Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 - Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 (A gifapalooza)

At the request of Jaraket and seconded by Breeze, I have decided to feature Song Hye Kyo for the second episode of Descendants of the Sun. As it turns out, this is very much her episode, and her acting and beauty are spot on. Here, then, is a recap of DotS episode 2, as told in Song Hye Kyo gifs.
Once again, Shi-Jin is off doing another secret mission, 
while Mo-Yeon is forced to take second seat to a parachute doctor

As Mo-Yeon fights to save a life, Shi-Jin's duty requires him to try
and take one in the process of saving some hostages.

I had to throw this in. I want his eyes on me!

 Life isn't fair for our heroine.
Sometimes you need to let off a little steam

 A cute Song Hye Kyo moment.

An even cuter one!

 That look of realizing you're starting to infatuation

A new-relationship nightmare! Shi-Jin showing up early and catching 
Mo-Yeon with dirty hair and no makeup.

 I guess doctors could get busy enough to forget to pay their water bill,
but my question was, why didn't she shower and wash her hair at the same time?

Ah, the flirty date, off to such a good start.
Too bad they both get a call that interrupts it.

As Shi-Jin goes off to serve his country,
Mo-Yeon is in disbelief that she's been passed over for a promised position.

 I love her crying! Even that is beautiful

 Mo-Yeon is a natural as she's forced to fill in on TV
for the rival who took her position. Shi-Jin approves!

Mo-Yeon the pacifist and defender of life is bothered by Shi-Jin's special forces position
and decides to cut her losses before she's any more invested in the relationship.
I love Song Joong Ki's acting in this scene.

 Flash forward and Mo-Yeon is the hosital's darling of TV,
while Shi-Jin is off to the country of Urk to do his special forces stuff.

 That doesn't mean she'll sleep with the Director
at the drop of a hat, though. You go girl!

 Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for crossing the Director.
Mo-Yeon is chosen to head a special team of doctors who will be temporarily stationed in Urk.

This scene is just too beautiful.

Once again, Mo-Yeon and Shi-Jin are reunited. How will they handle things from here?