Jin Dong in Switzerland - 17th March 2016 (Part 2)

Did you like the two videos? I hope we get more! We also got new pictures, which I want to share as well. Below, you see Jin Dong in front of the Kappel Brücke (Chapel Bridge). It's the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and contains a number of interior paintings dating back to the 17th century. Sadly, many of them were destroyed along with large parts of the centuries-old bridge in a 1993 fire. Damn you, wood. Why do you burn so well... (it's restored now, so you can walk across like before).
Here we have Jin Dong at the Lake of Lucerne (in front of the hotel - in the back, that black building? That's the KKL, a famous concert hall)
A dashing Jin Dong leaving the Hotel Palace (see on the left in the second pic? you see part of the sign). Looks like he's dressed to impress in Basel, so I wonder whether he only went to Basel this morning? Probably yes.
The entrance at the Palace Lucerne:

Jin Dong in Basel (Baselworld)

That below? That could have been me.
Anyway, this is Jin Dong at the Tissot exhibit. Seems empty. I wonder whether nobody was there or whether they kept the screaming female fans at bay? (to his right, Francois Thiebaud, President of Tissot). By the way, I also found this (they already invited "famous Chinese actors" last year!! ... you know what I am thinking? Who else likes watches? Whose star is rising and rising?)
Ah, here they are, the screaming fans! (unless these are clerks. Or his staffers)
Here, he is wearing a Tissot, I would assume. The "only lady"-thing (click to enlarge) slightly confused me and sent me down an internet black hole and in the end, I didn't find out what watch this is. I get a feeling you all don't care, so we're good.
In these pictures, Jin Dong is looking at a watch from Oris, a Swiss luxury watchmaker brand located in Basel (which is unusual). Does he seem pleased to you? :D
It's an Oris "Great Barrier Reef" (Limited Edition). Doesn't seem like his style at all. It's also fairly cheap, only 2'100 CHF.
very professional, Big Bro!

"Hubby" has been sighted!

Also, Wang Ou (moonlil tells me her female fans call her "hubby")  has arrived in Switzerland. Why did she go to Lucerne as well?! Yes, you are correct... she stayed in the same hotel that Big Bro stayed at.