Descendants of the Sun - Episode 11 (a gifapalooza)

While the hospital and military scramble to deal with the M3 outbreak, Myeong Joo is facing a life or death struggle, Chi Hoon is looking for redemption, and Argus is up to his usual antics. But episode 11 provides opportunities for Mo Yeon and Shi Jin to get a better understanding of each other. The question is, how far will Shi Jin go to be the "everything" to Mo Yeon?
JoAnne: More than ever this week, it does seem that they have an eternal love . Or at least, he does.

Knowing that Myeong Joo is infected with the virus, Dae Young refuses to let go of her until ordered to do so. Even crying, he keeps a pretty stoic face. Myeong Joo is sent to the quarantine unit.
She's so precious to him.  At first I was thinking he'd never give up the military for her...but he gave up HER for her, and here he willingly throws away his health...I think maybe he would.  Shi Jin, on the other hand:  I'm not so sure he would leave the military for Mo Yeon, even though I know he'd give his life for hers.  The thing is, he'd give his life for anyone.

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon discuss what happens next. Mo Yeon explains to him that fighting the virus is her battlefield. I like how she's relating her struggles to his.
I was struck by that as well.  They edited the episode in such a way that it really plays up the similarities, and for a while now we've been watching her come to the realization that they are not actually all that different as people.  I'm glad about that, because I STILL feel insulted by her dismissal of him as a killer.

Sang Hyun is also in a hospital bed, with Jae-Ae drawing his blood to see if he has the virus. They talk about how she used to practice on him, for which she admits being grateful. When he asks if she's concerned he'll die, she smacks him, but her eyes say it all.
Awww, they've been friends since school?  I root for this couple, they're so cute. They could be a drama of their own.  Actually...Dae Young and Myeong Joo have a drama-worthy romance, and I would TOTALLY watch a Daniel-Ye Hwa drama.

Dae Young is also quarantined in a cell. Shi Jin gives him his walkie-talkie so he can contact Myeong Joo. A heartfelt conversation of  'I miss you's takes place, where Dae Young tells Myeong Joo that she was always an angel to him.
Not gonna lie, at this moment I became convinced that one of them was going to die.

Back in Korea, the hospital is in an uproar upon hearing the news of the epidemic. Chi Hoon's mother confronts the chief and tells him to bring back her son personally. Frankly, I want to see more of this chief in something. Another testament to pretty casting.
I have seen him in something else - he played a similar character.  I couldn't think of what it was, though, so off to Wiki I went.  Turns out I've seen every one of his dramas and a couple of his movies!

While other fairly unbelievable medical stuff goes on, Mo Yeon is giving Shi Jin a taste of his own medicine by joking around instead of answering his question about what blood type she is. Is asking about her blood type the indication of him wanting to up their relationship? But look at that smile!
Ah, they're so CUTE.  Song-Song couple forever!

A power outage ensues (of course) and Chi Hoon runs to Manager Jin, who is foaming at the mouth. I can't understand why they don't look the other way with this guy. Of course he bites Chi Hoon, possibly infecting him with the virus. But at least Chi Hoon saves him.
This scene sparked a conversation on Twitter where a friend and I agreed that we would totally watch War and Peace and Werewolves. (But seriously, let this man die.)

While Mo Yeon draws his blood, Gi Bom and the random worker who is the cause of Chi Hoon's angst stop by, and both say they hope Chi Hoon doesn't have the virus. Voila! Chi Hoon is now cured (of his depression that is) because the guy he didn't quite save wants him to live! Now we have a "happy" crying spell, and Chi Hoon can call home. My question - why is this worker even helping in the hospital? He was neither a medical employee nor a military guy. But at least Onew is smiling.
I like Onew and I don't think he has done too badly here.  There have been some issues with how the character is portrayed, especially at first, but I don't think they were acting issues.  I've had some sympathy for Chi Hoon as a character, too.  But I have to say that his wife is going to have a hard time raising him AND a baby.

News comes to the camp that no one else is infected. Apparently that news cures Sang Hyun of his cold too, and he's been working on figuring out a cure for Myeong Joo.  Good thing, too, because she is not looking too good.
Whenever an actress is sick in a series, I wonder this:  did they make her look sick, or is this just what she looks like without makeup?

Daniel shows up again to pick up the children who have been treated for measles. Not really an important scene, but let's not waste the few opportunities we get to gaze upon his face.
Can we pull a Cheese and get some more Daniel in here?  Not that I want less Shi Jin.

Not to be forgotten, Argus and his crew show up at the hospital to see Manager Jin. When Shi Jin refuses, telling Argus to "shut your mouse'" (sorry, SJK, I love you but the English is wearing thin at times) Argus said he has some of his stuff here, meaning of course the diamonds. I don't know why, but Shi Jin answering "This is not a lost and found" was one of my favorite lines of the episode.
He gives English the Shatner treatment:  This is...not...a lost and... found.  Still giggling over shut your mouse, though.

It is fun to see the special forces draw their weapons when they think Argus was going for a gun. Instead, he was getting medicine that he was going to give to Mo Yeon.
I always get a kick out of that rush of motion and the sound of all the triggers being cocked.

Things start getting really crazy (as if Sang Hyun finding a cure or any other multitude of things going on aren't crazy enough) when Myeong Joo slips into unconsciousness due to her high fever. The doctors quickly put her in an ice bath (yikes, poor Kim Ji Won) while speculating when the medicine to save her will arrive. Unfortunately, the truck with the medicine has been hijacked.
Of course it has.

Special forces to the rescue. Shi Jin knows it's Argus, and if he delivers the diamonds he can get the medicine. Although I was a little surprised that Dae Young took time to beat the crap out of the guy instead of rushing back to the hospital to save Myeong Joo. Oh yeah, forgot what ville we're still in.
Just give them the damn diamonds already!

As if that weren't enough, officials show up at the medicube to arrest Fatima for dealing in the black market. Her accomplice, in handcuffs, identifies Mo Yeon as the doctor who was at the scene. But Myeong Joo's fever has broken, the medicine is now at the medicube, and Dae Young is reunited with his love. I hope she had a wet suit on under that gown.
Your segue just there had me thinking thoughts.  (Also, don't forget here that the cops are actually with Argus.)

The next morning, when Shi Jin hears that they took Mo Yeon to the police station, he puts 2 + 2 together. Running out to find her, he finds Fatima in the street. As he goes to her, she is shot. With gun drawn, Shi Jin sees Mo Yeon paraded out, duct tape on her mouth. As Argus' men move in, he drops his gun, desperate to save Mo Yeon.
Did you notice?  She finally doesn't look blind.

Argus needs an escape route once he delivers the guns tonight. Shi Jin is to meet him at 2 a.m. with a way out if he wants Mo Yeon to live. On the way back, Shi Jin leaves a message on the walkie talkie for Mo Yeon, feeling free to do so since Argus has forgotten how to understand Korean.
Did he ever know Korean?  Regardless, put the fact that he allowed the conversation at all on the WTFList.

Shi Jin approaches the Lieutenant who, along with the Chief of Foreign Affairs, wants Shi Jin to sit tight and let this hostage situation be handled by the government. You know Shi Jin's not having any of that. Just as he is ready to plow through the gate to get out, the commander of the special forces calls to tell him he has 3 hours when he will not be part of the army. Well played, Myeong Joo's papa. After placing a call to Dae Young to ask how Myeong Joo is and tell him he's sorry he didn't say goodbye, Shi Jin channels the Healer and heads out.
This outfit is very generic.  We've seen it a million times, for years and years.  And yet, it will never not be Healer for me now.

While Mo Yeon is verbally tormented by Argus and Dae Young wonders what Shi Jin is up to, Shi Jin calls the Prince that they saved and asks to use his last card. He needs a chopper. He has a date.
I don't know why but I just kept thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger during that little speech.  'I have a date.'