What The Heck Is Going On? Episodes 1 and 2 (A HyoCap)

Jaehyus attempting her first attempt at a squeecap! It's a web drama, and it has my K-Ent Love Of My Life, Jaehyo, as the star. Fortunately for me, the story looks pretty good, if weird, which means no conflicts between love and hate. In addition, there are no subs at the time of writing this, but beesubs.tumblr.com kindly shared their translations with us - which saved me making stuff up.
Shuk: I will be watching and commenting along with this as well! This will be my second mini-episode webdrama after my current SqueeCapping project, Noble, My Love.
Yay for Shukkie! And since web dramas are the way of the world for South Korea these days, we'll probably be seeing - and recapping - more of them.

Episode 1

We start off with a small town street view in South Korea, and a young woman consulting our beautician Heroine, Anna, while Anna's friend with curly blonde hair plays with tarot cards to the side. The young woman seems concerned about keeping her boyfriend, and Anna says, "Chulteh," which is some sort of emphatic "No!"

Seems the young woman's afraid of losing her boyfriend, and Anna won't let that happen. Then she thinks back to stalking and attacking her ex-boyfriend who was out with a younger woman and how mortifying that was for her.
It seems she had supported the young Lothario through cram school, only to be abandoned for Young And Pretty once he passed the civil service exam.
Oh, that's what it was.  I was wondering why Anna was selling creams when she'd taken the civil service exams.

Seems that ex and his horrible girlfriend made sure Anna knew she was out of her league dating a younger, handsome man. Anyway, Anna sells the young woman some creams with collagen in them. Apparently, these will help her love life by plumping up her skin and giving her that oily, er, dewy look that South Korea loves so much.

Next, we get to Our Hero, played by my Beloved, and called Ilwoo, in a room filled with balloons and bending one knee before ... a guy?
They made sure we got a closeup of his smooth and unwrinkled face. And for some reason, his lips looked chapped. Bad coordi, or an excuse for some collagen lip cream of his own?
Coordi failure, I guess, because his lips are naturally like that and need some lipstick.  See, he has a flaw!
Twu Wuv
He speaks softly, slowly, and romantically to this fellow, raising the flowers up, and for all intents and purposes, declaring his love. The other bloke says, "Me too, I love you." and he reaches forward to hold Ilwoo's face in his hands and leans in as if to kiss him. Totally gay, is what two women coming into the shop think, surprising the boys, and then running away.
The boys are amusingly confused. Then the friend says that Ilwoo should give Anna diamond, and Ilwoo whacks him with the flowers. [Recapper's Note: still gay.]  Anna, whom Ilwoo clearly refers to as his girlfriend, apparently doesn't like things like that.

Then Ilwoo pulls up a picture of Anna looking glamourous and remembers meeting her. He'd hurt his foot, and, limping on crutches, went to sit on park bench while, just a few feet away, some kids play with a football. Those kids kick the ball near Ilwoo's injured foot, and call to the pretty ahjussi to kick it back. This is despite him clearly being injured and, crucially, just a few feet away that those kids could've crossed with no difficulty whatsoever, no fence, ditch, nothing, making the children seriously lazy little so-and-sos.
Get over the nonsense.
Ilwoo tries to kick the ball back, and falls to the ground, all sad. Then, ta dum! Anna to the rescue. Ilwoo looks up to this Vision, who kicks the ball back to the kids and then takes the Lost Puppy, meaning Our Hero, meaning, Ilwoo, home for some massage therapy that cures him entirely and for which he is forever grateful. (No, really, this happened.)
Not to throw asparagus on Jaehyus' Beloved, but that was some of the worst fake-leg-injury acting I have seen. Plus, no cast, no metal HALO brace or anything to give us a visual representation on how truly damaged his leg is. 
Considering the type of show this is, don't expect things to make sense.  Anyway, Jaehyo's limping may be lacking, but his expressions, as shown looking at the Vision, are right on point.

A requisite Nosy Ahjumma sees the boys practicing the proposal, and rushes to tell Taekwondo Girl, who I have now been informed is called Sora, a younger woman in Taekwondo costume, black belt and all, about it. Nosy Ahjumma thinks Sora is getting the proposal since she's known Ilwoo from childhood (Recapper's Note: that would put me off, but whatever, this is k-drama where childhood imprinting is expected) and Sora frowns.
I guess she's the Expositional Ahjumma that gets to impart information and then get off stage. 

Meanwhile, while Ilwoo is making a cappuccino with a heart in the cream.
(Recapper's note: pardon me while I gag into a bucket. Okay, back to recap.) Taekwondo Girl Sora goes by his cafe and sees the whole proposal setup. Does she talk to him like a reasonable person? No, she stalks off.
She sees that the banner reads "Anna [heart], Let's Get Married!" Perhaps the ahjumma should have done the same.
Ahjumma was clearly not nosy enough.
Cut to Anna and her blonde friend talking about love and broken hearts and bust size, all indicated by the chest toning exercises, the sad tones, and hands on hearts in this scene. Anna gets a text telling her to look in her mailbox, and look! There's a love note and the pretty cappuccino from Ilwoo. Yay! Amusingly, her mailbox is a dark pinkish red,
reminding one of a Georgia O'Keefe painting. (Better than a red card from F4 (I'd forgotten about those.)) She texts him back that she has something to say as well, and that she will see him later. But she knows he wants to propose to her since she and her friend use the word "propose" a lot. Then, the friend tell Anna, let's see how you'll turn out with him, so Anna picks a tarot card which looks like this:

The Tower
ShukNote: The Major Arcana card The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and/or liberation. So, something to share, eh?

The friend seems concerned, but, instead of explaining her concern, instead assures Anna the card is good. Meanwhile, Taekwondo Girl remembering Ilwoo all happy making coffee with a heart for Anna and the proposal sign, smashes a load of tiles with one fist. But does she confront Ilwoo? No. She goes off to Anna, all determined-ish, to confront her like the crazy person she is.
Clearly, she is the Jealous Never-Was-The-Girlfriend Trope. With a black belt. 
Crazy Mad Face, Grrr.

Episode 2

It's a dark and stormy night in our small South Korean town, and Ilwoo is wondering where Anna is.
The Neck Turn of Concern.
Aw, lookkaddapout.
He's busy telling her in his mind how he loves her and wants to confess to her, but doesn't know where she is, so he's worried. Okay, fair enough.
Very rarely will any of my nieces, nephews, or siblings answer their phones. But they almost always answer the texts, so I can kind of see his concern. 

It turns out these are also texts Ilwoo's been sending Anna, and that Sora is seeing, because she has Anna's phone. Sora, being an emotional runt, bites her lip, stares at the messages, and then violently chugs soju while her father looks on and says absolutely nothing.
She has the emotional maturity of a newborn baby rat, so clearly Ilwoo would have never been interested in her infantile behavior ever. And her father can clearly see the extra phone. He should step in and do what's right. Oh wait, webdrama. Nevermind [subsiding].
Parents these days, tsk tsk.
Cut to Ilwoo sleeping on top of his bed fully clothed (why?) having a nightmare where he says, "Anna, I love you," and Anna says, "No!"
That's because, who wants a proposal with silk flowers and chapped lips?
These specific chapped lips can show me any flowers and I'll say yes.

Ilwoo wakes up to thunder and lightning all distressed - and very, very pretty.
Oooh look at that fine acting. He does a good job being confused. 
It's sort of a default expression for this actor judging from interviews, music videos, behind-the-scenes etc.  So, maybe it's just his natural state of being.  And I say this with love.
Don't sleep with full makeup on at home, kids.
Anna, on the other hand, wakes up in the morning, also in her clothes from the night before, stretches, and yawns and droops over to the bathroom and eeeeeek!
I did not read the synopsis before watching this, so I didn't realize it was a body-change story-line like I Love Lee Tae-ri  (which starred SJ's Kibum) or Bi....the Hong Sisters Drama Which Must Not Be Named.
Anyone else wonder if the child actress had plastic surgery?  Because her face is perfect.
Anna wonders what on earth is going on? She's in her house, got her toothbrush, but what?! Why is she flat? She's in a child's body! She thinks back to the night before. She let Sora in, and Sora insulted her as an ahjumma with everything drooping and sinking and declaring Ilwoo was her man because they grew up together.
Lame reason, Infant. Complete weaksauce. Since you are supposedly a martial arts expert, where's your inner calm and sense of karma? You don't get to claim ownership just because your breasts don't sag. 
And it's a bit rude to assume an older woman's breasts are sagging or her eyes are sinking or anything else because there have been ways and means to keep in shape throughout history.

Anna told her to calm down, and asked if growing up together was enough for dating? Had Sora shared ice cream (Recapper's note: no one gets my ice cream, not even Jaehyo), gone to the movies, or kissed with Ilwoo? Nope, Sora hadn't done any of these things, and she gets even madder.
Call the police, Anna.
Naturally, right at that moment, Anna gets an emergency phone call from the nursing home to come see her grandmother. So, she totally and completely and utterly irrationally tells crazy Taekwondo Sora to lock up after her, and leaves her phone behind to boot. (No, really, this happened.)  Which, Sora steals because she's a selfish, immature brat who knows everything is about her, her, her.
I don't care if I have hemiparalysis, I will use the other hand to pick up my phone and stick it in my pocket. My earpiece pings me when my phone is farther than 20 feet away from me. Oh wait, webdrama. Nevermind [subsiding].
Just get to her to one of those underground streetfighting competitions already, since she hasn't enough to do.
At the nursing home, Anna's grandmother calls her "unnie" and apparently didn't have any sort of emergency after all. Anna is left taking care of the grandmother who has no idea who she is, but tells her get married. 
Clearly, despite her failing memory, Grandma and Anna had / has a close relationship. Even though there's a disconnect, there's love there too.  
Did you notice their matching lace blouses?  So cute.

Anna tells granny she could've got proposed to by a handsome 25 year old bachelor today, but granny called her out instead. Unfortunately, Sora's nasty words ring in Anna's ears, "You're just an old ahjumma!" So, the granny, still unaware who Anna is, but noting she's sad, gives her another tarot card, basically saying "look at the pretty design on the back, and by the way, it'll grant you a single, dearest wish, so don't mess it up."
The card is another Major Arcana, The Moon. The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious, which makes sense as a Wishing Card.
I'm so glad you're here to explain this!
The Moon
At the bus stop, Anna thinks of how she's 15 years older than Ilwoo and, that if they marry, Ilwoo will be fit and active while she will grow old and die and then he'll marry someone else.
I've dated much younger than me, and let me tell you, age and infirmity were farthest from my mind. [wink]
Seriously, why waste valuable youth (his) on worrying?
These images are from the original webtoon

This causes her to yell, "No!" at the bus stop.  Interestingly, the people around don't seem to care that much. Random yelling may be a normal thing at bus stops in small South Korean towns, who knows.

When Anna gets home, in soaking wet clothes, she looks at the tarot card, thinking how it would be better to be 15 years younger than Ilwoo than 15 years older. Then, she lies down in those wet clothes, not worried about pneumonia or rheumatism or anything else like a normal 40-something, and sleeps on that card.
And we all know that a fever is not far behind a Non-SK-sanctioned wetting. But then who will put the towel on her forehead and give her a bed rubbing bath? On the other hand, she should have called Ilwoo when she got back home. Exhausted or not, couples stay in touch with each other.
I think so too, and also that earlier, she should've messaged him somehow, say from a PC bang or a landline, that granny had an emergency. Oh, and to tell him she didn't have her phone.  He could've looked for it!  She could've told him Sora was there!

In the present day, the now-Child Anna thinks, "No way! Did this make me 10 years old?"
Yep I think it did. I can imagine going from 40 to 10 is a pretty big hit. I wouldn't able to  drink alcohol anymore, but then again I'd get free donuts at Krispy Kreme.
Being a school kid twice, though, yuck!
Turning 10 again has got to be so annoying. Think of the math quizzes.


Surprisingly good. I've seen Jumping Girl by the same director and you'd need to be a die-hard f(x) or Block B fan to watch it all the way through. Here, crazy though it is, I do want to see what's happening next.  So, I think I would watch it even without Jaehyo acting.
I'm glad these episodes are less than fifteen minutes long, as my attention span is able to handle about that much of this. So far, it hasn't really grabbed me, but the brevity means I'll keep watching for now.

 Also, this child actress is seriously good at her job. The adults around her should learn to act from her.  Okay, perhaps that's a bit harsh, but the kid is out-acting them all. Go Eunmi as Anna is very elegant, and Jaehyo is elegant too, though I wish he'd enunciate a bit more and lisp a bit less. However, his character is meant to be a gentle soul so perhaps that's why he's so soft-spoken in this.
I want to see more of this child actress. I think she will be the linchpin of the plot, and also the one actress that will keep me interested. 

Ilwoo is gentle, but he also comes off as a bit of a wuss. If I was Anna, my questions would be: does he have a stable profession? Does he truly have the strength to work on a relationship that might be subjected to negative social commentary? Can the two of them be equals in their partnership? All this remains to be seen.
Good points. Let's see how it turns out with him.

Sora, I absolutely hate. Mean girl, and a bully. I don't usually hate female second leads, but I wouldn't mind seeing this one crash and burn. Where does she get off claiming Ilwoo is hers? She's not even shared an ice cream with him! Plus, as a noona fan, I want the noona to win.
As a noona, I would bat her away like an annoying fly if she behaved that disrespectfully to me. And my age and craftiness is more than a match for her youth and attitude. But I'm sure Jaehyus would get there first. 
As a lawyer, I'd be quick with calling the police on her once she punched the table because that's an assault, putting someone in fear of violence.  Also, I did like how Anna thought next to nothing of Sora, like she was just a nuisance child.