Stalking ANOTHER Asian Star - Attempt No 4

It's only been two months since I managed to successfully stalk an Asian Star and now, miraculously, another opportunity has arisen. Is this fate, telling me to go for it? Or can I expect to fail this time because meeting TWO OF THE MING BROTHERS is just too much luck for one girl? In one year? Well, I am not sure we will ever know, but Jin Dong is in Switzerland right now and with the help of my Weibo-literate friends, I now know exactly where he will be this Thursday.

In Basel. At Baselworld. From 10-12, at the booths for Tissot and Oris. And I even happen to like watches! Yes, I even stalked the watch that he is wearing in the picture above. I believe it is a Jaeger LeCoultre ... it looks like this one:
Going to Basel is no big deal, it's an hour by train. Paying 60 Swiss Francs for a fair-ticket: I can do it. Going there on a perfectly normal work-day is a bit of a problem. Not a big one though... well. I could work on the train, couldn't I. But going there alone scares me. Because last time, my sister-in-arms gave me strength for doing something I would actually never ever do under normal circumstances.

In addition, Wang Ou also seems to be coming for Basel, but it's a bit unclear when and where... though it seems to be Baselworld too, but for Marie Claire.


Well. I am not yet sure I will go. In case I can't or won't and I won't by chance bump into him in the streets of Zurich either (dream on, girl), here are some pics from today (thanks, Joyce, for posting them on my Twitter)

That's him after just arriving at the airport in Zurich. It's the short train you catch from the E-terminal to the baggage area and passport controls
 And that is him at a Starbucks. Maybe in Lucerne? I know he went there. I wonder what name he gave them to put on the cup when they asked for it... or did they stop this by now?