What the Heck Is Going On? Episodes 7 and 8 (A HyoCap)

Ah, so Ilwoo is starting to feel the pressure of single stepfatherhood and a missing almost-fiancee. He pulls through as a good man should, though Anna is not looking too great as a character or as a person.
Shuk: Really. I'm almost to the point of praying that AinH gets picked up by a couple of Tolkien eagles and never heard from again.

Episode 7                                       Episode 8

Ep 7

We start off with Ilwoo looking more and more sad and tired and almost fainting and Jinwoo not helpfully pointing out how Anna made all these preparations before leaving like putting the shop up for sale and suggesting she might have gone back to her ex-boyfriend. Gee, thanks, Jinwoo.
His parents don't call him "son" because he's bright.

Ilwoo asks Sini for the ex-hospital's name. She resists but gives in pretty quickly.  Surgeon Han was the ex.
Sini is not helping much. On the other hand, you would think the girls would have come up with an Ilwoo strategy by now. But nope! [sigh] These two need to trade in their sidekicks for a newer model.
I would like the sidekicks to get together.
Sini is all, "I don't know, I don't know," and pulls her hair, when Anna-in-Hanna comes in wanting to know what's up. Anna-in-Hanna complains there aren't any customers in the shop and that they'll be in the red again at this rate. Ah, so a decent reason to sell the shop, eh? Still don't see why she couldn't have told Ilwoo that, considering they were considering marriage.
I just don't understand either of these woman's behaviors. All Sini had to do was tell Ilwoo that the ex is out of the picture. Then she needed to practice the word. "NO".
"I'm the worst best friend ever. I should get out of here and open a sidewalk tarot table."
She'd suck at that too.
Aw, at a completely different shop, Ilwoo is so sweet! He tells Jinwoo he doesn't want to be the sort of man who checks up on his girlfriend's exes.
And yet he's checking up on her, anyway, hmm?
He's desperate, though.

Jinwoo scolds Ilwoo that he's in this bad way because of Anna. In other words, the situation is extreme. The ex boyfriend comes in, and they introduce themselves and establish themselves as ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend.
So Show is going for Short Squatty Scruffy ex-boyfriend to emphasize Ilwoo tall slenderness, smooth skin and delicate ankles. Such a surprise. [yawn]
I, for one, appreciate all of Ilwoo's beauty. And I've yet to meet a guy in his 40s matching Jaehyo's looks. Indeed, when Jaehyo's in his 40s, he won't match his current looks!
Yeah, no way.
Seems Anna disappearing around engagement time is a normal activity for her. The ex asks where she is, and then explains that Anna disappeared around 2 years ago, but ex didn't mind because his mother hated Anna. Mama Boy that this ex is, he asks Ilwoo if Ilwoo's mum is against Anna too? Ilwoo says his father is dead and his mother not around. And the ex starts analyzing Ilwoo as having an Oedipal Complex which leads to a massive fight.
Just like Anna's fight with the school kids, has anyone learned 'self-restraint'? I see no reason to get up in SSS's unshaven grill for something that has been said to you over and over again. If your skin is this thin about the age thing, Ilwoo, it's time to date someone from Oh My Girl.
Oh My Girl is a teen group. They won't date any ahjussis of 25.
Ilwoo's Mad Face
Amusingly, Jinwoo is scared and steals the scene.
Are you sure he wasn't yawning, too?
Ah, good point!
Also, surprisingly, this was a natural fight scene because of the gawkiness.
(Recapper's Note: I was a little surprised at how viciously Jaehyo-in-Ilwoo was fighting, all elbows and sharp jabs, gawkiness aside.)
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overreaction (see previous note) Someone needs to call A-Cube Entertainment and see if Oh Ha-young is available for a matseon.

Later, Jinwoo is nursing Ilwoo's battle wounds and Ilwoo says he'll protect Anna until the end. Then he downs a shot of soju. Very Romantic.
Protection is nice. All young men should use protection.
Middle-aged and old ones too.

I can see the appeal of getting drunk during this show.
I know I've already belted back a couple of shots of soju for this. :)
I'm told being infatuated with Jaehyo means I get the equivalent of a
cocaine shot each time I see him. So, I can tolerate this show.
Anna-in-Hanna, with her usual lack of focus, is making breakfast for Ilwoo and imagining them being married and her 40-something self getting Ilwoo out of bed and it ending in nookie-wookie.
And yet she's barely holds his hand in real life. For shame, Anna.
She's a chaste woman, I guess.
Nope. The idiot is just hung up on what others think instead of being happy with her good fortune.
Recapper's Note: By his expression, Jaehyo probably imagined he was kissing his pet Maltese.
At least he doesn't look confused.
Then, Ilwoo is shocked Hanna tells him to stop drinking just like Anna does (does he have a problem?).
I don't think so, though he may have gotten drunk-frisky on more than one occasion. But that flirty shot of Anna telling him to stop drinking?? It just doesn't jive with her straightlaced, "no-fun-with-the-young'un" attitude she showed before she shrank.

Then, when Ilwoo tries the hangover soup, he's all, wow, just like Anna's! To be fair, it's not a reasonable assumption that your 40-something girlfriend turned back into a ten year old, so let's leave him be on not getting things. But, what's weird is that a little girl who knows how to make soup just like her mother would have to be living with her mother, eh, Ilwoo? But you never saw her! Doesn't that make you question anything?
He has enough "She's just like Anna!" beads to make a necklace that would stretch from Haeundae Beach to the Namdaemun Gate. Just saying.
Now I'm curious how long that distance is.
3 1/2 hours by train.
Nope, nothing there.
Cut to Sora nagging Ilwoo to go camping with her.  He's a bit lethargic but agrees.
Why, Ilwoo?  You really don't need to hang out with Sora.
Flashback to Sora drinking alone in her room, again. For once, her father comes in, takes the bottle away, and gives her a camping jacket, that yellow that she's wearing, and tells her to take Ilwoo camping and make a move. He also tells her to stop drinking, use a face mask and get some sleep. Heeheehee! He aeygos a lot and leaves, and Sora is all happy at the thought of seduction in the camping tent.
The father is basically telling his daughter to seduce the man that clearly doesn't love her, in order to force a relationship. What kind of parenting skills does he have? Oh right, she already Obsessed Psycho Crazygirl. Dad must have been slipping makegeolli into her baby bottles.

However, we then get this face from her, hee.
Ilwoo brought Hanna because, er, he's caring for a kid, and obviously he'd take her camping!

And there's Jinwoo too, with Kihyun of all people, because Kihyun's mother paid Jinwoo to take him along.  (Recapper's Note: Perhaps she needed a little "me" time.)
I want to do a soju shot for every convenient WTH plot point that pops up like a dandelion. Oh wait, I would reach alcohol toxicity in about ten minutes. And have a yard covered in weeds. And how long is each episode?
Roughly 15 minutes.
Oh, Sora, don't you know Jinwoo comes with Ilwoo?  
Jinwoo offers to set up the tent, and Ilwoo the food, and both girls jump to help Ilwoo.  
Choose Hanna, who actually knows how to cook.
They snarl at each other, and, unfortunately, Pretty Ilwoo (see here)  
Bad judgment.
tells Hanna to stay with Kihyun and Jinwoo. Sora puts her tongue out at Hanna which annoyed me to no end because 1) urgh, and 2) Hanna's sad face.
I thought that maybe he doesn't want the child near open flames, but then she's been cooking all along without receiving 2nd degree burns. So [shrug]. And a supposed adult sticking her tongue out at a child? Geez.
Sora is emotionally 3.
This child has really grown on me.  
Ep 8

We open with Ilwoo and Sora playing around together while washing rice.
Psycho Girl getting all blushy at a back-of-the-hand contact? Ugh, pfui. And when I camp, I don't want to be splashed with food. It's not like there are laundry facilities. Or even shower facilities sometimes.
I know, right?  So stupid, unless, of course, home is like 15 minutes away.
Le Sigh.  Ilwoo, stay away from the Sora! 
 AnnaInHanna sees them and is Sad.

She thinks maybe Ilwoo would've been happy with Sora if she hadn't been around.  I think, no, he would've found someone else because he's just not into Sora.
I both love and hate the trope where the girl figures that if the rival is out of the picture, she will automatically become the love of his life. It is way overused, but also way fun when Clingy Jealous Girl falls flat on her face. And Anna should not ever assume what the other person is thinking. Of course, that's part of this trope too, that spark of Noble Idiocy.

Then, they're all having a delicious Korean meal out on the camping site and Sora and Kihyun have a moment of coach-student lovey-doveyness, with Kihyun putting seaweed or something on Sora's spoon.
Recapper's note: Kihyun is too mature for Sora. [snicker]
And Sora rather nastily tells Hanna to eat or not, whatever.

 But Ilwoo feeds Hanna and is all caring like he never is with Sora, so yay, because Sora needs to learn to let go already.
She's delulu, that one.
Ilwoo feeds Hanna, an ostensibly ten year old girl.
Ilwoo complains about the lack of tuna in the kimchi soup, and Jinwoo decides to go flirt with girls camping a little bit away.  Okay, whatever. Nobody believes he's coming back and just shake their heads, "Oh, Jinwoo."

 So, now, basically, both Ilwoo and Sora have child dates.  Ew.

Then, out of nowhere we find a dyed pink puppy who escaped the horrible people who made it keep pink ears.
Hey, I think it's the same color as my font!
Yes, yes it is.
Animal cruelty.

Hanna says it must've lost it's mother and Ilwoo explains how he was separated from his mother at a young age.  AnnaInHanna asks if he misses his mum, and he says he can't even remember her face, and that she never bothered looking for him, so whatevs.  AinH gives that sad look and Ilwoo tells her not to because he has her and Anna.
And throwing a bucket of cold water on this scene, why wouldn't Anna already know this about Ilwoo?
Let's not question pink ears on a dog.

Happy to be Hanna's family.

And he tells Hanna that she has him too, and that they are a family.  Which gets AinH hugging Ilwoo and thinking maybe she could be Ilwoo's family if she stays a child. (Recapper's note: Or you could become an adult again and marry Ilwoo.)
She's delulu, this one.
And Ilwoo, also delulu in his way, is surrounded by delulu women.  Oh, wait, web drama. Subsiding...
Sora tries snuggling up to Ilwoo and tells him he's been her man since they were two, that she knows he's not into her, but that they are young and that she can wait.  The best part of this scene is Jinwoo dancing in his chair with girls in the background.
The Slapstick Sidekick.
Actor playing Jinwoo needs more acting jobs.
Ilwoo tells her no way he'll ever be into her, and Sora says what if Anna never shows up?  Ilwoo says he will continue fathering Hanna. Sora seems to get the message, but who knows with her, really.
That tiny snarl on her upper lip says "No" to me.
Jinwoo is happily drunk.
He and Ilwoo have a beer together because that's apparently what responsible adults, one of whom is getting paid babysitting money, do when they have children to look after and driving to do the next day (assuming they're driving since camping equipment etc).
With a special chapter: "Drinking Irresponsibly While Camping"
Ilwoo says he feels Anna from Hanna, Jinwoo points out that's normal for when the two are mother and daughter, and Ilwoo says he needs a doctor.  (Recapper's note: Ilwoo, sleep a bit more than usual, and maybe take some long walks, and stop drinking.)  Jinwoo says Ilwoo is lovesick. And what is Ilwoo going to do about Sora? Jinwoo says he's spoken to Sora. Meanwhile, Sora gets up in her tent and looks at sleeping Hanna with some hate.
See? Told you.
No one needs to keep looking at Sora.
The next day, because Sora doesn't have any classes to teach (does she ever??), she slams down her photo of her and Ilwoo as kids, and talks to the private investigator she hired, saying, "Did you find her?" The investigator tells her, yes, and that he has an interesting fact. However, we don't get to hear that.
I know you will probably hate me, but a reality check is needed here. US national average for a private investigator is around $50/hour, or 58,838 KRW. Per hour, no out of pocket expenses included. The average cost in my area for a juvenile Taekwondo class is $120 per month, for up to 16 1-hour classes (4 per week maximum). So far we have seen exactly one student. How can she pay for days of the PI's time?? Much less a few piddling datamines.
Rich Butcher Daddy is your answer to that one.
According to The Retail Owner's Institute, profit margins for butcher shops average 2.8% per year. So it would be hard to think he's making a ton of money. Oh wait, webdrama. Subsiding...

Too much free time!
AinH decides to text Ilwoo.  But that girl from episode one that Anna told to trust her boyfriend shows up with a bottle of booze and demands Anna show up because Anna's advice to trust the boyfriend was all wrong and her boyfriend dumped her.
She should have made up her own mind and not chosen advice from a stranger. 
Drinking out of a bottle like a baby - if that baby was a lush.
Then that girl threatens herself with a pair of scissors.
And no man is worth this. The ones that hurt you aren't worth it, and the ones who are worth it won't hurt you.
Totally stupid was my thought.
Ilwoo gets, maybe, a second text in an entire month?
AinH really could've sent more.  Anyway, Ilwoo takes snacks to Hanna in the shop where Hanna is struggling with Drunk Girl and telling her Ilwoo's words of love from episode 1.
Word for word, in fact, and Ilwoo hears it all, and remembers it all.
Wuh woh, the cat is out of the bag. Unless she says her mom read it to her. But Anna hasn't thought that fast on her feet since, well, ever, really.
He could've just gone in.
 In fact, he looks like an Elf About To Cry.

Anyway, AinH talks down that drunk girl.
All she had to say was she was pretty and she perked right up! Mood Whiplash! Suicidal to skipping away in 10 seconds.
Didn't look that convincing as an anguished hug.
And AinH sends her off and finds Ilwoo there.  Immediately, she reverts to cute.
Much too late, silly female.

But Ilwoo is mad.  He wants to know how she knows his words to Anna (Recapper's note: like they're even original; someone thought of them somewhere before this, I'm sure of it!).  Anyway, Ilwoo now looks an Angry Elf.
Angry Face
Then, for the first time since Anna's text, he calls her phone.  And he hears it in the other room and Knows (yes, with a Kapital K!) it's not Anna sending the text.
And she stands there and says nothing but a tiny apology. I can see why her business might be failing. What did she do before, because I'm pretty sure it didn't require brain cells.
She was a nurse.  And last time I checked, that required some thought, like most jobs.


The Truth will be Free!  And Jaehyo looked like an Elf in Cardigans, and the little girl continues to look all grown-up yet cute, and Sora continues to annoy, and who knows why Jinwoo is there, but he is!
Is the actor who plays Jinwoo also a singer? 
No clue.  I doubt it, somehow.
 I'm really looking forward to this show ending just so I can see how they'll resolve everything.  And looks like they're bringing Ilwoo's mum into the mix.  I'm always curious how Kdrama absent mothers explain themselves because I've not heard a single reasonable explanation for their running off and never looking back.  Let's see what Ilwoo's mum has to say for herself.

Since he's picked a pretty useless girlfriend who doesn't have the backbone to support their relationship and would rather pretend that the real world doesn't exist, I'd say he really does have an Oedipal Complex. He may be young and full of energy, but no relationship, friendship, or other "ship" can last if only party is engaged in maintaining it. Ilwoo should dump Anna, throw Hanna into 
Child Protective Services, and join a boy band where he can flash those ankles on stage forever. 
Speaking of his ankles, they were encased in socks and some nifty shoes at the Block B concert in Chicago, but still managed to look elegant.