Noble, My Love - Episodes 1 to 2 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: [cracking knuckles] Okay, it's been a long time since I've SqueeCapped anything, although I still sometimes wake up sobbing when I think about the time I spent on Blood. But recently my Twitterbean chingus have been all a-flutter regarding this short webdrama. I managed to marathon it over several days and found myself smiling through most of that weekend, despite the (usual) dismal DramaFlu subtitles.

Given that each episode is only 15 minutes long, I thought  that the easiest way to recap would be in multi-episode increments, to allow maximum squee-age.
Quirkstine: Hello! I’m usually only lurking on PotUp but for this squeecap project, I’ll be squeeing and snarking along with the PotUp crew. Thanks for letting me join in the fun!

Episode One "A Doomed Fate, Fated Doom"

Our Voiceover Guy explains the beginnings of our intrepid hero, Lee Kang Hoon (Sung Hoon), in glowing terms reminiscent of the Emperor's New Groove: cute, smart baby, growing up to hot, smart chaebol. At age 31, he is the top of the corporate food chain.
JoAnne: You have to say it right.  He is Sung Hoooooooooooooon!
Jaehyus: Phwoar!  Also, I want Sung Hoon baby pics. 
Trotwood: I'm learning how to do this because of Sung Hoon. Sung Hoon is a tech tutor. Look at those abs. They're an inspiration for learning all SORTS of new things. (I hope I didn't pick anyone's color)

And then there's Dr Cha Young Seo (Kim Jae Kyung), our 30 year old veterinarian. She happily rides her bicycle, her sole goal to put up posters advertising her pet hospital. I assume she's a daredevil, since her helmet is in her basket and not on her melon.
I..what?  There are abs, sorry.
Whatever he does to build these, I hope he never stops.
He’s a bit lean for my taste but the abs are very nice.

Fanservice! Nothing is better to wake up in the morning than a sleeping guy who kicks off his coverings past his navel almost to the Promise Land. An early riser too; at 6am, he shaves, dresses, accessorizes and heads off for work. It's a photoshoot that includes a golden retriever, and clearly he doesn't like anything with fur. But his personal assistant Kang (Park Shin Woon) explains that it is the spokesdog for their new ad campaign, since companion animals are trending upwards, and cute animals sell. Kang Hoon is decidedly uninterested in explanations.
Why is he wearing a shirt now?  I don't like this. Make him take the shirt off. He could bathe the dog or something.
This dog could've been cuter.
He could bathe the dog, get wet (ahem) in the process, and THEN take his shirt off. 
Does he need to bathe anything to get wet?

We get a better idea of Dr Cha's veterinary business. Clearly, it's a rural practice, inoculating cows and other fun country stuff. Her own companion animal is a gray DLH cat. Once back in her building, she receives a phone call from her best friend Heo Jin Kyung (Lee Seung Yun) demanding she show up at a restaurant. She spends time fussing over her wardrobe, despite her reluctance to go.
Domestic Long Hair. I'm not sure what breed the cat is.
Some Persian or Persian mix judging by the smoosh face.  Also, a suit is dressing for an interview, not a get-together with friends.
What Jaehyus said.
And with good reason. Two other vet school graduates (whom I shall call Dr Biatch 1 and Dr Biatch 2) start making fun of her immediately, smirking at her rural business and lack of ambition. After all, they are from affluent families who could afford to set them up in cushy little storefronts in the fashionable quadrants of Seoul.  Jin Kyung tries to reel them in, but Dr Cha blows them off, and, like the Cat Lady she is, collects a few food tidbits for Fuzzy back home.
She should have shoved that salmon right up their asses.  (She has had plenty of practice with the cows.  Not shoving salmon, but the general moves. You know.)
I was really surprised that vets can be mean girls. You wouldn't think it, would you?
I know! I always assumed vets were nice people in general. Well, they could be bitchy too but I never imagined they could be outright bullies.
I just can't imagine either of them in vet school. I have never met a vet who was this nasty to other people or this well manicured and coiffed. What are they? The plastic surgeons for animals? How did they ever make it through vet school?

Things are not going well at the set, and Kang Hoon is growing frustrated with the misbehavior of the canine actor. PA Kang tries to soothe, but CEO Hotness is done with the whole thing. However, as he leaves the studio, he spots the dog, who is up for a game of chase. Dr Cha slogs her way down the sidewalk, heading towards our man running after the dog.
Meet cute in 3, 2, 1...
The dog is playing cupid.
More like meet fight. Why do they always have to start out by fighting?
Don't know. If he'd taken off his shirt, even the dog would have come back. Why does he do it the hard way?

She stops to look through the window at a couture shop, and recalls an overheard convo between Dr B1 and Dr B2 about her completely unfashionable wardrobe. But gloom turns to happiness worthy of a Bizet opera when she spots a convenience store and settles down with some squeezy yogurt. Her phone rings; it's her irate friend, wondering why she ditched the gathering. She mental shrugs, then notices the overheated panting creature in front of her.
That would be me, looking for Sung Hoon.
That suit was a ridiculous choice, actually. She's in SK. How hard is it to get a dress made over there? I'm guessing not hard.
The suit’s not unfashionable. It’s just really plain and boring and a tad inappropriate for a night out with old school friends.
It reminds me of the official JDorama Job-Hunting Suit.
It also doesn't fit, but it's probably the dressiest thing she has.

Kang Hoon finally reaches our pair, overheated and panting. Charles (the dog) is gratefully drinking water when arrives.  He tries to snatch the dog, but Dr. Cha confronts him. The eyes flash between them - not the best beginning.
Au contraire.  It is exactly the beginning one must have in order to ensure true love. Have you learned NOTHING in all these years, Shuk?
Here, I believed Jaekyung's acting more than Sung Hoon's but that doesn't matter because look at that profile. 
I’m too busy staring at his gaping suit jacket. It’s perfect for sliding your hands in and caressing that glorious chest. And yes, I’m imagining it right now.
Still say he should've taken off his shirt and they wouldn't have this problem.

Episode Two "On A Stormy Night"

Dr Cha immediately takes him to task regarding his puppy. How dare he yank the poor creature's chain! Just wait until the finishes his water. Kang Hoon dimisses her and continues to pull on the leash. She calls him heartless, but he explains the dog's role in his advertisement, and his loss of revenue every minute that it's not in the studio.
I think you can afford the time it takes to drink some water, dude.
When people are being selfish, they don't care and argue over everything.
She got angry too quickly. She’s been a vet for a while now, so I’m sure she’s had some experience dealing with unreasonable clients. She should have said something that would appeal to his capitalist brain: dehydrated dog = more delays = larger loss of revenue.

She wrenches the leash out of his hands as understanding dawns. He's a mean heartless human who puts this defenseless animal under hot Klieg Lights and forces him to perform. He stares at her in disbelief as she promises to deliver the dog herself.
Um, where is the animal's HANDLER? Please note:  if I am referring to the magnificent beast known as Kang Hoon, I will capitalize: The Animal (Rawwr). Actual animals will be lower case, if I even remember they're around. By the way, I volunteer to the be The Animal's handler.
Not if I get to him first, Joanne Unnie.
I don’t care who gets him first. Just please lend him to me on weekends. :P

The staring contest is broken when PA Kang shows up. He immediately pats the dog, who is happy to go with the happier man. Kang Hoon turns on his heel, and the three males leave Dr Cha staring at his backside their backs.
Watch The Animal wag his tail, so cute.

Even though she is out of sight, she is in Kang Hoon's mind as the photoshoot continues. Remembering her admonishment, he orders icepacks for the non-human model, much to Charles' relief. PA Kang thinks it's the sweetest thing that his boss is so caring, but to the CEO, it's purely money-driven.  When Charles ambles over to say thanks, Kang-Hoon quickly warns him away to avoid pet hair.
Completely reasonable.
I have to agree. So difficult getting fur out of clothing. 
This was cute.
What's with all the clothing? Didn't they already talk about how hot it was in there? Is it just me that is wondering this?

Dr Cha is having her own pet hair issue, but of course Fuzzy doesn't care. After yelling, she apologizes and gives her the salmon treat. As the cat nibbles, she talks about her night, sadly musing that there wasn't a real place for her anywhere. She is knocked out of her reverie by a customer call - time to treat the cattle! Every job takes her one step closer to financial freedom. And steak. Does that mean she's looking forward to chewing on her customers?
Perhaps we could consider that rather violent hand/arm gesture as tenderizing the meat? I am very disturbed that thoughts of The Animal just came to mind.
Yeah, I'm not going there. So, I'm impressed at Dr Cha being both a small and large animal vet. Not easy handling farm animals. People get very strong doing that work, too, hint hint. 
Nope. Not going there.
It's dark by the time Kang Hoon is done with his work. Even the parking garage seems eerie, but he just strolls over to his vehicle.  Just before he gets there, there's a tap on his shoulder. A cloth is over his face as he is grabbed from behind - it's a kidnapping!
Oooh, I like this game. My turn next, Kang Hoon!
This is another (or the same) impeccably clean parking garages. How do they get these this clean? Has anyone ever been in a parking garage that is as clean and as brightly lit as the ones in these dramas?

When he comes to, he's trussed up in a deserted warehouse while his kidnappers are nearby playing Candy Crush. He immediately starts twisting the knots securing his wrist. Wait, are the ends even tied?  (These are gangsters that need to be fired) One of the thugs wanders over and wonders why their chicken isn't moving, and why his skin is so beautiful and smooth.
Yes, Dear Reader, that really happened.
It's understandable. 
It’s the Sung Hoon effect.
I was actually hoping he'd kiss him while the others weren't looking. I'd watch that drama, too.
Kang Hoon surprises him with a headbutt and starts fighting, spending precious seconds untying his feet in between holding off the three thugs. Once his legs are free, it's on! He's pretty much cleaning the floor with these goobers, when one of them stabs him in the abdomen. Ugh that's gonna leave a mark, Despite the pain and blood, he manages to knock the thug back and escape.
He's no Banker, but he held his own. Now, come let Mama kiss the booboo.
Kang Hoon has miraculous chaebol skin that will seal up all scars in the most sexy way possible for later use. 
Eh. I wasn’t impressed. Those gangsters were weaksauce.
Me, too. Everyone in my 6th grade class (even the wimpy girl) could've taken out these gangsters.

It starts raining as Kang Hoon finally collapses against a building. Where Dr Cha finds him. She realizes he's injured, but he manages to gather enough strength to ask her not to dial 119 before he falls unconscious on her shoulder.
Cue gangster confusion!
Why not 119?
I think it’s because he’s trying to avoid a media circus. After all, he IS a pretty famous chaebol. Emphasis on pretty.

Dr Cha ends up piggybacking Kang Hoon to her hospital. (Strong because she works with them farm animals.) She sets up a mini-operating room in the middle of her lobby. He's groggy from the pain but manages to focus on her words. She advises him of her animal nature (of her doctoring), and secures his permission for treatment.
Well, so that part was professional. Or at least cautious.
Well, yes, otherwise what's the point of having a profession if you don't learn that much? 
I can’t help but remember another pretty vet from Shitty City Hunter. Didn’t she do something similar for Lee Min-ho?

After going into Professional Mode (ha, you agree!), she dons gloves and proceeds to expose the wounded area. Her Professional Mode is swept away by a tsunami of lust as she views the lush, damp acreage before her. A second or a minute or hours later, she starts to work on the wound, wondering if he is a gangster involved in some turf war. Since she only has animal tranquilizers, she stuffs a sponge in his mouth and starts stitching.
I can't decide if that's reasonable or not. The gangster bit, I mean.
He's in a suit, he doesn't want 119 called: seems reasonable to me.
It's the same black suit that all the gangsters and bankers wear. I'm going to find that store/company and invest in it.
This was my first true LOL moment in this show. The hallelujah background music was a nice touch.

Finally she's done, and wound is closed and clean. She is exhausted as she makes a final check and turns away to clean up, but he grabs her hand. She looks down in surprise, and her face softens as she stares at his face. Her tiredness overcomes her and she collapses next to him, their hands still entwined.
When his thumb rubbed her like that, I was a goner. Oh, fine, I was gone long ago.
He’ll get sick sleeping with wet clothes on. She should have taken his clothes off and replaced them with dry ones. It’s for his own good! I have no ulterior motives, I swear. At the very least, she should cover him with a blanket (although that would deprive us of gleaming, nekkid pecs).


Okay, we have our set up, we have abs, we have sleep cute. Anyone gonna play Track The Tropes?
I wrote some, but the drool keeps washing them away.
Good start, but nothing more to say, except why not 119?  (because then she couldn't save his life) Stock prices aren't going to fall from a kidnapping attempt.  If anything, find those kidnappers and put them in jail.
Let’s see. So far we have: (1) cold-hearted chabeol, (2) kind, hardworking candy, (3) funny, loyal secretary, (4) bitchy female second lead, (5) meet cute/fight, (6) kidnapped by thugs and (7) sleep cute. Did I miss anything? 
What about fashion/dressing sequence to show us how rich and OCD he is? 
Hello, Quirkstine? Hawt Abs Scene? That is our favorite trope!