Descendants of the Sun - Episode 12 (a gifapalooza)

So many things were wrapped up in the episode that it makes me wonder what will happen in the next four. Finally defeating Argus, beating the virus and packing up to return to Korea all played important parts, but the main theme was Mo Yeon's coming to terms with what a relationship with Shi Jin would really be like and whether it's worth it.
As always, the pretty, including Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, make the drama

As Shi Jin calls in his last favor for a chopper, Dae Young visits Myeong Joo to give her an update on Mo Yeon's kidnapping and Shi Jin's solo rescue attempt. The special forces team decides to go aid Shi Jin, even though it is an unofficial operation.
Brothers in arms, though.  Brothers in arms.  I got teary.

Shi Jin is pretty fierce at singlehandedly wiping out everyone in his way until Argus's man shows up with a gun pointed to a child's head. Just when you think Shi Jin's loyalty to saving children will do him in, his fellow Team Alpha mates show up to finish the job. (The look on his face when the guy dropped...) Although surprised, it doesn't take Big Boss long to give orders to Piccoli, Harry Potter, Snoopy and Wolf so they can defeat the enemy. (Why am I laughing here?)
Because you are dutiful viewer.

Back in Korea, the higher ups have gotten word of the kidnapping and want to wait for the government to take appropriate steps. Lieutenant General Yoon defies the Chief of Security by telling him Special Forces Team Alpha has already gone in to rescue the hostage, and he will take responsibility. Once again, Myeong Joo's Dad shows how cool he can be.
I was torn because that politician was an ASS but I mean, come on, he had his marching orders and he doesn't know what it's like.  I am very glad that a man like Myeong Joo Appa was there to take a stand, but it's not like I can't see the other side of it, either.

Argus shows up and is ready to take off with the cash. Shi Jin informs him that he has the escape route as planned, but notices upon seeing Mo Yeon that she is hurt. This really ticks Shi Jin off, so he quickly calls his men to take action.
I just can't stop thinking about what turned Argus into such an asshole.  Are they going to tell us ANYthing about him beyond that he once was a captive with Shi Jin on a UN mission?

Unfortunately, Mo Yeon has a bomb strapped to her so Shi Jin must call off his team immediately. As Argus won't hand over Mo Yeon until he's safe, Shi Jin and team work on a way to deactivate the bomb. Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon to trust him as he shoots the wireless activator off of her shoulder and Team Alpha takes out the rest.
I have to tell you, every time I read 'unfortunately, Mo Yeon has a bomb strapped to her...' I bust out laughing.  'Oh, rats, my leg fell off.'  'Darn it, I just put lotion on that arm and now it's GONE.'

While the wireless remote has been deactivated, there is still that pesky problem of the ticking bomb on Mo Yeon. Once again, Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon to trust him, he won't let her die. Snoopy removes the bomb from Mo Yeon. Go Snoopy!
I like Snoopy a lot.  Don't you?

Just when you think it's over (well, not really) Argus reaches for a gun. Shi Jin dives on Mo Yeon, protecting her from a bullet, then shields her eyes as he says "forget this part." He then shoots Argus dead, as a tear rolls down his face. I won't forget that part - him covering her eyes was my favorite scene of the episode. 
Killed me.  KILLED. ME.  On top of whatever he feels about Argus, I am quite certain he thinks this is the thing that will completely end his relationship with Mo Yeon.

As they return by the chopper, Mo Yeon hears Shi Jin tell the commander the hostage is safe and the target was killed, and that he will disarm and take any punishment. Mo Yeon realizes just how far Shi Jin would go to rescue her. The President of Korea is happy with the results, though, and absolves both Lieutenant General Yoon and Shi Jin of any wrongdoing.
That was a good moment.  'No.  The hostage is safe and no soldiers died so how can you take responsibility?  This is a problem of diplomacy.  That is my responsibility.'  or words to that effect, I watched this a week ago.  

When Dae Young returns to the medibase, Myeong Joo throws herself into his arms. It's one thing to be strong, but when the reality hits of what she could have lost, it overcomes her.  
He went immediately to her.  *sighs*

Back at the base, things begin to return to normal, meaning more shirtless men and ogling women.
I wish my life would return to normal then.

After coming out of the shock of all that happened to Mo Yeon, she finally confronts Shi Jin about his lying or joking with her all the time to cover things up. She understands it but she realizes how hard it is to have a normal relationship where she tells him about mundane, everyday things. Honestly, it would fray my nerves to have to constantly deal with that (but then look at that face, lol.) He asks if she wants to break up, but she says she's trying to decide if she can deal with him.
I just love that he shows the worry and fear and resignation on his face, every time, and that he always gives her space, regardless.  He is ardent but respectful.  He lives his convictions and makes his decisions based on what he thinks is right, but he is open about his worry over what that will cost him, in terms of her acceptance.  He lives by his rules, and he never tries to keep her from living by hers.

Chi Hoon runs into his favorite neighborhood boy again. A pretty hilarious scene ensues where Chi Hoon gives him a new pair of sneakers (PPL) and has a whole conversation not understanding and misinterpreting everything the boy says.
Goat, give me a goat!  Oh, your name is Goat?  Be well, Goat!

Mo Yeon thinks back on Shi Jin and the night they returned from the mission, how she went to him as he sat alone and cried over killing Argus. She uses the same technique to comfort him that he's used on her by telling him to erase it from his memory.
Goo.  Just puddles of it.  Mop me up, I'm done.

The realization that he does not do his duty or kill without great consciousness causes her to go to him and tell him that she'd like to stay together. (Honestly this happened much quicker than I thought.) But she has a right to worry, so could he please tell her when things are bad enough to worry.
He was so resigned, so convinced that this was the end.  I kept yelling at the TV that it was okay, she'd never tell him to make her coffee and then break up with him.

Things get silly as the girls fight about an old rivalry and Shi Jin and Dae Young turn the tables to act jealous and upset. 
They were giving us a moment to collect ourselves, I think.  It was pretty funny.

When Shi Jin continues to act pouty, Mo Yeon starts to call her old love. Once again, we see the phone maneuver, but this time Mo Yeon catches it, throwing Shi Jin off guard. I love how she's starting to be on equal footing with him now by mirroring so many things he's done to her. She tells him she likes him more than any man living on the earth now.
Will Trot hate me if I confess that I like them better than Banker and his bride?

More loose ends are tied up as Mo Yeon and Shi Jin ask the barmaid in town to be Fatima's guardian. I think this is a perfect match since they can speak snarky English to each other all the time and share each other's clothes. Hmm, so does this mean we'll see Daniel in Korea?
I wonder if they knew what a rockstar Daniel would turn out to be with the viewers, and if they wish he'd had a bigger role?  How long before the announcement of his next drama, do you think?

Time for one more private meeting of Mo Yeon and Shin Jin atop a hill with a gorgeous view. They talk about plans for Korea, and Mo Yeon says she'd like to do things normal couples do, instead of getting abducted, dropping from places and being rescued. Shi Jin wants to watch her take a bath, lol, but I say let's just watch Shi Jin take a shower again. He gives her the stone from the beach that he's kept all this time. Maybe it will guarantee a nice honeymoon in Urk (my words, not theirs, lol.)
Can they just camp on that beach?  Otherwise, go somewhere else.

With final pictures, our group heads back to Korea? What is in store for them there? 
I loved these pictures.  I remembered that feeling of comaraderie so vividly, watching them. I'm very curious what it will be like, back in Korea.