Descendants of the Sun - Episodes 3&4 (A gifapalooza)

Descendants of the Sun - some love it, some not so much.  I do feel the writer was out of her element in picking this subject matter for DotS, but also believe that most kdrama watchers know what they are in for, which is usually inconsistent writing, unrealistic scenarios, and lots of tropes. I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying DotS because of my obsession with Song Joong Ki, and the only way I would have been disappointed is if he had a face transplant during his military service or got knocked out during bootcamp and lost his acting ability, which neither, luckily, have happened. Here are episodes 3 + 4 as told by the OTP's story.
Those who predicted Shi Jin would stop and pick up the scarf from the end of Episode 2 were right! Although no words were spoken between them.

Yo-Meon seems incredulous that Shi Jin is ignoring her.

Of course, it is a ruse. His face belies his true feelings.

Playing a silly prank by telling her she's on a land mine gives Shi Jin the opportunity he wanted to say he missed her (and for our first skinship after the time jump. Now, now, people, just go with it!)

Mo Yeon was definiely not amused!

As the women ogle the soldiers running shirtless, Mo Yeon continues to act cooly towards Shi Jin.
He has no problem letting his jealousy show.

Hoping to "needle" him a bit more in front of his colleagues, Mo Yeon picks him first for blood work. Oh Shi Jin, you're just too cool! Where does he get his medical knowledge from?

Call it cheesy, but this is one of the many visually stunning scenes,
and a chance for Shi Jin to tell MoYeon that he missed her.

Thanks to Dae Young, Shi Jin must take Mo Yeon with him into town.

Shi Jin's response to Mo Yeon's scandal with the director: 
"I didn't give up on you so you could date guys like that"

Is this a random girl or will she play a part in the future? Either way, Mo Yeon doesn't want Shi Jin leaving her alone.

Shi Jin takes the opportunity to do a little sightseeing with Mo Yeon before returning to camp.

Upon return, it's crisis time. An Arab diplomate needs to land due to a health emergency.

Even though an Arab doctor is on the way, Mo Yeon knows he'll die if she can't operate immediately. Shi Jin is ready to give Mo Yeon a chance as he orders guns drawn to protect the operation.

 And we're on to Episode 4!

 Shi Jin keeps guard while Mo Yeon and staff perform the operation, even though it is against the commanding officer's orders. But hey, they were going to blame Mo Yeon if anything happened to the Arab, so he could't tolerate that!

Shi Jin is stripped of his position and sentenced to detention until further notice. Mo Yeon is realizing how her stubbornness has impacted Shi Jin.

 Luckily, the Arab made it through the operation and Shi Jin is let out of detention. Mo Yeon is rather upset to hear that they may have actually shot her.

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin are rewarded for saving the diplomat's life. They are given a business card to use as a free pass. And of course, Shi Jin uses it to borrow a car so he can take Mo Yeon on a date.

 Another little side trip. Boy, I'd go anywhere with SJK, but especially if this kind of scenery was involved! Of course, another interruption.

 Mo Yeon insists on going, even though it will make Shi Jin look poorly in her eyes. It is the funeral of colleagues, and a realization that he could die at any time. But wait, the gun runner was once a fellow soldier? The plot thickens.

 Shi Jin still must pay the price for his insubordination, but Mo Yeon runs to his defense.

 Shi Jin is upset with her doing that and says it was for honor, not for her (yeah, right.)
Another fight ensues.

 Left to get home by himself, Shi Jin goes to sneak some wine from the kitchen.
Of course, fate intervenes.

 I just loved how this scene was filmed. Something about that cup in his hand reminds me of him carving the ice ball in Nice Guy.

Mo Yeon, possibly aided by a little wine, admits how whenever she thinks of the movie they were supposed to see, she thinks of Shi Jin. Shi Jin takes this all in.

I don't care how many thought this was way too predictable, I absolutely loved this scene. If SJK looked at me like that, I'd probably douse my whole body in wine and go from there.

So will she reject him? I don't think any female human possibly could, but we shall see.