Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 29 (Recap)

Times are not easy for Prince Yu, but damn, that guy has keen senses... I don't like it at all that he realizes that Mei Changsu is not at all on his side. And I like it even less that he plans to conspire with Xiajiang! He is probably the guy I fear the most.
JoAnne: He's just smart enough to be dangerous.
Eleanor: Ack. Nooo. We don't need more trouble! There's already plenty.

Episode 29

Oh, damn. Lost to Prince Yu! Because Jingyan is righteous and would never resort to his brother's underhanded and flashy methods. The mood is bad, but Prince Jing has not lost all hope! It will take a few days to organize the release of the funds, there might be another solution. Minister Shen on the other hand is very gloomy: if only lightning would strike Prince Yu! he exclaims. Hahaha. Oh my, be glad only Jingyan heard you say that!
And us. We heard you. But we were thinking it, too.
Yeah. I would be super careful saying that too loudly there Minister Shen. Also, Jingyan's outfit. I love it. 
Prince Jing goes to see Mei Changsu ... oh no. Mr. Su is ill! Prince Jing is concerned, but Su claims it's only his throat that's being "itchy". He knows why Prince Jing is here and he actually has a lightning strike ready for Prince Yu in about two days. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of luck: His alliance hijacked a convoy bringing a considerable sum of money to Prince Yu from the mayor of one of the provinces that is hit hard by the famine. Wow. Scumbags.
But isn't that why they have peasants? To grow money?
Haha. Su Zhe creates his own lightning! 
When Prince Jing suggests he could write a report to his father about it, Mei Changsu has another coughing fit, but this time it's not because his throat is itching. He explains to Prince Jing that his father probably knows of the greed of the two older princes and has simply chosen to overlook it. They need something else to convince the Emperor: the people on the streets. He made sure that the news about the bribe spreads in the famine stricken province. This will threaten the "Imperial pride".
Hoist him by his own petard! I've always wondered what a petard was. Well, not since Google came along, otherwise I'd already know. Huh? It's fireworks. A type of firework. I always pictured a guy hanging from the waist band of his tighty whities, stretched up around his neck. I think I'll continue with that.
I also just googled it, interesting, a type of bomb used to blow up gates etc. when breaching fortifications. That's actually quite fitting here. They are totally blowing up all the corrupt officials' fortifications of power.
Indeed it does! When the Emperor hears about the protests (which have spread to other areas too) and the accusations, he is furious. Prince Yu claims he is innocent and that he is being framed and had no idea. Cai Quan (The Minister of Justice, on Jing's side) tries to present the Emperor with evidence of gifts Prince Yu received in other years and then deliberately plays dumb by saying if the governor of the disaster hit state didn't send gifts in good years why would he send gifts in a disaster hit year? The Emperor does not want to listen (or rather, he just doesn't consider corruption to be his problem), but it's out of the question that Prince Yu can take care of the disaster relief this time. 
Ha! Not only does he not get this money, but he's out the money he would have gotten on the upcoming trip, too!
Hahahahaha. I like this lightning!
That he finally loses to Prince Jing hits Prince Yu hard and he starts drinking, day after day. Banruo intervenes at one point and wants him to fight back: it's been half a month already since Prince Jing left the Capital! And everybody sings his praise because he does such a good job. Prince Yu can't believe his brother would not take any of the money for himself ... there is so much of it! He is in fact quite sure that Jing is just putting on an act and in truth is like him. No, asshole: not everyone is like you!
But it would be smart to go in very cleanly and then start skimming a little bit at a time, in later years when everyone doesn't even look at you because you are so beyond reproach. #NOOODon'tDoThis #AnyAdviceGivenHereIsForEntertainmentOnly #RememberTheGoldenRule #WhichIAlwaysConfusedWithGoldenMean #Couldn'tFigureOutWhatBeingNiceHadToDoWithMath 
Jingyan is too stubborn about being good and principled to be bad. Haha. Righteous Prince Jing :)
Prince Yu has realized that he has lost all true support in the court. How can he fight back? Well, says Banruo, the one who has the Divine Talent has the world. Unfortunately, that person is not him: it's little bro (and by extension, his momma too). Prince Yu: you've been thoroughly p0wnd.
He might just as well have gone on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher and gotten it over with.
Hahaha. Well it took them long enough to realize. Man, Yu looks really angry there. 
He wants to stomp on Prince Jing as soon as he's back, but Banruo thinks he must first take care of Mei Changsu and his Jiangzu Alliance to succeed. Luckily, he thinks she just wants to use him to get revenge for her Hong Xiu Zhao. But he has a better idea: to destroy Mei Changsu by destroying his prodigy aka Little Bro Jing. Because: what kind of divine talent will he be without a master? He'll be like a stray dog.
But isn't that the only reason she wants to use him? What am I forgetting in my dotage?
There are some other reasons, but they haven't been revealed yet at this point in the drama I believe. 
Going against Jingyan, he thinks, will be easy, since his weakness is obvious. It is the reasons for why Jingyan was overlooked for ten years: The Chiyan Army case. Prince Yu also has a feeling that Mei Changsu is connected to it as well. Banruo clamors for the bloodiest possible ways of ripping open of old wounds, but Prince Yu cautions her: this case is after all also his father's biggest taboo. Banruo suggests they get themselves a good helper: Xiajiang.
Pretty robe. Shame she wasted it on that hair. I want those limp locks to suddenly flap like a bird and fly her ass away. Also, I don't know why it is, but on these two the normal robes just look like pajamas.
Ooh. Prince Yu knows Jingyan's weakness. This is NOT going to go well. 

THAT scumbag is currently trying the assassinate the Grand Princess because of Xie Yu's letter. She is lucky this time, but I really fear for her life! Luckily, on a hunch, Mei Changsu has her guards doubled and her even more carefully watched.
Why is his bun thing so tall? Overcompensating?
He has a lot of hair? I am sure the hairpiece accessories have meaning. Maybe to do with rank? Or maybe I am over interpreting. 
Prince Yu does not believe that the neutral Xiajiang would ever conspire with him, seeing how they never choose a side. That's only cosmetics, Banruo knows. And she does know intimately well, it seems, because Mr. Investigation Bureau and her Shifu were besties (I wonder whether it will matter that Prince Yu now knows about who her Shifu was). Furthermore, she is also quite certain that Xiajiang will oppose Jingyan's rise; seeing how Xiajiang was pivotal in condemning the Chiyan army, and how Jing would never let him off easily once in power.
She's clever, this woman. I will enjoy watching her go up against Mei Changsu. I will enjoy even more watching him take her down.
*restrains self from saying to much* Let's just say this is really interesting looking back at this in hindsight. 
Consort Jing gets new ingredients for her lovely and much sought-after desserts from Minister Huang from Inner Palace Management. Why is he so eager to give her nuts and dried fruits? Maybe he's bored. Consort Jing does not really want more presents, but she cannot refuse either. So she picks ... everything but the hazelnuts. Uhm..... 
Why wouldn't you just accept everything? Who accepts part of a gift?
It's Consort Jing. She will have a reason. And a good one at that. 
Not for the first time either. Her handmaiden has noticed as well and asks her whether the quality of the hazelnuts isn't good anymore. She used to make hazelnut pastries all the time. Consort Jing claims it is because her son's taste has changed ... ah yes, those hazelnut cookies were his favorite. Also, I don't believe you, Consort Jing.
I do like hazelnut myself. Prince Jing and I are clearly meant for each other.
Um, no. Jingyan is mine. Also, I am in love with hazelnuts and all hazelnut related things. Dang it! I totally fell for JoAnne's baited comment ;P
Mei Changsu's health continues to be poor (it's never a good sign when his hair is down).
He makes me want tea. And fur, because it's chilly even inside today. I particularly like this navy/white combo. Very clean and fresh.
I wonder if tea sales in China radically climbed during the airing of this drama. Please tell me they did. I know I feel like making some right now just watching that gif. 
His two trusted men tease Fei Liu, who is having a bad day anyway, because all the sweets are gone! Prince Jing brought two boxes before he left, but there won't be any new ones until he returns. Speaking of sweets... Mei Changsu has noticed the lack of hazelnut sweets in all of Consort Jing's offerings. From when he was young, Consort Jing knows he is allergic to hazelnut. So he is quite sure she has guessed his true identity! Luckily, it seems she has also guessed the she needs to help him keep his identity an absolute secret.
Because making a point of yet one more similarity won't expose him or anything. At least, not to Jing. We're sure of that, at least.
Hazelnut pastries. *cries* moonlil and Joyce told me something about the novel and the pastries and now I am sad. If you want a spoiler, you can ask them. But really it's lovely. Also, Fei Liu needs some more pastries. hahaha. 
And then, it's time to pay someone a visit. And that someone ... is Marquis Yan. At the same time, Tonglu and Mr. Shisan discuss a new meeting point. Before he leaves, Tonglu asks Mr. Shisan about his new neighbour, Jun Niang and whether they have checked her background. They have - and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Mr. Shisan warns Tonglu to keep a distance nonetheless. Oh, you fools...
I already feel bad for Tonglu and his eventual realization.
Yeah, that isn't going to be good. 


Can Prince Jing come back quickly, please? Fei Liu wants more dessert, Su Zhe needs a friend, and everybody needs to make sure none of those evil plans come to fruition. Luckily, Prince Yu does not try to hurt Mei Changsu directly at the moment, which I am super grateful for. He looks so frail when he is ill...
Yu's too sneaky for direct confrontation anyway, I think.
Also, I miss Prince Jing. 

And Consort Jing! Ha! We already suspected she knew, but now we have proof. I really want to know what in the travelogue tipped her off: was it indeed his mother's maiden name that he abridged? I am sure she is also missing her son, because her life has not gotten any easier since Jingyan got his nice golden pearly crown.
But at least she gets gifts, and more visits!
She is smart that woman. I love her.