Drama Dream - TOP Heavy!

I'm sure we've all had them.  I just had one last night.  It was weird and unsatisfying and thus I must share.  I dreamt I was an undergrad (thank you, Cheese in the Trap) and a Candy (so, so far from the truth, but so is being an undergrad at this point) and that TOP was my Oppa.

Mind Blown!

TOP was working as a delivery Candy Boy, but was secretly a rich Heir: 
TOP wasn't in Heirs, so Kim WooBin is filling in.

and he was that nice Oppa that I relied on for an occasional "Fighting!"

Like in IRIS.

And I was the only one who knew he was a rich Heir in disguise,

Kim Woobin again.

and not a delivery boy.  


Min Hyorin was there too.  
I didn't recognize her in Persevere, Gu HaeRa.

looking like she did in that Song Jieun video where she sets BAP's Himchan

Again, self-explanatory.

on fire,

Yep, she burned that face alive.

and she was the Unni I trusted and who I needed eventually to  help me with some college work because of some weird illness that started with a nosebleed.

Nosebleeds are gross, so here's TOP again.
Also, in the dream, I had a dongsaeng I talked to on the phone, but never saw, so I'll just assume she looks like this:
Mysterious MeiMei.
What the heck!  Anyway, the dream ended with TOP and Min Hyorin being the worst, most unreliable Oppa and Unni ever, leaving me to die of fever while walking down a spiral staircase
This is what it looked like in the dream, actually.
because Min Hyorin wouldn't help with my homework and TOP was busy delivering things.
If only I'd been with him on the motorbike instead.

The End.