Jin Dong in Switzerland - 16th March 2016

Dear Squeeglets, it is very much uncertain I can skip work tomorrow to go see Jin Dong because of some other commitments, which is of course DAMN %&?!%&* unfortunate, but part of the thing called Real Life or Adulting. In any case, my weibo-literate friends are busy supplying me with Jin Dong in Switzerland pictures, which gives me warm-fuzzy feels, because it's just like that time I picture-stalked Lee Jun-ki when he was in Switzerland. Fond memories. And this is what we got from weibo:

He is somewhere mountainous but not TOO mountainous (because there are still pine trees ... they don't grow above approximately 2500 meters above sea-level here in the Alps). There are skiing slopes there (the blue sign tells you when the last check of the pists are done). There also is - and that tipped me of!! - some kind of construction to do climbing. The geo position said "Lucerne" so this must be in the vicinity.

I first thought he might have gone to Engelberg-Titlis, but that would have been too far and there is one very famous mountain near Lucerne that you all should go on if you ever get there: it's Mount Pilatus. We don't know whether he went to the top (there is no proof :) but we know he went to the "Fräkmuntegg", on 1416 meters above sea-level. What we see in front is part of the Pilatus rope park. This is the restaurant when it's not snowing:


And this is the gondola he had to take to get up there. Not un-scary in bad weather :D

Then, we have a second set of pics from this morning. They were very easy to geo-locate because I've been there myself (and even though I first thought he might have gone to "Brunnen" at the other end of the lake, the non-mountainous background gave it away). This is in Lucerne, in front of one of the famous *****-hotels (The Hotel Palace). It's lovely! I hope he is staying there. And doesn't need to pay for it himself, because a room is 400 Swiss Francs and up.
Here, I even found the bench that Big Bro was sitting on ...