The Beavers Rear their Ugly Heads - Shoooooooo!

[Disclaimer: these views are my (kakashi's) own. The other bloggers on this site have not been consulted] Dramafever did something shitty? I support you!
Something a little outrageous is happening under the radar right now. Dramatic Eye, Mr. X's excellent newish Kdrama website (yes, it's subscription based, subscribe if you have not yet done so, it's utterly worth it) has received a DMCA website from Dramafever, claiming he infringed on their copyright. For .... using a poster. I assume, because there is nothing else on there that would even be remotely copyrighted. This is the site in question (yes, the offending image has since been removed - I thought we post it on here instead).
If you are a subscriber of Mr. X's site, I advise you to scroll down a bit. Notice something? If you're not a subscriber, let me tell you what you would find if you were: you find an absolutely devastating score of 31 out of 100 - one of the lowest scores for a current show on a major network. In other words: he really, really hates The Virtual Bride. And if he hates something, he hates something, with no eyes for things like Dimples. Or Abs, seeing how he is a he. 

Mr. X's site has many different pages (given how many Kdramas there are and how many reviews he writes). So why did THIS one get the notice? Of course, it might all be a coincidence. But it might also NOT be one.

We are all pro copyright on here. But if, just if you are petty and vindictive and if this DMCA notice is not a mistake (hard to believe it is one, seeing how "fair use" has been discussed SO MANY TIMES in this industry) then I have a wish.

I wish that you go away. You stink, Dramafever. You are a bully. Your subs are crap. Your "news" are even crappier. I hear bad things about your app, too, (OMG the app is horrible) but almost worse: You reduce Kdrama to an infantile medium that's about oppas and hormones and nothing else. It's embarrassing. I have never liked you in the least and now I like you even less. Yeah!! Tell 'em Kakashi!

May somebody else become the monopolist of Kdrama for international audiences, 빨리빨리!

And for those interested in a bit of Kdrama "history" and the role of Dramafever in it, this is Mr. X's initial and quite excellent piece on the "Beavergate" a few years ago. It was the beginning (or the end?) of massive changes in the Kdrama and the subbing community that have affected us all:
(subscribers only, it seems - sorry!) 
--> UPDATE: Mr. X has kindly made it available to everyone!