Noble, My Love - Episodes 5 to 6 (A SqueeCap)

So there's an offer on the table. If you were Dr Cha, would you automatically agree?
Trotwood: (*pulling up in my moving van*) Did you ask a question? Oh yeah, right. You were asking if I were Dr. Cha, not me. Okay (driving the truck away) maybe not.
Jaehyus: no, I wouldn't agree, because the whole thing is psycho.
Quirkstine: I wouldn’t agree either. Sung Hoon is a major hottie but his methods are batshit crazy.
JoAnne:  WHY do you insist on introducing reality?  We all know that such beautiful men do not exist in real life, ergo, this behavior cannot, either.  Gooooooooo with it.  Gooooooo with it.
Urgh, now I'm sad such beautiful men don't exist in reality.

Episode Five - The Powerful And the Weak Are Already Decided

"So...come to me then."
I swear my heart skipped a beat. *swoons*

Dr  Cha's tears dry up and she gulps as Kang Hoon's words register. Or maybe they didn't, because her first question was, "Do you mean move into your building?"
Girl, no. That is not what he meant. He might think it was, but it was NOT.
He needs some self-analysis, this bloke. 
Kang Hoon lets out an incredulous cough and explains that he wants to work with her. Her phone rings and she gives him a hurt look before answering it.
You're both idiots. Just give in!
She's not really expecting him to like her, though. She's not vain or aware of how gorgeous she is. 

It's Jin Kyung, and Dr Cha advises her that she is in Seoul dealing with stuff and will meet up with her later. After she disconnects the call, he wonders out loud if he's what she has to handle.  Her answer is to grab his tie and yank him closer. If he ever messes with her again, he's gonna get it from her. He crowds in further and asks how she plans to handle him.
Which, to be fair, is always my question when people say, "cut it out, or I really won't stay still," in dramas.
There is no hope for any of you. These were CLEARLY kokoros talking.
She threatens to go to the media (which didn't work the first time). He agrees with me, and calls it a weak try.
She really is weak at the fighting game. I could come up with all sorts of ways to fight this man. I'd have to do it without seeing him because I'd probably forget as soon as he appeared in front of me. Or she could just start undressing him. I mean her hand is already on his tie. Once again, there are too many clothes in this scene.
How she resisted copping a feel is beyond me. I mean, she is spitting mad but still… how can she not be distracted around the Beast?

She stomps on his Ferragamos, giving it an extra twist.
I would've used the heel of her shoe for added pain.

He takes a deep breath and yanks his foot out. This throws off her balance, and with a shriek, she begins to topple over.
Loin contact!  Loin contact!
Kang Hoon reaches out and catches her, first with his hand around her waist and the rest of their lower bodies in reallllly close proximity.
Ovary popping proximity.
Hahahaha we really do all notice the same things. And yet I get called the innuendo queen.
I didn't notice, actually, until it was pointed out. I just thought of what it would be like to have Sung Hoon's arm around me...

She panics and begins to flail her arms, which he effortlessly  captures. Now she is leaning backwards, and the only thing holding her up is his hands around her wrists. Now she is really squirming; and he won't let her go until she promises to calm down. She finally nods; he sets her back on her feet and releases her.
She pushes him back, and he smirks. They now have a deal, don't they.  Nope, she turns around, writes her account number on a posty note, and slaps it on the shoulder of his suit. She snarls to wire her security deposit and promises to move out by the end of the week and never see him again.
I was glad at her determination, because, even though he's handsome beyond belief, his methods and behavior are really controlling.
I just noticed. She put her hands over his hard chest. She did cop a feel! I’m so jealous.

She shoves his shoulder as she stomps out, to his amusement. Outside, she still has goosebumps from his statement "Come to me."  Inside, he's laughing out loud, much to the wonderment of his assistants.
He is a bit weird, this guy.
He stops when he sees their stares, only to snicker again when he looks at his smudged shoe.
I wonder at what his assistants are used to. For example, at first I thought he was typical mean/cold chaebol dude. But his assistants wouldn't be so bold as to stare and peak at him the way they do if he were really that cold and/or mean. It's like he is some sort of zoo/carnival attraction. Scary but not really dangerous. I get the feeling he's probably pretty loyal to them--or to anyone who works hard.
Yeah, I don't get the impression he's personally a jerk. I think in business he expects to win and his tactics are pretty straightforward. I think in his personal life he's either completely unfamiliar with actually having to woo someone, OR he's been hurt. This is a KDrama, so I'm going with hurt. However! I know the answer, but maybe someone reading doesn't. (So I could be lying.)
I get the feeling that he has always been pursued/persecuted by people who want things from him, so he is clueless on how to be on the other side.
He’s lost it, the poor thing. It’s okay. He’s still muy caliente.
Dr Cha meets up with her friend at a dance cafe. A group is practicing the Lindy Hop while she dozes off on a nearby settee. A voice wakes her up. It's an old college buddy who has started this dance club, Woo Sang Hyun (Park Eun Suk). He has arrived back in South Korea recently, and comments with a wide smile that Dr Cha hasn't changed in the intervening time. Hmm, is there some old spark there?
I immediately felt sorry for him. His type is exactly the kind of second lead I usually hopelessly fall for, especially when lead is a bossy jerkface, but I remember saying aloud, "No hope for you my friend. Step away from this plot device."
He may not be as beautiful as Kang Hoon, but he is so soothing. Exactly what I'd like to meet in real life.
I never even give this type of guy a second look in these stories. I noticed he was nice, I noticed he seemed a little into her. Then I forgot about him.

He leaves to take a phone call, and Jin Kyung asks her about their previous phone conversation. Dr Cha sighs and says she will have to move her hospital. Her bestie gives her a packet of money to help tide her over. Poor girl, where will she go now?
I felt so bad for her. 
I did, too, even though I knew she'd end up at the Designer Digs.
A sneering halloo breaks her out of her reverie. It's Dr Biatch #1, who plops herself  with the other girls, irregardless of their complete lack of welcome. How nice that a rural vet can meet her friends in a lovely cosmopolitan setting! Especially since her hospital is a few shakes of a lamb's tail from where they sit. After all, her dear friend has her own business out in BFE, so they can't meet more often.
Severe lack of sleep is messing with my head. For a second there, I thought you said “plays with herself.” *Mentally slaps self* It’s not THAT kind of show, woman!
What is BFE?  And is this Mean Vet jealous of Jaekyung's natural beauty or what?
"BFE" is a colloquial term for "so far out into the sticks that you can't even get Starbucks and the only color is green from plants, and there's no 4G network and your business is mostly livestock." All the horrors that a gently-bred hi-so evil doctor woman can think of.
Dr Cha is getting more annoyed but tries to tamp down her irritation as Dr B1 just keeps rubbing it in: cows, dirt, local ajummas setting up their ancient spinster vet on dates, etc. etc. etc.
But Dr. Cha is a real vet working with all sorts of animals and is a better physician than this Dr. Mean could ever be. And how to be a vet without dirt, by the way?  Not possible, methinks.
So what do these Barbie Vets do? Plastic surgery on Himalayans?
Yup, this is the part I didn't buy. She cannot be a vet. She just can't. Animals poop. They often poop on people. She would cry the first time this happened to her in school and quit.

Right about this time, CEO Hotness calls her phone; she swipes it no. How many call refusals does that make? I think about 30. You would think he'd be used to it from her by now. He tries texting, and threatens to begin demolition of her beloved hospital the next day.
I didn't like him this episode.
Hottie McBluff was never ever going to demolish that building anyway.
She curses him under her breath, and Dr B1 uses it as proof that she is becoming a wild woman in the hinterlands of their country. After all, her parents are hicks too, so why leave that sphere? Jin Kyung finally tells the woman to shut up.
I don't understand this friendship at.all. Dr. Biatch makes no sense either, but her role here is to be the evil girl, and she is good at this. But Jin Kyung? I know she loans her money, but why oh why does she keep putting Dr. Cha in these scenarios and why is she so slow to stick up for her friend? As a friend, she's definitely weak sauce.
Oh no she didn’t. What a bitch, this woman is. She might have money rich but she’s got zero class.
I don't understand why Dr. Mean hangs out with Dr. Cha and Jin kyung. 
I don't think they hang out, especially. I think Jin Kyung might be seeing more of the bitches than Cha is, but I've also noticed in Korean Dramas that 'class reunions' happen more frequently and sooner than they do in the US; they also seem very expected, so I imagine that skipping might be a little worse than going.

But that little push is all Dr Cha needs. She takes a deep breath and airily says to her rapt audience that she plans to be happy veterinary neighbors with Dr B1 in just a few weeks, and won't that be fun! She was in Seoul scouting locations, and luckily, found a wonderful place to set up shop. Now who's smirking, woman!!
If she's going to suffer being bullied out of her business, she might as well at least annoy Dr. Mean Girl.
Plus she's got Hottie McBossy in her back pocket. This will be good.
Of course, the smirk only lasts until she's alone. Dr Cha breaks into self-recrimination and loathing. A smooth deep voice speaks behind her. She's at the new hospital, and Kang Hoon is nonchalantly checking the smoothness of his palms while flashing his shiny new footwear.
I...what? Shoes? I'm too busy imagining why he'd be concerned with checking the smoothness of his palms at that particular time...

She wonders why someone with this much money isn't more productive and less harassing.
That was hilarious.
I'd ask the same thing. I mean to her, he just looks like he spends all his time harassing her. It would never occur to me that he would actually like me because in that world, he'd be dating Dr. Mean Girl or her ilk, and she doesn't like either no matter how hot he is.

She ruffles his calm for a moment, but then bulls on. She will take the hospital as the price for saving his life, but only as a loaner. That irritates him further. Doesn't she know that the building is hers?
I love how he still doesn't get her. She is so foreign to what he is expecting. It makes me wonder about him because she is making perfect sense to me, right now.
She understands that she 'owns' the building like she 'owned' the previous one. She will treat him like he is a bank and she is a tenant with a long-term loan. Or more like financial partners. Kang Hoon counters: will she be paying him interest?
Say what you mean, Kang Hoon. And get on with it.
Me me me! I’ll pay you lots and lots of interest.
Oh yes, she will be paying him interest. Let's all line up and pay the man his interest, shall we?
Once again. Too many clothes for my interest.

He walks towards her, agreeing to her terms.  She nervously swallows; did she just make a deal with the devil? He grabs her hands and firmly shakes it. His eyes narrow as he stares at her wide-eyed face.
Why did his eyes narrow?  Is he shortsighted?
Silly. Narrowing eyes is always the way the hot, sexy, bossy, irritating lead shows his determination and concentration. This bodes skin-tinglingly well.
That night Dr Cha sits in her beloved tiny hospital and drinks a toast to her first efforts at independent living. She flashes back to riding her bicycle along the rural lanes, and her first bovine clients. Her memories morph into her human patient as the final operation in that space. And with that she closes her heart to the past and switches to the future.
This actually made me sad. I kept thinking of her customers here who will not be able to find her or get her help once she moves. I hate when my favorite doctors move or retire.
I thought of that too.  :-(
Oh great, so I'm the bitch who only cares about tomorrow, when he shows up again? FINE. I blame it on those smooth palms. Although a little rough wouldn't be exactly unwelcome, either.
Nothing wrong with you, Jo. You just have great focus.
Her new location is well-nigh spotless, but there is still cleaning, stocking, and a million other details to complete.  And she does it without any help. Where are her friends?
Again a Jin Kyung fail. Not even flowers or take out from her. No food/no friendship.

Even more importantly, where's CEO Hotness to watch her with that single minded focus?
I'm surprised she doesn't have a nurse helping her either at this location or the old one.
She couldn't afford an apartment, so I'm guessing she can't afford to pay a salary to someone else. She was living/working out of that old space.
Oh wait, there he is, showing up a short time before the grand opening.  He walks into a silent space, ultimately finding her asleep on her desk. Marveling at her chutzpah at being a woman alone and passed out in an unlocked building, he sits down and glances at her computer monitor.
Why IS that door unlocked? Her security is terribly lax. Anyone could’ve waltzed right in.
He turns back and rests his head on his hands on the desktop, the better to closely observe her face. Her eyes open, then widen even more. So do his, and they share a wordless moment nearly nose to nose.
He is so obsessed, I can totally see this in manga form.
I love how his face goes all soft when he looks at her like that. He looks so content and peaceful.
I keep looking around my cubicle but the only guys who show up here do NOT look like this man. There is that one package designer, though...Nah, not even close.

Episode Six - I Need That Woman

He's the first to look away, and coughs self-consciously. She whispers that he's the CEO. He chuckles but looks back at her when she tells him to stop acting all high and mighty.
So cute how Dr. Cha's not at all impressed with his CEO status. 
Yeah...I don't care how much the suit costs. I notice how it fits, though. Ahem.
The suits look fantastic on him but they look even better when taken off his body.

His expression melts to one of confusion when she grabs a hold of his left cheek. She starts smiling as she takes both hands and starts rubbing his cheeks, marveling at how good his skin feels.
I can imagine.  Even a kidnapper was excited by it all. 
I watched the opening episodes for AHS: Hotel last night, and there's a significant scene involving butt cheeks. That sort of merged with my read of this into a very disturbingly funny image.
I don’t even want to know. *bats away disturbing image from brain*
She thinks this dream is terrific in how real it/he feels.
Welcome to my world sister. I have those dreams, so I will NOT feel sorry for you that you wake up to Sung Hoon. I wake up to a blanket.
I ... have no words for this. I think I'm a bit envious.
She should have been MORE bold. It's a dream!
I’m with Jo. If I were her, I’d definitely take advantage of…the situation.

He quietly tells her to remove her hands, and she realizes it's not a dream. She bolts upright and screams.
Considering how hot he is for her, why would he want her hands removed from him?
No one likes having their cheeks smashed around. Take note, grandmas around the world!
I think he is offended once he realizes that she isn't awake.
I agree. He was surprised but didn’t mind when she was just caressing his face.
Thoroughly embarrassed, Dr Cha wonders why he stopped by. He claims to see if his investment is worth it. He snipes that his work ethic is better than some people who sleep on the job.
Her work ethic is fine, or did he forget she started and ran her own veterinary hospital until he ruined it all for her?
For all he knows, the reason she's struggling financially is that she shows up at work and then goes to sleep.
Nope. He just needed to snark at her because he was feeling awkward. She makes him feel awkward. No one does that. He knows she isn't a slacker; he's probably has whole files on her. Remember he had her followed and blocked her every move to get money.

She wipes imaginary drool from her lips and explains. She stays at the hospital, which may be state of the art, but has no sleeping quarters like the old place. So she's tired, thanks to a certain bully who pushed her out of it.
Touche. (Just imagine the accent. I don't know how to type it in.)
He has the grace to look abashed while she continues. She's been looking for a studio apartment or some other tiny place to live. He's surprised and wonders what she did with the money he gave her as part of the 'investment'. (100 million ₩ / $ 86,685 / 76 066 €)
Correction, Kang Hoon, you were buying something shiny. :)
I will always smile at the memory of that scene.

Dr Cha refuses to spend the advance on anything but the business, banking it for advertising and work-related expenditures. This surprises him.
Again. With whom does he work? Does ethical behavior completely surprise him or has been taught that poor people are just money grubbing nasties?
It's really weird how confused he is. If this whole thing really was an investment for him, he would complain if she'd spent the money on living expenses, or he would've provided a dorm of some sort.
The writer is writing for teenagers who are watching for 15 minutes at a time on their phones. They probably aren't very astute at picking up on these types of details, and time is short. I'm guessing the writer didn't think too hard about this.
He looks at her like she's some type of new life form. He guesses she could use more money, but seems to recognize the pitfalls of having too much. She readily agrees, to have as much wealth as she can handle and no more.
I'm told having lots of money is as stressful as not having any, but I don't think the two situations compare at all. 
Give me money and I'll do some experiments.
If I had to choose, I’d pick the stress of having too much money. At least I won’t have to worry about food and living expenses.
I'd rather be sad and rich than sad and poor. I've been the latter. Not going back thank you.
He changes the subject, and looks at the tiny place on her computer monitor. Isn't it really teeny tiny? Dr Cha snaps back, "Hey dol CEO!" Through clenched teeth, Kang Hoon says slowly, "D. O. L Lee Kang Hoon." She blows him off. "Whatever."
I laughed out loud at this. She's tired. She has to sleep at work. She can't find an apartment. And he is insisting that she pay attention to him like an overgrown toddler. Yup. "Whatever" it is.

She goes on to say that a place where she can sleep, cook and do laundry is hard to find for the price she's considering. He's quick to pounce on her statement; he has a place in mind she can stay at. One that's cheaper and bigger than anything she can currently find.
Dun dun da dun!
He said 'bigger.'
And where is that? Why, his house of course! Nice big place with lots of space (under his own watchful eye, of course). She closes her eyes as if to beg for patience, and yells if he's crazy.
Good thing he's good looking, because woah, creepy!
You would really enjoy this more if you could let go of that pesky reality hang-up. I was positively squeaking with the joy of learning that this would be a co-hab drama.
At this point, I just stopped thinking and yelled go forth and cohabitate already! I want my co-hab hijinks.
This made me excited, too, because all this work stuff means too many clothes. Although I do admire the cut of his . . . suits.

He flinches from the noise and the flying spit, and they stare daggers at each other.
Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" (I like how you know this!) from his Romeo & Juliet ballet pounds in the background. In his office, CEO Hotness wonders if that woman enjoys being miserable. And did she call him crazy? Why is it that she never agrees right away to his oh-so-reasonable requests???
She enjoys being her own person. The request to move into his place wasn't reasonable, though it was hot. 
I wonder if he has a fire hose to relieve that heat.
My mind is going to really inappropriate places.
"hose" [now I'm giggling]
He doesn't hear the knock at the door, and freaks out a bit when PA Kang pops up in front of him. His good assistant startles him with more good news. His mom has him set up for multiple matseons with all sorts of eligible women from good business families. He tosses the tablet aside, much to PA Kang's unhappiness.
But to our happiness because the Rainbow ship can sail.
Huh? Is that her girl group? Was the girl he went on a date with part of that group too?
Yes, that's her girl group. Also, I can only recognize three members of that group, and Macaron the Mascot, so no idea. DSP has a couple more girls groups other than Rainbow and Kara, so the date could be anyone.
I think that PA Kang is enjoying this. I also think he is hoping that his rather dense boss can recognize the difference between those women and our favorite vet.
At home, he opens his closet and fondles her tshirt.
Dude, tape some socks to the inside of it, at least.
Aww. Don't tease guys. He misses her and is too dumb to realize what this means.

At the hospital, there's a good luck ceremony going on, but with a plastic piggy head instead of a real one (I was happy at this; so was I). Dr Cha elicits Fuzzy's help, but GrumpyCat only wants the stupid hat taken off.
Fuzzy has a point.
I do not give one shit about Fuzzy. Give me The Animal.
I’d rather perform my own version of the good luck ceremony with CEO Hotness.
But then what do you put in the CEO's mouth?
A call from Ji Kyung puts a bit of a damper on the ceremony. Her mother is having a procedure done, and she can't be there. But the old college flame might be.
She could've at least sent flowers. 
Really she is a multiple fail friend. I'm really done with her.
I don't often think of things like that. I suppose it's fortunate that I also wouldn't notice if it didn't happen for me, then.

In the background, someone struggles with a large flower arrangement. It's from the CEO! The delivery boy gasps for breath for a moment before straightening up, perfectly fine.
PA Kang is awesome.
He intones a greeting from his boss. He's busy with a meeting but would like to take her out for a celebratory lunch. She scoffs, but gets an idea.
I like how practical Dr. Cha is. 
She really is always thinking. She'd have to be to put herself through school and start her own business. What I like about her is that it seems more than pluck and luck--the usual Candy MO. And really, I'd use PA Kang any chance I got. You know he's going to be good at anything. He's one of "those" secretaries.

Meanwhile, Kang Hoon fidgets at a cafe. Alone. He checks his watch and plays with his mug. Alone.
I would like to play with Kang Hoon's mug too.
I call dibs on his what you EXPECT me to say, right?  Ha!
I’d rather play doctor with The Beast. Much larger coverage. Heh.

We get a montage of poor PA Kang used as manual labor: participating in the good luck ceremony, scrubbing windows, etc. The pair are sitting down to some jjajamyun as their reward when there's a bellow at the door.
I was sad that PA Kang didn't get to really eat well after all that hard work.
So Regency Romance, that bellow.
MMMMMMMmmm I love his voice.

An angry, confused and very hungry man is standing in the foyer. PA Kang quickly chokes down his noodles and scurries out the door.
Because he knows it's Kang Hoon's noodles that should have been shared.
Kang Hoon plops down on a chair with an irritated look, which gives way to embarrassment when his stomach growls. She snickers for a moment, then realizes that he was probably waiting this entire time to eat with her.
Feed the man!
His own fault, really.
 . . . until he purrs with contentment. Okay, I was hoping that he'd spill something on his shirt and have to take it off. What is with all those clothes?!?! (Hmm. Have I already said this?)
Yes, but it does bear repeating.
I’d so love to feed him and later enjoy his gratitude.

She offers him a fresh set of chopsticks. He acts like he won't eat street food, but quickly snatches them. He picks up a piece of tempura and rolls it in the chunjang.
I wish he'd roll my tempura...
And I'll never look at tempura the same way again.
Bells toll, angels weep, and a beatific smile lights up his face as his taste-buds dance The Dance Of Ultimate Pleasure.
I want him to make that face at me.
I want him to make that face at me after something I did.
What the others said.
I can think of another thing or two that’ll make him make that face.

She asks him if it's delicious, and he backpedals. For the amount of fats and salt in it, it's not bad.
It actually did look delicious.
Fats and salt make things delicious.
 But couple eat-time is interrupted when Sang Hyun shows up with a small bouquet. He wonders who the large arrangement came from, and turns from the window to end up face to face with our Bigger Flower Boy.
Ahh. Jealousy sounds. Poor Sang Hyun. Too late and too small. (Jo, I meant the flowers)
Poor Sang Hyun and his tiny, soon-wilting bouquet. Completely overpowered by the large, vigorous, firmly upright arrangement presented by Kang Hoon.

He's surprised that she knows a CEO; Dr Cha admits that she doesn't know him that well. Kang Hoon's claim-staking mode kicks in, and he smoothly adds that she knows him more than a little.
They have already slept together, after all, and he's invited her to move in.
She winces and takes a sip while the two bulls circle each other verbally. Sang Hyun identifies himself as Dr Cha's friend. They both look to her, and she self-consciously explains that Kang Hoon is a business partner.
It's all true, and to be fair, this is how he probably would've introduced her to his friends at this point. What could he really say? Frankly, it is the nicest way for her to put their relationship. He'd look worse if said the whole truth.
Pfft. Men. Just whip it out already and prove who’s the bigger Alpha.
Inquiring minds want to know. For science!

CEO looks peeved at the pigeonhole he's been put into, as that of lien-holder. She looks away from both of them.

Dr Biatch 1 walks by outside with her little snip of a poodle. Why do people think that dressing animals is a good thing?
To double the cute? Although in some case, the clothes do help warm them up. We did that once for our dog when he was sick.
Small dogs do actually need protection from weather...but I doubt that means dressing them cutely in the middle of a Seoul summer.
If you want to accessorize yourself, Dr B1, get more piercings. Preferably through the heart, if anyone can hit something so tiny.
Heart? Did you say heart? Bah. Don't believe it. Also, shouldn't she be working? What is she doing out walking around with her dog in the middle of the day?
She's not a real vet.  Family money has paid for minions, and the Cheomdamdong connects pay for everything else. Actually, with people like her in the neighbourhood, there's not much a niche market for Dr. Cha to break into.
She still had to go through vet school.

Anyway, she stops short when she sees the congratulatory arrangement outside the hospital. She quickly calls Dr Biatch 2, and together they arrange some more nasty business.
See, what I mean? If she has this much time to plan something nasty, she isn't working hard enough--definitely not to afford the rent in that neighborhood. 
I hope the only kind of patients she gets are incontinent, diarrheal ones. And I hope they sick all over her designer duds and plastic face.
That night Dr Cha goes outside the business and smiles while reading the flower ribbon.
See, she could like him sooner if he wasn't being such a butthead.

She decides to text CEO Hotness, but can't come up with an appropriate text.
'Don't bother me for the next hour. I'll be bathing in a tiny wash tub in the office.' should just about take care of it.

He's sitting at home waiting for some type of acknowledgment from her. He starts to text her, only to stop halfway. Communication is the key, you two!
The next day Dr Cha heads to a trendy bistro to meet up with her bestie and the other two. Bad vets, no biscuit!!

She barely has a chance to sit down before Dr B1 is sniping at her, all because she cares, of course [gagging noises]. She is sooooo happy that things are working out for her hick friend, and sooooo excited she is working in the neighborhood, and by the way, did she know how sooooo very expensive the area is?
Oh, gee, no, I signed a lease without reading any of it.
Barf. Why are they so horrible?

Dr B2 figures that the value of her parent's land must have increased considerably to afford such upscale digs. Or maybe she got a loan? Jin Kyung finally says something like why do you care? Really, Bestie, I would appreciate a little bit more forcefulness to support your friend.
“BFF” might as well be in Alaska for all the back-up she’s providing.
She is basically the somnolent friend. Is she on meds that make her so slow and forget what bitches these two are?
Apparently, these 4 were the only girls in that whole veterinary class, something I find hard to believe.

Well, since they are all friends, Dr B1 decides that the owner of the new hospital should spring for lunch for all of them. Jin Kyung weakly protests; does Dr B1 know how much it costs to start a new practice? But she just airily pretends that such filthy lucre thoughts are above her. With her evil little beady eyes shining in glee.
It's the other way around: they should all treat Dr. Cha for a lunch for starting a new hospital.  But I'm being normal again.
Tsk. With “friends” like them, who needs enemies?
But isn't it here that the birthday person treats others to lunch? So this makes sense.
Dr B2 sympathizes with old familiar cheapskate Dr Cha. Reunions and sunbae respect be damned, I would leave that table and never speak to these creatures again.
Ditto. But before I walk out, I’d throw my drink, and Jin Kyung’s for safe measure, into their faces.
I wouldn't have gone in the first place. Or if my stupid supposedly best friend didn't give me a heads up, I would've just clearly stated, "You know? I don't like you. I will never feed you unless it's hemlock."

Instead, Dr Cha does the predictable and agrees to pay for lunch. Her eyes pop out, though, when she reads the menu. An eight-course luncheon is 120000 ₩ ($ 106.00  / 93.44 €) per person. Dr B1 revels in Dr Cha's shocked look before breezily calling the waiter over to take their orders.
Apparently, no one has to go back to work. 
The waiter approaches with a fine bottle of wine. Dr Cha is puzzled because she didn't order anything.
And a bit freaked out. I mean if the food cost that much, how much will that wine be?
Right? I was thinking middle of the city, trendy neighborhood, eight courses, that's about right...then I remembered that didn't include alcohol.

But he explains that the gentleman at the next table ordered it, as a gift for a beautiful lady. I might have jumped out of my chair and squeed a little.
A little?
A lot.
D.O.L CEO Lee Kang Hoon, in all his delicious double-breasted glory, nonchalantly rubbing his wine-stem. He takes a slow sip of wine before making eye contact with Dr Cha and giving her a little half-smile.
Dayum. It just got real hot in here. *fans self vigorously*
Kang Hoon is the keeper of hotness, but I also have to say that they make the "best friend" so bad, that his appearance was a complete relief to me. All I could think was she needs a friend--even if it is a crazy stalker friend (I hope Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan remembers this when I end up in prison. Shuk promised--sorta--that he'd visit!).
Wine stem. Kang Hoon. Rubbing. Really, are you trying to insult me with these obvious attempts?
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Me neither. And, I suspect, neither does Kang Hoon, considering his complete lack of self-awareness.
Liars, both of you.

Okay, all stalkerish and controlling behavior aside, the idea that he follows her to make sure she's not embarrassed or hurt by these so-called friends and colleagues gives me tingles. Even though he is complete confused about her behaviors and thought patterns, appalled by her eating habits, and considers Fuzzy a nuisance, he still tries to take care of her. In his own pushy way of course.
Why was he there? He didn't know she was going to lunch. Was he just there eating his lunch,  minding his business? That doesn't really seem like him.
He doesn't seem to have much work to do.
I think PA Kang is keeping tabs and updating him. And he already knows from the Matseon List that at least one bitchy richy was going to the restaurant. So I am firm in my belief that it was not a coincidence.
It's interesting that Dr Cha stands up to everything he dishes out, but is weak and easily manipulated by that glossy paper doll vet. She clearly has been on her own and supported her parents, so what is it about Dr B1 that makes her feel less than capable?
I’d like to know that too. It makes no sense.
Also, I know that these shows are very short, so there isn't room for a lot of character development, but they just haven't given a clear reason for Dr. B1 to hate her so much. 30 secs to show us that she was about to confess to second lead guy right when he asked Cha before she was Dr. Cha would've helped.
I think that 'class' snobbery is probably sufficient, but there IS a scene where they cover the 'love triangle' in college. (I just don't remember when in the show that happens.)
Jaekyung is prettier than Dr. B1 even after all of the latter's plastic surgery.  That's got to sting.  Plus, some people just make others insecure, especially when they do such nasty zingers like Dr. B1.  Kang Hoon is still direct and it's easy to say, "Hey, back off!"  Whereas Dr. B1 is the type to just kick your emotional health legs right out from under you.
And Kang Hoon should realize that straight-up confrontation with Dr Cha is not ever going to get him what he want. Finesse is in order, sir, not bullying tactics! She gets enough of that from the other sources.
I volunteer to teach him finessing techniques.

We still have to resolve her living arrangements, and I for one, look forward to cohabitation hijinks.
When people are at home, they have to change their clothes, right? That involves robes and washing and wet . . . hair. Right?
And unlocked bathroom doors.

Track the Trope:
(18) Fighting as foreplay. Lots and lots of it.
(19) Too nice, almost perfect second lead. “Perfect” because I can actually see him as a good fit for Dr. Cha. “Almost perfect” because he doesn't have The Beast's charisma or sex appeal. Plus, I just find him really bland.
(20) Hero gets jealous of the new guy. Of course.
(21) Bitchy second lead and her minion doing their best to humiliate the heroine just for kicks.
(22) Hero moonlights as a stalker.
(23) Hero comes to rescue the damsel from the clutches of Evil Vet Barbies.