Jin Dong in Switzerland - 18th March 2016

Watches, watches, watches! And more watches! There aren't enough people in the world to buy them all. I must say, I pity Jin Dong who seems to be stuck at Baselworld on this day too when it's a beautiful, warm spring day outside. There are tons of pictures of him (and watches) and of watches (and him) but I think we don't need to see them all. I selected the ones that bring out either his or a watch's beauty the most.

Baselworld Pics

He's the coolest, look at him! Interesting fact: he is wearing different ties in these pictures. Who can spot them all? Can we match the ties to the days? Probably not, because I count at least three! And Baselworld only had its second day today.
Joyce told me this is his photographer up there. You're doing a great job, buddy!
And then, he got to go out and enjoy the sun! I'm so glad. But why did you stay in Basel?! Man, it's most boring town in Switzerland, right after Bern. And I only say this because the likelihood of anyone from Basel reading this is very, very low :D

Lucerne pics

Seems like Jin Dong was really busy in Lucerne! More pictures have surfaced (all taken on Wednesday, I guess). He took a lot of pictures with different watches and different outfits. So what, did he change in the street? Or did he have to go back to the hotel for it?
one of my favorites!

Wait... is this a picture from now or is that Ming Lou in The Disguiser?
Oh! It's Wang Ou! They're pimping their watches... and probably had fun together. At least I hope so. In case you're going back tomorrow, Jin Dong: SAFE TRAVELS!