Noble My Love - Episodes 7 to 8 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  The beginning of the episode is a short review of the previous one. But what the heck.There can't be too much Professor Plum(Gorgeous) nonchalantly keeping tabs on his woman, neh?
Trotwood: Why do I find the tracing of the glass here erotic?
JoAnne:  Do you really want me to answer that question, Trot? 
Jaehyus: I found it so.
Quirkstine: The tracing is very suggestive, yes.
It's a big gif. Bigger is better.

Episode Seven - Let's Go Out

Dr Cha ducks behind her menu and prays that her eyes are deceiving her. Nope, it's him, with a secret smile for her alone. Since she clearly is avoiding eye contact, it's time for Round Two. A nice arugula salad shows up at the table, also from the "gentleman at the next table". Dr B1 is sure that her brittle beauty is the catalyst. 
If I didn't hate her so much, I would find this funny. She's like a fanfic version of Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice.
Lettuce be friends.
I laughed because I know her inflated ego will be burst very soon. I can see it coming and it will be glorious.

Dr Cha decides to head for the bathroom and vent. How can meat cost so much? I, also,thought this was funny. It's the kind of thing I have done when talked into going to a restaurant I think is outrageously expensive even when the food is good and I can afford it. Even when I was being reimbursed. (Oh yeah. This happened to me just three days ago--I really hate overpriced food).
And thinking about beefcake, what in the heck is he even doing there? She text-demands he meet her outside the lavatories.
See. To me this shows how close they are getting despite themselves. You only text friends to meet you outside the bathroom.
That's a good point, although I've never met people outside bathrooms.
I have never done that. But cell phones didn't exist when I had a drama-filled social life, it's true. Well, not true entirely, but it's true that when I had the sort of drama-filled social life that would have required hushed, secretive conversations outside the bathroom, cell-phones did not exist.
This never happened to me either. My social life is relatively drama free.

Kang Hoon's eyebrows raise at the preemptive tone of the text, but he is agreeable to meeting up with her somewhere discreet.
And naked. But they don't realize that yet, I think. FOOLS.
I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks there's just too much clothing in this drama.
I just don't get how he doesn't realize he's got a massive thing for her.
I just bet he does. *falls over giggling*
I don’t get how she doesn’t see his massive thing for her. It's so obvious it may as well have its own neon sign.
Now I'm imagining that he is falling over because "it's" so big. Thanks, Jo.
Right? How can she not see his massive thing? I don't get it.
As he strolls past the other table (and I for one am amazed they they didn't stop talking and just stare at his butt face), he overhears the two Dr B's speculating on how such a poor cheapskate got such a toney hospital. Perhaps she has a sugar daddy on the side? Weaksauce Friend puts up only a token rebuke.
I hate her more than Miss Bingley.
No, Shuk, you were right before. Butt is correct. Or butt AND face.
They're right, though.  He is a sort of sugar daddy. 
Right now, he's less sugar and more spicy. Look at that hot tamale going all up in her business.
In front of the WC, she point-blank asks him why he's there. He uses this as an opportunity to crowd in very, very close. She doesn't flinch, used to this by now. He asks why is she there?
Seriously! It's the question we ALL want to know. She's smart, pretty, nice, hard working, and a good daughter. She's the kind of person who would lend you her notes when you missed class. Why doesn't she have better friends? I can't believe that there aren't loads of people who would like her. She could have other friends, but they have this weird compulsion to have frequent school-mate reunions.  
Plus, people, come on: 15-minute episodes. I'm assuming there's a WHOLE LOT of her life we don't ever see.
I still don't see why those two mean girls have to show up to everything and demand food off of Dr. Cha.
CEO Hotness is within kissing distance. Why is she not doing anything???

Her nerves have finally reached a breaking point. Why is everyone in her face today? She sighs, figuring that she doesn't belong in a swanky place like this anyway. She isn't really sure why she wanted to be there in the first place.
Join the club.
Only if the initiation involves rubbing massage oil all over Kang Hoon, and then him returning the favor, and then...Well.  Let's just say that we conduct experiments in massage oil effectiveness against heat and friction.
Concentrate, Jo. He didn't invite her. The evil vet Miss Bingleys invited her. You keep getting distracted by how good he looks in that purple suit and the way the materials clings to various muscles that require oil and  . . .
But I'm confused: how did he know she would be there?  And why is she accepting Miss Bingley's invitations?
Buh, um, what? Sorry. You lost me at Kang Hoon, massage oil and reciprocal massages.
To his credit, he doesn't get snarky on her and steps back when she tells him to move. Before she walks away, she asks him about the wine he feted.
Because he likes you, and wants to date you, and even touch you.
I know I should calmly accept that he will never say these things, but I wish he would.
Their courtship would be more smooth sailing if he did. Alas, our favorite CEO is a bit of a dunderhead in the romance department.

It's just a surprise for his partner. After all, they ARE partners aren't they? And what woman doesn't want to be treated like royalty?
Partner sounds good. Come here, my prince. The queen would like to whisper something into your ear.
Dr Cha, that's who. She tells him not to pigeonhole her into one of his categories, turns on her heel, and heads back to the table, leaving a puzzled but amused hot male behind.
He does have a hot male behind. (looking around for that oil you mentioned)
Darn it, it's been a while since I watched, so now I'll have to go look again just to be sure.  Le Sigh.
I can’t remember the visual but I’m sure he has a nice tush.
Couldn't find a behind shot. Is this a nice alternative?
Thank you. See?!?! I told you there were too many clothes in this show. Bring on the swim scenes! (oh yeah, there aren't any)

It's time to pay the piper...err...bill, and the cashier rattles off the list of food. The total is 60 000 won, which is considerably less than the original course menu. Maybe a subtitle/translation thing? Anyway it doesn't matter, Kang Hoon has paid for it all.
I sort of had a joke about deposits and repayment in installments but it got clunky.

She slogs to the entrance to meet up with her so-called friends. They are getting an eyeful of Impatient Hotness; Dr B1 is flashing the word "Available" from her eyeballs.
Oh dear. She is so painfully desperate.
She is so painfully jealous. 
Billy Ocean is going through my head while, in low voice and only looking at Dr Cha, he commands her to get out of his dreams and get into his car.
At the beginning of this sentence I could NOT imagine where you were going with that Billy Ocean reference, but by the time I got to the second predicate, I was amazed by your brilliance, Shuk.
She's definitely clever, Shuk is.
Yep, good one, Shuk!
I don't get it. *shrugs*

Weaksauce Friend is happy for her, and gives her a little push of encouragement. The two Dr B's are making little prairie dog chuffing noises of disbelief.
Yeah, just like this.
In the car, Dr Cha mentions that of all the surprising things he's done, this is the most surprisingest. And a total embarrassment to her friends. Kang Hoon (and every single breathing human on the planet) wants her to stop seeing friends like this.
But, he can't tell her his opinions on her friends because he's not married to her yet.
When did that ever stop anyone from doing anything? 
They don't have to be married for him to tell her what shitty friends she has.
It doesn't stop any of them from belittling her and then having her pay for their too expensive meal which I'm pretty sure those skinny ___ didn't even finish.
He's got a better idea. If she has free time to meet up with people, why not meet up with him? He seems a bit timid; has he ever asked a woman out before? She still can't believe her ears. He pulls over the Genesis to a nice park. Luckily, that body of water behind them is too small to be the Han River.
Finally! Swimming! (oh. once again. no swimming. sighing)
Finally, he seems to be asking her out.
So...come to me, then. 
Poor thing, he is so awkward and cannot be honest. If he would just come right out and tell her that it makes him mad to see her treated like that and not valued  . . . Hmm. She'd probably think he was doing the same thing. He doesn't get it that she sees him in the same category as those girls despite the fine purple suit (hand it over sir, so we can see your tailor--really. It's not about you changing clothes)(it’s about you getting nekkid).

He shows her the Bevy Of Business Babes his mother has him set up with. She's shocked, that not only are these matseons are spread out over the next  month, but that his parents have already planned the wedding for this year, presumably with a cardboard cutout bride.

Now he drops the bombshell; he wants Dr Cha to be his shield. Shield? Her eyes grow wide as she realized that his in-car offer to do all the sorts of girlfriend-y things with him that couple do, was a contractual offer.
And his sudden self-awareness goes Pouf!
Oh come on, it's an excuse.  His brain wouldn't have come up with it at all if he didn't want to do it for real.
We know it, but it would not occur to her for the reasons I stated above. She clearly has never had real friends, so she must be used to people always wanting something from her. This actually probably makes more sense to both of them than the idea that they would really date even though their chemistry is enough to supply an entire lab at MIT.
But he acts like he means it that he wants a pretend relationship, even though we know deep down he wants the real thing.
 A moment later, he pulls back with a tiny laugh. Did she think he was asking her for real? Now she's hopping mad, so she hops off the bench, storming off. But those long, wool-clad legs of his easily close the distance.
But after all his obsessing, who wouldn't think he was asking for real?  So irrational.
After all the effort and stalking he did, it’s only logical to think he has the hots for her.
He's protecting himself.
Later, maybe, if they're still not married and are dragging things out.
All I can think of is long purple wool clad legs.
He grabs her arm and she tries to spin-kick him. With no effort he knocks her foot aside. She goes on the verbal attack instead. Does he see her as some easy-to-manipulate woman?
No. I think he sees her as something shiny that he feels compelled to have but in his seven-year old boy mind can't understand why. He has figured out that she isn't easy to manipulate and has spent a LOT of money and resources and time to do so. He is putting in an outlandish effort because he cannot let her go.

He stays calm. He sees her not as someone easy, but the exact opposite. The fact that she didn't crow about knowing him to the other women at the table proves that she can be circumspect. And earns his respect and his request.
This was one of my favorite interchanges between them. He admires her and grows protective of her because of her behavior. If evil Bingley girl were his girlfriend or even a passing acquaintance, she would have dragged him out in front of all of those friends and bragged about him as if she just bought him off the chopping block. He knows this. In many ways the lunch from hell was a great moment for our Dr. Cha because it really highlights for him (and the viewer--though we don't need it) why she is so much better than any of those other girls. He can rely on her and trust her. Who else can he trust in his world? His secretary? That's it.
He makes a very good point. Even if he weren’t already in love with her, on this point alone she does make a good candidate for contract dating.
I find contract dating an incredibly dumb idea.... Oh right, webdrama. Subsiding...
I'm borrowing Cookie's side-eye to make at you, because hers is so much better than mine.
From Dr Cha's point of view, he's a crazy nut. She tries to stride off, but nope, we go back to those looooooong legs. He commands her to be his girlfriend, but she is vehemently "no-way". She refuses to have her first real relationship to be with a scam artist. His ears perk up at this - her first relationship? Really? She realizes her faux pas and backpedals. Of course it isn't! She's left trails of broken hearts behind her!
Well, yes.  It's Jaekyung.  
With her face, she's definitely a heartbreaker, albeit an inadvertent one. I bet she had many admirers but she friend-zoned them all.
 . . .because she was probably so busy trying to put herself through school and paying off family debt and thinking why would anyone date a scruffy bedhead like her.
Kang Hoon decides it would be fun to test her. Switching to Mandarin (Why Mandarin?), he steps in closer. He really does love hanging out in her personal space. He tells her that she is always in his dreams, and having never met anyone like her, he wants to keep her near him at all times. They are nearly nose to nose when he finishes.
His Mandarin is dismal but I forgive him because his words make me swoon.
I was literally yelling at the screen: KISS! KISS! KISS! Even though it wouldn't make sense at this point in the narrative or for these characters.
Maybe Mandarin sounds sexy to Korean ears? And tis amusing he can get in touch with his feelings in Mandarin. But, if he wants her near him at all times, kind of stupid to settle for a fake relationship.
I figure he just wanted to say something to her without being brave enough to actually say it to her.
Dr Cha may not know what he said, but her body is humming like a tuning fork and her heart is pounding a thousand different versions of the word "Yes". In fact, her reactions are so obvious, he is absolutely sure that (1) she has never really dated; and (2) she is nervous around men. Being called a liar from his lips hits her with a splash of icy water, and she gives him a roundhouse jaw punch.
He deserved that. He's been bothering her, even though she's also attracted to him, but still, it's been bothersome having him steal her hospital away, stalk her, et cetera, and now he's making fun of her for not having dated. I don't think he's that experienced either, just that he goes on lots of matseons. 
What else can he expect when he goes all up in her business like that and then teases her?
  . . . umm for her to jump into his arms and go in for a long kiss?  That would have surprised him and pleased us all.
Get up in my business, please, Kang Hoon.
That night, she tiredly makes her way back to the hospital and looks at the little Sang Hyun bouquet. We get a flashback to her college days. Sang Hyun had given her a bouquet of roses, witnessed by Miss Bitc...ingley. When Yoon Seo is dreamily walking across campus, her so-called friend announces that she is dating Sang Hyun and told him to give her flowers because they both pitied her family and financial difficulties.
That jealous cow! Urgh, I know people like her in real life and they deserve all the rubbish they get.
Unfortunately, I do as well. I spend way too much of my time just shaking my head because they make no sense to me.
I'm just ignoring these parts of the story because I do not care about the Bingleys and they do not matter. All I want is Yoon Seo and Kang Hoon.
With that, Dr Bitch-To-Be sails off, leaving the scent of brimstone behind. For some inexplicable reason, Yoon Seo drops the flowers to the sidewalk. You believe that troll's words over the actions of a cute college boy? You're an prideful idiot.
I can’t believe she just accepted that woman’s spiteful words at face value. She's being an idiot, period.
That Bingley girl was probably picking at Yoon Seo's self-respect from the get-go just because this was a gentle person and that's who bullies target. Plus, if they're in the same group of extended friends, people often don't think their contemporaries are lying to them, especially if they are truthful people themselves. And Yeon Seo is truthful.  
Actually, I thought this was the exact opposite of pride. I thought how low must your self esteem be that you'd think this was completely plausible. What college boy would ever do that? They would never think of flowers.
Back in the present, Dr Cha sighs, wanting to be in a real relationship. She decides to head over to the tango bar. Weaksauce Friend wants to know if she is dating the hot guy from the restaurant. Or are her feelings shifting back and forth between her College Crush and the Supercute Swain. Dr Cha tells her to go write fanfiction.
She needs to tell her to be a better friend or find someone else to talk to.
I’m still mad at her for that terrible lunch outing. She needs to go away now. If I had my way, she'd be shipped off to the Himalayas to search for the true meaning of friendship.
But Jin Kyung still wants to know why she's at the cafe tonight, after decided she would not join the dance club. But now Dr Cha is on a mission. After her humiliating BlushFest with Kang Hoon previously, she is convinced that dancing with other guys would help her get over the panting reactions to the CEO's nearness. Good luck with that, chica.
Futile effort. Especially since her dance partners are nowhere near the nuclear hotness of uri CEO.
I can see the logic.
She's going to take the edge off, in other words? Do these men realize they're being used as desire dampers? By the way...I'm guessing it will have the opposite effect. Remember slow dancing?

So the lessons start, and her first dance partner is Sang Hyun. Funny, but she feels calm and not flustered at all, even though they are holding hands.
Oh, Sang Hyun. So many years too late. Completely friendzoned.
I dunno. Feeling calm with someone seems a wonderful thing to me.
Sure, but it's not a very compelling argument against Kang Hoon, the ovary-obliterating walking hormone riot.
 Her phone rings. It's him, and right away her heartbeat skyrockets, especially when, in a low voice, he wonders if she's considered his offer. He wants to hear her answer. She panic-blurts that she's busy and hangs up on him. He looks at the phone - did she hang on him again??
Again, serves him right.  
A thousand times yes to that offer. When do we start?
(pulling up in the moving van)
*throws stuff in the back, loose* Who's got time to pack? Not me.

Episode Eight - First Rule of Contract Relationship: Love Fiercely

 Kang Soon contacted Dr Cha from the set of their newest commercial. PA Kang (and boy, did I miss you last ep!--Me too!) sidles into view. Given the success of the dog commercial, they were going to try and recreate the magic with a cat.
Pfft. Get Macaron in.  
Who thought that they could replicate what they did with a dog with a cat?  Do they not know animals at all?
Well, she thinks she can soothe her Kang Hoon feels by dancing with Sang Hyun...
Well, no one ever said this was going to be a "logical drama."
Kang Hoon's only comment is that the beast is fat and not nearly as cute as Yoon Seo, err Yoon Seo's feline. PA Kang looks at his boss and smiles. Boss In Black is ready to begin, and PA Kang sidles back out.
I'm amazed he found her cat cute.  
He finds everything about her cute. He even likes that yellow t-shirt, remember?
Ah yes, the boobless substitute.

Dance lessons completed, the gang heads out for some baekseju and snacks and introductions. The others say they dance to relieve stress and lose weight; Dr Cha starts expounding on treating herself to a man's touch to help her with this one hot namja that makes her feel sooo...
She's so direct!
I love how she forgets to have a filter because she is so honest. She is so distracted by him that she doesn't realize what she is revealing. I can see how this would have made her a target for bullying in school.
The others look completely puzzled, so she falls back on the world peace reason, and says she also wants to lose weight and the feeling of a tire around her waist. Nice save!
Cute. :-)  And it got me thinking I should do the same.
I recommend going the Kang Hoon route, personally.
I would go religiously to the gym if Kang Hoon trains with me.

She gives a little self-deprecating laugh, just as "Lunatic" calls her again. She declines the call, telling Sang Hyun that it's some guy that wants to lend her money.
That's a weird thing to say about someone, though. "Some guy who wants to lend me money" ought to get lots of questions from her friends. 
We've already established that she doesn't have real, normal friends. If she were my friend, I would have immediately asked her about it.
She has crappy friends.
If she were my friend, I'd tell her to have that guy give me a call.

He's still at the photoshoot, getting increasingly annoyed with Dr. Cha.
Oh right, she can't have a life.  
I think he is annoyed at her and at himself. He cannot control his thinking about her. He wants her to be thinking about him as much as he is thinking about her. He thinks she is just going about her life; of course he does not know that she has become obsessed with him, too.
Is he tightening his butt muscles too?
The next day she's idly waving a oversize flyswatter around her empty business when he shows up. Have I mentioned in the last couple of squeecaps how he locks his legs and arches his back when he stands in front of her? Yep, that puts the best piece of anatomy in the forward position.
He knows she likes cats and is acting like one.
Come let me stroke you, kitty.
He's peacocking--just another male putting his best...feature on display for the females to ogle.
And this is how she should have reacted. I know I would have.
Anyway, he's ready to talk about that offer of his. Outside, he details his thoughts. The contract will be for three months only, during which she does not have to pay the expenses at the location. And if it is successful, she gets the hospital free and clear.
Okay. I have to say that this was a GREAT offer. I was duly impressed (and not just because of his, umm, posturing).
Right? That is an offer you cannot refuse.
She wasn't even aware that she was supposed to pay rent. He gives her a crafty smile - didn't she say she wouldn't freeload from him? And the average for the area is 10 000 000 ₩ / $ 8,802.90 / 7973.28 € per month. But all that will be waived during Operation Shield the Man(hood).
All she has to do is pull out the contract. And if there wasn't any, she can sue for interfering with her business and raise a stink in the press. I'm thinking out loud here what her options are.  
I've seen a lot of contract relationship shows, and I cannot remember one that was so advantageous to the woman. Even if she weren't half in love with him already and he wasn't so incredibly hot, I'd advise her as a friend to take this offer.
Listen, I'd pay him to be allowed to be his beard, so...
I'm too cheap to pay him but I'm open to performing mutually beneficial services.

Once alone with her thoughts, she drags her fingers through her hair and collapses onto the table, next to the coffee mug bearing his lip prints.
All of the sudden, we get Delivery Pizza Boy! Nice legs but his face is covered by a full-face helmet. He pulls up in front of the hospital. Hmmm, young and no helmet-hair.
I'm jealous he had no helmet-hair. 
I actually paused it to see if I could see if I could see editing because I couldn't believe he had no helmet hair.
I don't even remember this.
This was very boring. Where's my Hot CEO?

Dr Cha is inside talking to the cat, wondering if she should post her flyers in the area to boost her walk-in clientele. But her cutesy amateur efforts don't really work in a toney section of the city.
She's a bit of a fish out of water. She needs to network, I guess. But I don't see why flyers in restaurants and bars won't work. Also, is Kang Hoon keeping her potential clients away from her?
She should just ask secretary Kang.
Because I choose all my medical providers off flyers on the wall, yes.

She throws herself a little pity party as Pizza Boy walks into the lobby. He glances around impressed, and Dr Cha spots him. It's her little brother!
Ohhhh, now I remember.
He opens his arms wide, prepared to envelop her in a hug. Instead, she punches and kicks him for using jondaemal. Is she his friend? No! She's his noona!
But still, she should've hugged him. 

But it's good to have a nerdy little bro, who quickly whips up a much more professional and good-looking flyer for her hospital. He chides her for being a moron. And just like that, her mood becomes sadder. Her life doesn't make a lot of sense right now. Even she can't understand exactly how she ended up at this location, with the possibility of closing if she can't drum up any business.
Dr. Cha clearly needs to give any hope of reality.  
Seriously, I would be calling up hot guy right now and talking about that contract. Clearly, she could probably even negotiate some more terms at this point.
Little Bro is supportive. She just needs to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Which turns out to be a dancing dog costume. So there she is, telling the public what a barking great pet place is there. Until she's exhausted and overheated.
I don't understand how people see in those things.
I bet it smells awful in there.
If he were truly supportive, he'd offer to wear that costume for her. Or wear another animal costume and hand out fliers with her.

Later that night, she relaxes at the hospital. Little Bro left her a lollipop and a encouraging but flippant sticky note. Su Su Fighting, noona!
Aw, wish I had a little brother. (Or would he have been super annoying?  Hmm...)
I get the feeling that this little brother was super annoying but possibly because he was just trying get her to pay attention to him while she was so busying studying and working and having to be the responsible older sister.
I have two younger brothers. One is annoying, the other is not.
I also have two younger brothers. Both can be VERY annoying but one is more aggravating than the other.
Suddenly, Sang Hyun shows up with a woman in tow. She has a sick dog; can Dr Cha look at her? After examining the little puffball, she recommends keeping it there overnight for observation. And why did Sang Hyun drive past Weaksauce Friend's bigger hospital for her clinic? Aww he wanted to give her business and see her.
Weaksauce Friend could always have partnered up with Dr. Cha before this. Also, why the need for so many animal hospitals in this neighbourhood?
Sang Hyun also doesn't seem dumb even though he is slow. I wouldn't have taken a sick animal to weaksauce friend's hospital either. I don't trust her to be mindful of animals or have the kind of empathy this family clearly needs.
I honestly do not give a shit about any of this, so pardon if I zone out a bit. It's not you guys, it's the plot point.
Kang Hoon pulls up just as the dog owner and the dance partner head back to their vehicle. The two men pause, but neither makes eye contact, and Kang Hoon continues to head for the door.

Inside, Dr Cha is kenneling the canine when CEO steps into her space. She is unsurprised, either because she's now used to it, or just plain tired. He wants to know if "that man" owns the dog. She doesn't answer him, but slumps a little. He catches her on his arm.
She's okay but feeling very defeated; she has no hope she can make this location viable. And her entire goal of becoming a veterinarian was to save lives and do good things. Does he realize that he's the person that knocked her feet out from under her?
I'd have thought Mr. CEO would've looked at the business part of the location and thought more carefully. 
When they have these really honest conversations--or rather when she is just talking to him straight and honest--I love the way he looks at her and is really listening to her. She is very revealing and raw, and I think that is something that attracts him to her. What would make her a target for bullies--her honest vulnerability--is an asset with him.
Well said.
 Kang Hoon makes sure she looking at him when he explains. He has never put any investment or effort into a hopeless cause. So he has complete faith in her skills as a compassionate doctor. After all, didn't she save his life? That brings a ghost of a smile to her face.
That doesn't fix the location problem. 
No, it doesn't, but it sure brings them closer together as friends and real potential partners outside of the sexy-chemistry they've got going, which to me make the sexy chemistry even more sexy if that makes any sense...
If we get any more sexy chemistry up in this joint, my computer will melt. Oooh. Maybe they could remake this as a Korean movie. You know how the movies are...
The first K-movie that came to mind was A Frozen Flower. So yeah, a movie remake might be very interesting.

He presses on. He admits that one of the reasons for the contract relationship is the nice idea of going out with her. He doesn't say anything else but waits as she processes his statement. In that arched pose I love so well.
He could've just asked her. Moved his office out temporarily to her small town, bought a dog, seen her regularly etc. Or even bought a cattle ranch. I know someone who did that, not to hit on the local vet, but as a business.
*Stares at you*

In a quiet voice she asks him. Should they try this contract relationship?
Ah, I remember feeling bad she got worn down. It didn't seem natural, even if she is attracted to him too.
I did, too.
It was bound to happen eventually. At least this time it happened after an honest conversation.
And now for the negotiations. PA Kang and Fuzzy are witnesses to the signing. Dr Cha starts reading the proposal. It identifies Lee Kang Hoon as The Dominant, and Cha Yoon Seo as The Submissive. What??
I found this really perverted.
I remember thinking were they intentionally going for a 50 Shades of Grey thing? Were they really playing on the sexy parts (and our minds) while they were going to keep with these close-mouth accidental kisses?
Uh, yes? There's nothing perverted about it, to me. Not that I'd want someone going all 50 Shades on my ass (ha, a literal statement!) but a little bit of play never hurt anyone.
Ha! Cha Yeon-seo is SO not a sub and Kang Hoon is secretly a marshmallow. Now if they were to reverse the roles, it would make more sense. Cha is perfect as the bossy Dom and Hoon as the Sub who's all too happy to do her bidding.
[batting away disturbing image]
My preferred sub. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it)
Does it have the four essential elements of a contract? Offer, Acceptance, Intention Of Legal Consequences, and Consideration? As she continues reading out loud, it's clearly skewed towards our CEO. Together they must make the relationship look real, cannot tell any outsiders, duration of three months, visual confirmation with each other every day, and oh yeah the big one. Ms Sub must respond to Mr Dom no matter what.
So creepy.
Yes, but then I think of people in real relationships, and I know people where this IS the expectation. And they are actually affronted when people don't get back to them right away. I remember saying to one of my students last spring when she complained that her boyfriend didn't call her back, "Isn't he out of the country in a different time zone?" and she looked at me as though I were being unreasonable.
An old friend's ex-boyfriend was similarly demanding. Among other things, he forbade her from wearing clothes he deemed too revealing, ie sleeveless shirts and v-necks, mini skirts and shorts. He was stricter than her already strict parents.
When you consider that she'll get the building free and clear, it seems equal in relation to what they'll get.
Sarcastically, she asks if that is everything. But nope! He has one more to add. She can't see any other men but him for the duration of the contract. We all know why he wants THAT one added in.
So obviously jealous of Sang Hyun. He has no idea that the poor man is not even on her radar and no more than a friend.

Cheekily, Dr Cha asks if it's fine to see men when he's not around. At that, his relaxed pose morphs into something a bit more aggressive, as he silkily challenges: "If you're curious, why not try?".
Actually, when he did that, I was fed up with him.
Oh, I always like a challenge.
She's not really scared, and smiles. PA Kang verbalizes the final part of the document. Any violation on the contract, and the offending party will be fined 100 million ₩ and lose ownership of the building.
But what violations can the CEO do that would get her the building?
This is where I thought they didn't keep consistent with her character. I think she would have had some items to add here. She had time to plan. She hadn't run a business by herself without getting some experience.
I do agree with you on this. Some negotiation was in order, and would have been in keeping with her personality.
In my head, she added a few stipulations and set-up ground rules for their fake romance.
A quick sign and pass, and the deed is done. Kang Soon reaches out his hand for a shake. They all but stare challenge at each other as PA Kang calmly sits between him. Can we get a kiss to seal the deal? No? Oh well.
It would've been weird if they started making out when PA Kang is sitting right there with them.
You know PA Kang totally ships them. This is what he would do, Quirk.


We get a lot of bump-n-grind in these episodes. Sadly, most of it is intrusion into each other's lives, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Plus, we now have this contract to play with.
Not the bump and grind I care about.
I like that, in the times of her lowest emotions (the cafe, post Little Bro visit), Kang Soon is supportive and not his snarky facade.
This is what counterbalances for me his heavy typical rich guy lead aggression for me. I usually hate these types of characters and fall for the second lead because it is never the lead that has these honest moments. He does take his advantage, but I get the feeling that more than anyone else in this drama, he also really sees her and the treasure she is as a person and a friend. He recognizes and appreciates true quality; he just doesn't know how to get it in a less than forceful way.
I see that as a defense mechanism, no doubt created thanks to all those people around him looking to use him for one thing or another. Dr Cha has no designs on him, and really would rather he disappear like an annoying fly or something.
The Dom & Sub thing was creepy. That's all I've got. Also, I would've like to have seen ways he could've lost the money and building, like being caught going on a matseon.
Except that he was doing this specifically to avoid going on matseons, so it wouldn't have been likely? I will give you that the Dom and Sub thing was out of left field but that's because we bring a lot to the terms. They imply something more than just 'he's in charge' in our recent culture, and don't really fit the story so far. So it could be something in translation - because the words aren't just used to describe a particular type of sexual relationship. And actually, that particular relationship isn't really 'about' sex. It's about power and trust. Sex is a tool, or a method, or a reward, or what-have-you - but it's not the focus of the agreement between the individuals. So there's that.
Well, these ARE DramaFlu subs and their doms are NOT interested in literal accuracy of the translation.
But from what we know of Dr. Yeon Seo Cha, being a sub is out of character for her. Falling in love is in character, liking a guy, working hard etc, and definitely being independent-minded is in character. Being s sub is way out of left field unless they took turns each week.
There's got to be something lost in translation. That or Writer-nim is parodying FSOG.

Track the Tropes:

(23) Delusional second lead thinks Chaebol Hero is after her.
(24) Candy confronts her Stalker
(25) Hero foots the expensive restaurant bill
(26) Hero "saves" the damsel from Evil Vet Barbies, and in the process,
(27) Hero pops the ego balloon of delusional female second lead.
(28) Our OTP has The Talk (offer of the dating contract) by the not-River Han.
(29) The Fake Out: Nooooo, of course I don't like you like that.
(30) Flashback to a first love that failed due to the interfering second lead.
(31) Heroine tries to fight the attraction. Good luck with that, chica.
(32) Heroine avoids the Hero because she's in living in The Nile. Geddit?
(33) Hero makes his last offer: date me or else!
(34) Supportive and loving family in the form of little brother.
(35) Perfect second male lead starts making his moves.
(36) The signing of the contract and declaration of dating rules.