Noble, My Love - Episodes 11 to 12 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Halfway through the show! Are we halfway through the romance? I'd prefer to already have the cohabiting out of the way, thank you very much. Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
JoAnne:  But the cohabiting is the BEST PART.
I get a dreamy look on my face when I think about it...
Quirkstine: I do enjoy the rated SPG “accidents” that happen in kdramas.

Episode 11: Cinderella - Throw Away Your Glass Slipper

Fall Kiss Reprise. Which doesn't look any less awkward the second time around. Except Weaksauce catches them in the act, and they make a mad scramble to appear normal. As if these two are ever normal around each other.
Trotwood: I get the feeling that they just aren't all that normal. It's just that the people around them are so bizarre that they seem like regular people with regular phobias.
You might have a point there, Trot.
No, I think it's these two who are bizarre while the rest are normalish with phobias and weaksauce habits.
I think they are both normal people with a few exaggerated oddities—oddities that usually pop up when they are in each other’s orbits.
Kang (S)Hoon apologizes for any embarrassment, but Weaksauce waves it away as something passionate couples do anyway. Dr Cha weakly protests, but WS just giggles and gives them some privacy.
I. really. really. hate. her. Even when she's doing something completely innocuous, I still hate her. I'm starting to be unreasonable about it. She needs to be gone.
You should go over to Disguiser and wallow in my hatred for TrainWreck. It makes this look like tea with friends.
Her and that annoying child: I wish they'd leave.
That (S)Hoon reminds me of an old Philippine drama I recently watched. Two minor characters dated and called each other “Swooney,” as in my honey who makes me swoon. It’s cheesy but I’m co-opting it for NML because Kang Hoon is Swoony.
He heads out of the clinic, but stops just so as Dr Cha bounces off his broad back. He's all snarky smile, though, asking if that was her first kiss. Her reaction is pretty transparent, and he wonders if she is feeling shy about the whole thing. She tries the "Nope, I've been around the block a couple of times" speech, but it didn't work during the date, and it sure as heck isn't working now.
Poor thing. Who are these people? Didn't they play those kissing games in middle school?
I have some very fond memories of this one 8th grade party...I got a disgusting dead tongue lying in my mouth french kiss (my first) from the boy I was going out with, which made it clear I did NOT like him.  The good part of it was that the boy I did like was so upset to see us kissing on the stairs that he confessed to me, and then offered to convey my break up news to the other boy. Which I accepted, because I felt really sorry for the other boy and would have stayed with him out of pity, unhappily.  I like to think that even then, I understood that a good leader delegates meaningful tasks, not just busy work.
Jo, that story is its own drama!
I'd watch that. What child actors should we cast? What about JR from Got7 for the guy who is the hero?
It’s a cute story, Jo! I’d totally watch that in drama form but I don’t want to see “child actors” giving each other a tongue bath. (Yucch!) Let’s go with over 21 actors. I want Yoo Seung-ho as the lead guy but he might be over high school roles now. Remember his kissing scene with Park Eun-bin for Operation Proposal? That was really hot.
He's philosophical about it. At least they look like a real couple now. But he reminds her that it's all a sham relationship. She agrees that it is, and they turn away with equal snarly confused faces.
He needs to stop saying things that make him equally upset.
He's kind of dumb.  Strangely, it doesn't bother me at all.
I don't get him at all.  He likes her, he should say so, and court her properly and they should get with keeping Macarons and having beautiful babies.  Why is this so much to ask? #ShipperWoes
Maybe Kang Swoon got a brain lobotomy to excise the romantic part of his brain after his last relationship. Which is why he gets instantly dumb whenever spontaneous romantic decisions have to be made; like saying the opposite of what he really thinks and feels about that kiss.
Dr Cha's head is a blue light special to the organic tones of Bach's "Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor" as she converses with herself in her head. On the one hand, her first kiss goes to this guy?? On the other hand, her first kiss goes to this guy!! And now she knows what a kiss is, and her lips are more understanding of the whole friction thing.
I think mentioning friction in the general proximity of Sung Hoon pictures is probably really unfair of you.
Very unfair.

She wakes up from her reverie to find Dance Guy shaking her, worried that she might be sick. She thinks back to her admission that Sang-hyun is just a friend.
If she hadn't been such a weakling back in college, maybe sparks would've flown with Sang-Hyun.
She did seem to like him then and was excited about him giving her flowers, but that time has passed.
At the office, Kang Hoon yawns over his briefs. He receives a scrambled message from his girlfriend, who quickly resends that Fuzzy must have stepped on her phone and give him goodnight greetings. He has a kiss flashback, swallows, and types back. For whatever reason, he tosses the phone and doesn't send it.
He's not that bright, our boy.
This is where you text, "Good night, Fuzzy!"  That would've been funny and cute! Aigooo!
Swoony badly needs a dating coach, preferably someone hands-on. I volunteer as tribute!
She's at her office, sad that Kang Hoon is ignoring her. But maybe it's better to be ignored; except she can't stop thinking about "that".
Neither can we, honey.  Neither can we.
I chose to forget about it because I found it a bit silly.

The next day, it's Kang Hoon's turn to squirm. The hospital has a "Temporary Closed" sign on the front door.
Dr Cha is actually inside, doing a little sewing and mending, while Kang Hoon is staring at her door. She gets a curt message from him: What if she wants to be closed for good? Where is she?
She chooses to ignore his message. And the door is locked. Now who's ignoring who, CEO Hotness! Kang Hoon Pursuit Mode activated, he heads over to the dance bar. But even without looking around, he knows she's not there. He texts her a stern warning to answer her phone, but she just stays curled up on her sofa. Dr Cha, it's just a kiss. If you aren't sure what to do about it, try practicing some more!
Try inviting him to share that blanket with you on the sofa!
Try BEING his blanket on the sofa! Friction works on more than lips, you know.
Her reaction would've been mine in exactly the same situation, namely, things progressed, no matter how ridiculous the way, and the guy doesn't respond to my text, and the world would seem just awful and my own self-respect wouldn't let me answer his calls until I'd worked out how I felt.
I’d avoid the guy too. And all the while, I’d relive that moment in my brain, parsing and over-analyzing until things make sense to me.
Our poor CEO calls and calls and calls, but there is no response from his girlfriend. PA Kang accurately surmises that Dr Cha is incommunicado, and suggests a soiree by invitation only that he has been invited to attend. CEO Shin of Shinhwa is the sponsor? Does that mean the great Eric Mun will be there? PA Kang thinks by bringing along a date to such a high-profile event, all the matseon-talk should be squashed. I think that he thinks well.
Of course. He is WONDERFUL!!!!! Pa Kang for the win! Why isn't this man getting flowers from secret admirers all the time?
Can you put Eric and Sung Hoon in a picture together, looking broody, shirtless? Bonus points for swim trunks.
If only Eric had been there...
Kang Who?
With new resolve, Kang Hoon shows up at the hospital. Dr Cha is startled by the pounding at the door, and is even more startled at the text message threatening legal action if she doesn't answer her now-ringing phone. She heads outside and gets in his car. Inside, though, she refuses to look at him, until he mentions the party. But she's not dressed for it! Who cares, she's the Sub, he's the Dom.
Ew, icky language.
Makeover Montage! Thankfully, it's pretty short. She hides behind the curtain for a moment until he orders her out. To me, the dress looks like black kitchen curtains stitched together up the side with a cord run through the gussets around her neck. To Kang Hoon, however, it's another slow-blink-and-take-it-in moment.
Cha could be wearing a dirty sack and Swoony would still do a slow-blink-and-take-it-in. He’s that besotted.
I didn't think the dress was that bad, not make over worthy, but not that bad. It does show off her excellent legs. But she is clean and she does look remarkably like that glam Jaekyung girl.
Yeah, not my favorite silhouette...but since she's freaking gorgeous, it works okay.
Yep, resemblance to Rainbow's Jaekyung is amazing!
After a timeless moment, he clears his throat and gallantly offers his hand. She's feeling a bit shy, but he's smiling as they head for the party.
Well, of course, he's got Jaekyung on his arm. I'd just like to be in her general vicinity and hope some of the glamour sheds onto me. 
Frankly, I feel prettier just watching her on my computer screen.
The BGM sounds like it's from The Greatest Love as we get establishing shots of elegant food and drinks. (Food would've made me perk up) Dr Cha takes a deep breath as they stop the stairs. Kang Hoon tucks her arm under his, and they head out into the fray.
It's weird, but a party can feel like a danger zone. 
No amount of BB Cream is gonna hide that jealous acne, Dr B.
And just when we thought those richy prairie dogs were gone for good, Dr B1 is chatting with her dad at the party. Is Dr B2 there? I hope not. She barks at least four times when she sees who is with CEO Hotness. Since he already said they were dating, why should she be surprised?
Her character does not make any sense. It's like the writers forgot their coupon booklet for her. There are SO many "bitch at sparkling party tropes" they could have used here without making it seem like they had forgotten their own plot.
Just ignore them.  Fifteen minute episodes mean that in 10 seconds they'll be back on Sung Swoon.
I'm with Jo on this, just ignore Dr. B.  
D.O.L ends up talking S.H.O.P, leaving Dr Cha to her own devices. Which means the tidbit table. No matter, the shape of that dress will hide any amount of food and drink she might consume. (I was thinking about the number of ziplocs she could've hidden in it so she could've taken some food home for later when she could've actually enjoyed it) 

Dr B1 cuts her out of the herd and goes for the kill. She calls both Dr Cha and her dress knockoffs.
Wow. That's all she's got? Such weak bitchiness. So not impressed.
No chaebol points for YOU, missy.
Who is this woman to call anyone a knockoff with her plastic face?
I’m trying to think of a retort but I can’t think of anything witty and cutting enough. Where’s Blair Waldorf when you need her? I bet she’d know what to say.
But enter the Hero to save the day! Kang Hoon shows up behind our vet, and Dr B1 immediately switches to coquette, renewing her acquaintance with the CEO of D.O.L. He smoothly and bitingly admits to not remembering her nasty self.( I have to admit, I watched this bit more than once. I'll take any bit of revenge I can get) Kang Soon introduces his girlfriend to Dr B1. Love it!! Another prairie dog bark! That should be a drinking game to take away the bitter taste of any of Yoon Seo's "friends" on the screen.
It does suck to wake up and realize one's "friends" are anything but.
Dr B1 tells Dr Cha to mingle and tries to commiserate with the CEO on having a woman who is completely useless at hi-so events. But Kang Hoon just slides his arm around Dr Cha. He would rather keep her all to himself, but she keeps disappearing and worrying him. His statement is enough to have that so-called friend to disappear with her tail between her legs.
That was enough for me to forgive him for nearly every other bossy obnoxious thing he has done (which lasted for about a minute--literally)
Ha, same here. I don't think that's the last we'll see of her attempts at boyfriend-stealing again.
What an inept boyfriend stealer. Can’t she read all the visual and verbal cues Swoon is throwing her way?
Once she leaves and the air is breathable again (all that sulfur has got to stink up the place), Dr Cha asks her man if he is ready for the fallout associated with the two of them showing up together.

Instead of answering her question, Kang Hoon sincerely apologizes for her meeting such a creature. She makes light of it. After all, if she didn't know him, how could she even show up at such a swanky affair? They spend a moment looking into each other's eyes before CEO is called away.
Oh my God just KISS her.
As in a proper one, not some dumb accident.
A short time later, she is chowing down with gusto alone at a table. Or not so alone when Little Brat shows up. Honestly, is this a business party, or a meeting of the Kang Hoon Everyone Wants To Nail Him Fan Club?
How and why is she even here? I don't understand this "party" at all. Who and what is it for? It seems like it is a business party because Kang Hoon keeps having to talk business with people. But then Vetbitch is there and now Bride of Chucky is there as well. Neither could have anything to do with his business world.
Think of  it like a country club soiree. No one really moves away, because it's Seoul, where you move TO.  Therefore, 1st and 2d generations are in attendance, and they all do business together because that's how it works. It works this way here, as well.
In NY and Boston, you mean?
Same Stuff, Different Diva. Little Brat is amazed at how this ahjumma cleans up. She snarks about the sheer amount of food on the older woman's plate. And how dare this old person embarrass Kang Hoon Oppa in public? Dr Cha snaps. Just because she doesn't always go on the offensive, doesn't mean she's weak. She hasn't done anything tonight to disgrace Kang Hoon!
Yeah, this yappy little puppy needs to be locked in the bathroom.  I'd say kicked down a flight of stairs, but I'd never do that to an actual puppy, so...
How is eating food laid out for people to eat embarrassing anyone?  Oh wait, socialite teenager. Subsiding...
Jailbait is an idiot. I wish Cha put her in her place from the first bark.
Our man shows up in time to hear the tirade. Dr Cha stares for a moment, then with a heavy sigh, pulls back from the table and picks up her shoes. Her job is done for the night, correct? Then it's time for her to go home.
He tells her to stop and walks over to where she is standing by a party-light-draped railing. She honestly asks him to confirm that when the contract is over, they will be over. He says nothing. She is glad and wants it concluded soon, so she doesn't ever have to be in this kind of atmosphere again. He still says nothing. She starts to walk past him.
I really don't blame her. What did she get out of this party? She didn't get to eat her food in peace, and he doesn't really seem to need her. She has just been brought here to be humiliated and to show how she isn't good enough. I'd be pissed, too. And it's obvious that her feet hurt in those shoes.
Didn't she just get done saying how this kind of thing doesn't bother her? Make up your mind.
After the experience, she probably found she was wrong. I would be upset too, if I went as someone's date somewhere, and people were irrationally attacking me.
Kang Hoon never should’ve left her alone that long, especially since he’s the only one she knows at that party. (Vetbitch and Jailbait don’t count.)
I kind of wonder why myself. He could chat with people while his arm was around her waist while she sips something cool and tangy. That way he could get away with skinship and just call it Fulfilling The Contract.
But he simply grabs her arm and spins her around until they are facing each other. He cups her neck and brings her in for a scorching kiss. Little Brat yells, but who cares.
She and Vetbitch Bingley need to go back to their cave. Or better yet, I'd like them to see themselves the way we see them.
Honestly, the little brat is more irritating than Bingley.
Little Brat needs to be shipped off to a finishing school somewhere.
Like a reform school for budding sociopaths.
At the lower level, there's a veritable epilepsy-inducing barrage of flashes as the cameras take note of the couple lighting up the sky with their own fireworks. A tear slips down from Dr Cha's eye.
Aw, poor Dr. Cha.  From her point of view, she's falling in love with someone who isn't in love with her.  That must hurt.
Not only "not in love with her" but also needlessly careless of her feelings and cruel. This whole party set up has got to feel cruel to her. I could give you a list of behaviors where I would applaud public shaming, but Dr. Cha has not come close to any one of those so she didn't deserve this night even though she signed a contract. 
Falling for the Hot Jerk Who Torments You is hard on the heart. Poor Cha indeed. This is what I dislike about Kang Hoon. He is carelessly and unwittingly hurting this wonderful, warm person.

Episode 12: A Lie - It Was A Mistake

 Kang Hoon is leaving the party, towing Dr Cha behind and holding her shoes. Gentleman? Or making sure she doesn't run? (Hey, those shoes look expensive. He can't return them unless he takes them, right??) She clearly wants to talk about what happened, but even in the car, they don't talk. In fact, they are studiously ignoring each other. CEO is the first to break the silence. He tells Dr Cha to forget about it all, and with a quick, almost guilty glance, continues to say it was a mistake on his part. She is stone-faced and silent, but her eyes are wet. She bites her lip and doesn't say anything.
Sometimes, it's just better to not say anything. When in doubt, shut up.
Besides, how to interpret that "it was a mistake," grrr.
I don't know, I sort of think that the opinions of two women she doesn't like shouldn't/wouldn't matter to her this much, and like I said last time...she sure changed her attitude about it fast. The whole thing is a badly managed device and I don't think they built much of a case for it, so I'm ignoring it. I have no bandwidth for bullshit this week.
I don't understand this scene. It's been very badly written.
At the clinic, she kicks open the door and walks in without a single look behind where Kang Hoon is parked. He doesn't look up until she is gone from view inside. She's exhausted as she collapses onto her sofa; he is angry and all but punches the steering wheel as he drives off.
Who does he think he is to be angry? Right now, I really hate Kang Hoon.
Angry at himself, silly.
Angry at his silly, idiotic self. *shakes head*

With his self-awareness, he'll think he's angry at her.
As he's driving home, he goes over the night's events in his mind: the dress, her comments, the kiss, his decision to call it a mistake. Suddenly he yanks the car to the curb and actually does punch the steering wheel. Yep, my conclusion is you're an ass.
Yup. And I think he is concluding that, too.
Still hating him.
You just want something to hate today.
Things aren't much better at work the next day. PA Kang nearly has a meltdown with all the "No Comment" phone calls he has to field. (*rushing in with my giant glitter sign. GO PA KANG! WE LOVE YOU PA KANG! FIGHTING! running back out*) The other assistant is looking at the viral videos. PA Kang heads into the big office, to find his boss also looking at the videos and wondering how his life when straight to Crazyville.
Kissed a girl in middle of majorly boring party. What else were they going to talk about? Nothing (and I mean nothing) else was going on.
It's a Scandal!
Oh, bite my ass, Writer. It was a kiss between two adults.
You know, it never made sense to me how there's all these videos about them kissing. It's a high society party, where were all the paps hiding?
And more happy news! PA Kang helpfully advises that his family in the States is trying to get a hold of him! He finally looks at his phone to find 28 missed calls from his mother. Yikes! Corporate Tiger Mom is loose! PA Kang helpfully mentions that they have been fielding calls from almost every media outlet as well.
Like no one has ever dated before...
See? Join me in encouraging the writer to kiss our collective asses.
I don't even want to be in the same room as the writers. Their stupidity may be contagious.
Kang Hoon snaps. Doesn't those reporters have anything better to do? PA Kang helpfully points out that the CEO of D.O.L has been remarkably scandal-free so far. In fact, usually after a scandal, they get married! (*Nice nudge, Pa Kang. Nice nudge*) Kang Hoon snarls for a second, then subsides and quietly asks PA Kang to make sure Dr Cha stays out of the media frenzy.
He could've tried being more considerate like this last night.
In the heat of the moment and all that...if he's surprised about it today, it stands to reason that it wouldn't have been on his radar last night. Especially with, you know, 'sonar' pinging.
I'm missing the joke here.
Jo's talking about his naughty bits. :)
A short time later, he's looking at that first, shiny picture of his Dr Cha. He sighs, and you have to wonder what's going on underneath those soft tresses.
I do like it when he sighs.
Underneath her soft tresses or his?
She has soft dresses, he has soft tresses.
I'd rather talk about what's underneath Sung Swoon's dress shirt.
Things are a bit different in Camp Cha. Weaksauce is avidly watching the video at the dance cafe. She's startled when Dr Cha sits down, conspicuously inconspicuous in face mask and sunglasses. WS's first thought is that her friend got botox injections. Her second thought is to show Dr Cha that her boyfriend was caught swapping spit with a Glam Gal.
I know I've said this before, but I am going to say it again. I. HATE. Her. Really. What kind of friend is she. Yes, the picture is blurry, but it's not like it is so bad that Dr. Cha is completely unrecognizable. A real friend would (a) recognize her with hair up; (b) assume that the person in photo was her friend-even if she was faking it; (c) not rub in the fact that said friend's boyfriend is accused of kissing someone else; (d) not assume that she is wearing a mask because she has Botox but that she is in hiding or sick. She is the worst friend ever. 
I'm pretty sure this story could have been written without Weaksauce.
I'm pretty sure that this STORY is weaksauce.
Amen, Jo. Amen.
Weaksauce continues that Dr Cha's guy stopped by the cafe the day before, and wants to know what happened between them. Is the first spark of love over? (more evidence of what a bad friend she is. Dr. Cha is NOT gossip fodder, wench!) Dr Cha just pulls the mask over her entire face.
I don't think she's going to gossip, but is just curious, as one friend to another. And she does care about Dr. Cha, she just doesn't pay her the right attention.
I think WS does care for her but her feelings and good intentions don't negate the fact that she's a crappy, crappy friend.
Kang Hoon is heading down the road, another bouquet in the passenger seat. Will this one meet the fate of the previous one? Meanwhile, Dr Cha is dancing too hard to stop thinking too hard, and inadvertently twists her ankle.
What? No nosebleed? I feel ROBBED.
I feel saved.
Sang Hyun massages her extremity to reduce the swelling when a deep voice commands him to let go. Weaksauce is happy to see CEO as he hands off some snacks for the dance members. Yep, bet those flowers are on the floorboard again.
Is massaging a twisted ankle the right first aid? I'd have thought it was putting an ice bag over the injury.
Dance Boy explains he's just working on the injury site; Kang Hoon squats down so they are eye to eye and wonders if the man understands hangeul. I think his voice got even lower...
Still unhappy with Kang Hoon, so I don't care.
That's okay, I care enough for both of us.
With a voice like that, it's easy to ignore what he's saying and just bask in the glory of that deep, intoxicating male tone.

There's a bit of a staredown, then Kang Hoon just swoops Dr Cha into his arms and states that he will take of his girlfriend. Hah!
Garrumph, too little too late.
They are still parked when Dr Cha rounds on him. What is he doing there?? She can bloody well take care of herself. Through clenched teeth, he states that he will be her boyfriend for the full three months. And how dare she get injured without his permission! And let another guy touch her leg, no less!
Okay, that's creepy, "how dare she get injured without his permission."
It's a nonsense phrase. It just means he cares if she gets hurt. If he didn't care if she got hurt, it would be 'okay' with him. That's the permission. We say things stupidly too - it's not meant literally.
But all she hears in her head is his admission of the kiss mistake. Out loud she calmly calls her situation a mistake as well. If he can make mistakes, then she can too, so why get angry?? Is it because he's the Dom and she's the Sub? So all his actions can be explained away as a whoopsie. Bully for him.
I was so glad that she said this. He needs to be called out to get back to the real problem at hand. He shouldn't be allowed to use Sang Hyun to shift the blame and play the victim.
Again, that ghastly Dom-Sub terminology. So glad she's calling him out on it and his horrible temper.
I really think that the choice of terminology, if deliberate, was ill-advised. We are in agreement on this. What I wonder if it's some weird translation thing that really means 'party of the first part' party of the second part' type contract language.
Or simply that state that she is the employee and he is the employer in this charade?
Yes, that would be way better than Dom and Sub. 
He just stares at her when she finishes her tirade. He takes a deep breath, and lets out what it is his heart. It wasn't a mistake. She can scarcely believe it, but he won't repeat. Finally he cranks the engine over. Was her ankle swelling this whole time? She asks what their destination will be. The hospital?
I get that he sort of apologized, but he didn't really, and he's still vague. Still not liking him.
Baby steps.
Those are really tiny steps, even for a baby.
Still a loooooong way to go, Swoony!
Not a human one, if that's what she meant. Instead, they are at her clinic as Kang Hoon cools her ankle down and begins to wrap it. While he's wrapping, he chastises her for her poor walking skills. Since this was the second time she had hurt herself. She just smiles and states that she used to fly around Dalsan-Ri. That elicits a smile and a chuckle from her boyfriend. Her mood turns pensive as she looks around her current location, and she sighs that she misses her old tiny hospital, and sometimes dreams about the old place in her sleep. He pauses for a moment, then gives the bandage wrap a hard tug.
I know that this makes him jealous and worried but can't he think of her for a sec? Has he not learned from her comments at the party? She doesn't really fit in here--or at least she feels she doesn't (and he hasn't helped any)--She was comfortable and happy in Dalsan-Ri. Doesn't he remember the shiny picture he took of her? It was taken there not here. He is so good looking taping her ankle and being sad though. Again, why is he wearing so many clothes?
Where does he get off forcing her out of her old life anyway? I'm so mad at him. He acts like other people are there to be his slaves.
He acts like he knows what will be best for her. It's high-handed, and probably wrong. He has good intentions a lot of the time, but execution is poor. Still, he's not a bad guy. He needs exposure to humans.
That's one of the things I hate about him and most of the kdrama heroes I know. That they act as if they know what's best for the heroine. I hate, hate, hate that. Can't a lady think and decide for herself?
She winces, her reverie broken. Kang Hoon looks at her with a total serious expression, and commands her to never go anywhere without talking to him. She's a little shocked at his outburst, and stares into his face. Neither blinks, but then he looks down and gruffly intones that the contract isn't over yet. She just sighs.
Heavens, why are these three months taking so long?
This is getting tedious. I just want them to start making pretty babies already.
Later, Dr Cha is asleep on her sofa; her leg is propped up on the arm. Really, I would wake up with a crick in my neck sleeping on that short thing. Anyway, Kang Hoon is vigilant on the chair. He hesitates a moment, then brushes a lock of hair away from her face.
I just love the way he looks at her. It's these looks that make me (almost) forget how completely clumsy he is in this relationship. I'd put up with a lot if I knew he was looking at me like that. The problem is, she doesn't know.
People in kdrama seem able to sleep on sofas fully dressed and without any problems whatsoever. 
Yes, they're only uncomfortable if they get wet or have bowel issues.
It amazes me how they never can hold it in.
Clearly, they've never heard of loperamide (antidiarrhea medicine).
Or Metamucil.
It's bright and sunny the next day. Fuzzy is lounging on the coffee table when our prince wakes up. The sofa is empty, but there is a postie note next to a bottle of non-PPL juice. Dr Cha thanks him for staying with her all night and tells him to drink it before he leaves. His brow furrows as he looks at the non-PPL bottle. Should he drink the non-sanctioned beverage?
Sure, drink the Koolaid.
He's been drinking Cha Koolaid since day 1.
We will never know, because in the next scene his body is at D.O.L. His mind however, is mulling over her wistful statement the night before. PA Kang is just a drone in his ear when he sudden stops short, and says "No." PA Kang is understandable confused. I, of course, am smiling.
Oh look, people have lives and concerns that are nothing to do with you, Kang Soon. PA Kang is all right, though.
HHOOOOOOOOON. (channeling my inner Jo)
Kang Hoon immediately texts her: "Where are you?" Actually, she's brushing her teeth. Then the entire day is filled with a plethora of "Where are you?" texts from the Separation Anxiety President. (I found this hilarious--more because I wanted him to squirm and be worried and uncomfortable for a change)
Meh. I don't like clingy men. I mean, I don't mind physical clinging (who in her right mind would say no to Sung Swoon cuddles?) but texting me every 5 minutes is not going to help your cause, loverboy.
When Dr Cha finally snuggles down at the end of the day, he's still asking. She dissolves into a long drawn out scream.
I don't care how handsome he is, he's really annoying.

The next day he's calling her directly. Where is she? Looking for studio apartments that are near her place of business. She's decided that she needs a real place to live; she's not stealing his money, she wants a real bed in stead of a couch.  He's mad she plans to go someplace without telling him. A dial-tone is the answer to his diatribe.
As it should be every time.
He puts down his phone on the desk, only to realize PA Kang was standing there and probably had been for some time. He asks his assistant point blank: when did he start seeing his wife's ugly side?
I raised my eyebrows at this. IMO he's the one showing his ugly side and has been for quite a while.

PA Kang waxes nostalgic. You live with someone long enough, you see her everything. Her unkempt hair and sloppy appearance. You start recognizing certain bodily functions as hers. Awwww. (*organizing a stadium wave for Pa Kang*)
And you still love them anyway. Grow up Kang Hoon.
He's not saying they're a deal breaker. Give the man-child a break. He's learning.
I'm at a stage in life where I find the whole man-child thing to be really annoying. I don't like little boys. I like men. And I like adults with adult behavior with all the concomitant complexities.
Same here. I've said this to my girlfriends time and time again: I don't want boys, I want men.
Kang Hoon jumps on this idea. So it's best to live with someone if you want to uncover all their faults? That's not exactly what his assistant means, but who cares because the wheels are rolling in our CEO's head and the spinning wheel is stopping at the Cohabitation Bar! (adding yet another major trope to our trope list. How many is that now, Quirkstine?)
But then she'll still be living off of him, and it's just all so controlling.
Except that in every way that actually matters, she has the upper hand. If you ask me, she's more annoying for not realizing that and properly directing the conversations.
As far as she knows, and she's a straightforward honest person who says what she thinks and means what she says and takes everyone at their word, he's just hired her to play a role and is not interested in her at all.
I wish she were more aware. He's clearly crushing on her bad and displaying it with all finesse of a 3rd grader in a school playground.
The next day, Dr Cha is disappointed to find out that the place she put a contract on changed owners that day, and the lease is cancelled. Just at that moment, guess who smoothly shows up in her lobby. She smells a rat, and it ain't coming from her small mammal cages.
Not liking Kang Hoon at all these days.
No prevarication, Kang Hoon immediately admits he did it. She's pissed and wants know why his hobby is harassing people, especially her! Why does he have it out for her?
Yeah, really. Can't he be normal for a change?
He is being the way he was taught to be. When you want things to go a certain way, you eliminate the options that are not that way. No one ever explained to him that this is not how people operate with non-work situations.  
Okay, I can understand that's how he's been taught, but still, at his age he should grow up a bit. 
I'm thinking of all the ways Cha could sue him right now. And she'd win too if her lawyer is at least half decent at his/her job.
He just ignores her shouts and cuts to the heart of the matter: Cha Yoon Seo, move in with me!!
(Pulling up in my rental truck) You called? I seriously do not like the way he is handling this situation at all, but why did I immediately think of how fast I'd be able to pack anyway?
By this point in things, if I were her, I'd be really suspicious and just stick the three months out in the hospital and then look to leave.
And then you'd miss out on all the goodness that will come when Pinocchio becomes a Real Boy, and you would have gone through all that guff for nothing. His heart is in the right place. His thought processes need re-directing.
In real life, though, this is how relationships fail, when Pinocchio fails to become a Real Boy.
I'll just ignore all the warning bells and move in with Sung Swoon pronto.

Yay, we are finally getting to where we all want our couple to be. But it won't be easy convincing Dr Cha to move it. First, she thinks the attraction is all one-sided, even though that small confession went a long way to soothing her hurt after the kiss.
I wonder if Kang Hoon realizes that almost all his decisions about this woman are impulsive and not ever thought through. Can living with someone show their faults? Sure, leaving the caps off the toothpaste and never putting away the dishes. But it also gives the pair a chance for some completely honest interactions, in the privacy of a space that doesn't include bitchy friends or other distractions. And I for one am all in!
Clapping in glee. This has got to mean less clothes, right?
I'm fed up with Kang Hoon.  He needs to bring some A game soon. Poor Dr. Cha, I really feel for all the trouble KH has been causing her, and he has been causing it all!
And I don't think her trouble is all that much trouble, really. I think he needs lessons in diplomacy, and I think she needs lessons in evaluating situations based on facts and not on emotion.
They all just need less clothes!
I'm with Trot. Less clothes = more fun.

51. Friend walks in and disrupts OTP kissing
52. The Hero gets the Heroine's first kiss. (Why, why is always the girl who gets robbed of her first kiss??)
53. Cinderella Cha gets a makeover montage
54. Hero goes gaga and tongue-tied at the sight of dressed up Heroine
55. Hero brings Heroine as his date to a swanky society event
56. Jealous biatch/es at the party make snide comments about Heroine to her face
57. Wrist/arm grab
58. The Very Public Kissing Scene
59. Hero gets clingy
60. Cohabitation!! Soon! Huzzah! (can we add this one yet?)