Eiffel Tower Sightings of 2015

Most of my readers know, I find weird stuff in dramas. Most recently, I've been compiling lists of the locations that are reused in Thailand lakorns. But this particular obsession has been going on for years.

An Eiffel Tower lurks in every Asian drama ever. 
Dilwale Duhania Le Jayenge - India 1995
Here's the link to my first rant about this, last year.

This year, I even found them when I branched out in Pakistani, Malaysian and Indian productions. What is the fascination? Even in JDoramas, I still see more ET's than Tokyo Towers. And for the record, you can't ever unsee them.

This post compilation includes older shows I just watched in 2015, as well as some of our recent favorite (and hated) productions, in no particular order.

Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur / Two Spirits Love - Thailand 2015

Hyde Jekyll Me - South Korea 2015
Death Note - Japan 2015
Dung Sawan Sarb / Cursed Paradise - Thailand 2015

Oh My Venus - South Korea 2015

Rindu Awak 200 / I Miss You 200% - Malaysia 2014

 Porn Prom Onlaweng / Chaotic Blessing - Thailand 2013

Mia Taeng / Wedded Wife - Thailand 2011

To The Dearest Intruder - Taiwan 2015

Nang Rai Tee Rak - My Beloved Villain - Thailand 2015

Rak Lon Jai Nai Klaeng Joob / It Started With A Kiss / Kiss Me - Thailand 2015

Sanaeha Sunya Khaen / Bittersweet Promise Of Revenge - Thailand 2014