just a Bank Guy ... revenge? What's that? But Judas has just blown his cover: him knowing about Seo Jin-Gi proves his involvement and makes him the scumbag that endangered Joo-Young's life three years ago already. Do-Hyeong grabs his shirt and tells him he'll never forgive him. Fine, says Judas Park: he does not want to be forgiven. He wants it all to end.
Then he should go and tell Cha Yoon-Mi the whole truth, Do-Hyeong suggests. And then do what she wants him to do. (Or that. That works too.) Judas looks like he just got news of his imminent death (yup, cause it's the one thing he wants to avoid at all cost!), but when Do-Hyeong wants to walk out on him, he hands him an envelope, full of information on Lee El and Seo Jin-Gi's operation.
Better than nothing, but not enough, Judas. Not by a long shot.

Beautiful Banker goes and meets with Park Tae-Gyu, who was very concerned for his "buddy", seeing how Hammer Head needed intensive care before he disappeared. Well, Mr. Hammer needs to be found. And that means .... TRAINING THOSE BEAUTIFUL BANKER MUSCLES.
We've been waiting for this for weeks! How many times did you watch? Did you have a glass of wine first? Light some candles? Play some sexy music? I did not do any of that, of course, and I only watched it once, and I never muttered things like, 'That's right, do that push up, you big bad banker, you.'
At the bank (why can't he work shirtless?), his friend Sim Han-Joo has news for him: Seryo deposited a large sum of money to an interior design company. Well, too much money for it not to be fishy, that is.
Tagline for his bank: ABsolutely the lowest loan rates in town! No hidden charges! We are lean and ready to service you! There'd be a line out the door...

Janggab reaches the coast and meets with a youngling he gives money to. He wants to flee on a boat! Well, that won't happen, cause youngling immediately calls Seo Jin-Gi's underling to snitch on Janggab. Seo gets ready to kill poor Glove himself, just like Ed Stark always said a man should.
However, before we say goodbye to Janggab forever, the Boat Youngling is seized by Joo-Young! They know about the 7 o'clock boat too now and Lee Jin-sook guesses right that Seo Jin-Gi will want to execute him himself. She sexily struts into the police department and lets herself be identified as Lee Jin-Sook. Huh. What is she up to? Well: she wants to report a (future) murder, involving a certain Janggab.
Yoon-Mi and Jin-Sook have a superficially friendly talk, during which Yoon-Mi lets drop that she know Joo-Young is alive. Of course, Jin-Sook denies that; but she now knows that Beautiful Banker thinks so too.
I couldn't decide for a while if I thought it was wise of Yoon Mi to blab like that. In the end I decided it was okay. But I wish she'd do more than pass messages.  

Yoon-Mi has taken the bait and gets ready to intercept Seo Jin-Gi on that boat. For that, she needs Mr. Banker's help. He is still investigating that Interior Design case with his friends when she reaches him. While Beautiful Banker gets rid of his tie in his car (I love that little bit right there), his friend gets called into Branch Manager's office. Oh shit. Branch Manager knows what they're doing...
It's dark now and we're at the docks. Seo Jin-Gi arrives and orders his horde of gangsterlings to find Janggab. He gets a bit suspicious when they report to him that they can't find the Boat Youngling. He is still with Joo-Young ... who is also at the docks! Jin-Sook orders her to release the guy and she does and then leaves. Right when Do-Hyeong arrives.
Every single second of every bit of the dock yards scenes was gloriousness.
I thought the 50 Ways of Banker Beat Ups were over O: - but no, Do-Hyeong is heading straight for the eye of the hurricane again, following Jin-Gi's men onto a boat. Waiting for backup? Nopse, why bother. And while he beats up gangsterlings, casually breaking their arms, Joo-Young hears from Lee Jin-Sook that her love knows she is alive and wants to make a safe world for her to live in. Together with him. THAT's SO ROMANTIC!
I swoon. I also think that for sheer stylishness, all this bit rivals Cruel City. Paksa, do you need a loan?
Janggab has realized that something is amiss and attempts to flee the boat. The gangsterlings spot him though and start chasing him. He flees into a huge and empty hall. That's never been the best of strategies, especially if there's no back door? Anyway, now he's cornered and about to be killed - when the doors open again! Mr. Banker enters like the super hero he is.
He is one bad ass mo-fo banker, for sure, and that is sexy beyond belief.
He beats them up mercilessly and beacause that looks so unearthly cool, Janggab just stands there, slack-jawed. He feebly attempts a "we're on the same side now" before it's his turn to be beat up. When he is on the floor, Do-Hyeong kneels on his throat. He is ready to kill this guy, there's no doubt about it. He wants answers about Top Dog, and Janggab reveals it's Chairman Kang of Myeong Dong (I can't wait for them to meet to be honest). He wants to hear who killed Song Hak-Soo and hears it was Seo Jin-Gi.
It will be over Sunday dinner. Chairman Kang is going to barbecue for the family.
That bastard has discovered his beaten up guys on the boat and learned that it was Bank Guy. "Just a Banker", right? That's when Yoon-Mi gets there (I am sure writer-nim has a good answer why it took her so long, right? traffic jam? toilet break?) Bank Guy calls her and tells her about Janggab's confession. Seo Jin-Gi gets off the boat and walks right into Yoon-Mi, who arrests him for the murder of Song Hak-Soo and Lee Jang-Ho. Oh, gurrrl....
You goddamn idiot. Yoon Mi, seriously. What police academy did you attend? Was it on the back of a freaking cereal box? Did you have to draw the handcuffs on the matchbook and send it in?
When she grabs for the handcuffs, a gangsterling hits her over the head with a stick. Seo Jin-Gi smirks and picks up her gun. He blabbers about how he went easy on her up until now because she is Detective Park's girlfriend and then puts the gun to her head. A shot rings ... Seo Jin-Gi is hit! (right shoulder). And not looking good. It's Park Hyeong-Sik's doing. 
Do you think he deliberately didn't shoot to kill? If so, why?


Kim Moo-Yul should do an exercise video.
Naked, on a bed, with soft music playing. "Partner Exercises for a Happy, Healthy Life"  - and the camera should be from the perspective of the partner engaging in this happy, healthy activity.
Yoon-Mi needs to be hit over the head again: does she need MORE proof of her boyfriend's true identity? Also, she needs to go back to the police academy. She is not quite as dumb as most other Kdrama police officers, but not smart either. What a waste of a character, too.
HUGE waste. HUGE. My one disappointment with this drama. It hurts more because I like Lee Si Young.

This episode wasn't the tightest of them all, wasn't it. Still, there's a few important developments: Joo-Young learns about Bank Guy's true intent - it will give her hope and a reason to live. I think she has accepted his love now. And hopefully, she will no longer feel inadequate, after saving his life twice? I also liked that little lesson she got from her gangster unni: use people and reach a position of power. You and Bank Guy don't have any and that is why this shit keeps happening to you.
I like Gangster Unni, and I like Joo Young. I want them to succeed.

We have also started Park Hyeong-Sik's "coming to term with his messed-up life" arc. It was well established that he has enough now. He wants out of this and he wants a quiet, happy life with his lady-love. It is sad, because just like Lee El said, he will never ever get that. He is the reason for all of what is happening now - well, not the sole reason, of course, but his treason started the chain of events around Joo-Young and Bank Guy. He is getting increasingly desperate and reckless, which will not end well, that is clear.
He wasn't the catalyst for this chain of events (well, he gave Joo-Young away as an informant, so he is to blame for what's going on) but he has certainly made it harder for Yoon Mi to figure out what is going on - and there's nothing he can do now to fix things with her, for sure. I'm not sure why he didn't try to kill Seo Jin Gi on the boat - could have kept his secret a while longer that way. If he shoots him and takes him into custody, does he think Jin Gi isn't going to spill the beans? That part is just not sensical to me. Hmm. Sensical. Is that an actual word that people use? I don't think I ever have, but it's what came to me.
I think he just missed TT______TT Not everyone can be a good shot.