Descendants of the Sun - Episode 13 (a gifapalooza)

Our medical team in is back in Korea, with our special forces following soon after. It's an easy to watch episode if you can just overlook the most ridiculous use of product placement that I've ever seen. And I'm not even talking about the friendly folks at Subway. How will everyone's who's been in Urk readjust to life in Korea? Let's just say it provides a lot of laughs and lighthearted moments, and plenty of opportunities for cute gifs.
Tonight we squeal and make merry, for tomorrow someone may die!
Hey guys, I know rumbling furniture meant duck and cover in Urk, but that's a jackhammer, not an earthquake!

Our medical team is back at the hospital! And given a half hearted welcome by the chief.
I dislike him less than I did at the beginning.  He's a pompous ass, yes, but kind of funny if he's not screwing with your life.

Mo Yeon calls Shi Jin back in Urk and tells him of her plans to quit and start her own hospital. Silly relationship banter ensues along with cute SJK expressions.
They are so well-matched - I love when she messes with him.  His little moment of being off-balance is always cute, and then he just eats it up, like when you rough-house with a puppy.

The chief tries to apologize for his imprudent behavior at the hotel. Seems he really does have a thing for her. Mo Yeon responds by handing him her resignation.
Awwww, that's what you get for being a dick, poor thing.

Mo Yeon heads right to the bank to get her loan. Seems like her loan officer is none other than Yoo Ah In, pleasantly turning her down and dissing her at the same time!
I loved this.  He was such a bland nothing that it became funny, because it was him.

Back in Urk, Dae Young tries to talk Myeong Joo into leaving the army and opening a hospital. (I guess opening a hospital is as easy as starting a food cart in the US.) But wouldn't leaving the army be a great disservice to her country? Having pulled some strings, Shi Jin shows up with orders for Myeong Joo's transfer to Korea. The stage is set for all 4 leads to be in Korea together.
After a long while of watching dramas, probably a couple years, I decided that when someone says they own a hospital, what they really mean is a practice, however large or small.  Perhaps in some cases a clinic.

Mo Yeon must swallow her pride and take her resignation back from the chief.  But he's not forgiving her that easily. Instead of the VIP ward, she must now work evenings in the ER. (Definitely more stage setting.)
Yep.  Either way could work - she could have been treating a VIP patient with political significance - but I actually think her personality is better suited to the ER.
Chi Hoon and his wife visit the obstetrician together, and share a cute awkward moment when she tells them not to do "that" until after the baby's born. Please don't let anything happen to this baby, Doctor, because I don't think I could take any more of Chi Hoon crying.
I guess he can cry for a minute when the baby is born.  No, actually, I want a montage of him crying every time he comes into his wife's hospital room and sees her and the baby, and whoever's in the room will look at each other every time like, 'oh, here he goes again' and finally she says he needs to cut that crap out or else she comments to someone that thank God the baby doesn't cry as much as his father does.

Dae Young is contemplating his return to Korea and the decision he'll need to make about quitting the army when Myeong Joo shows up. He tells her he loves her, and she thinks that means they're breaking up. These two have serious breakup issues. But no, Dae Young would never do that. Uh, never say never Dae Young. We still have 3 more episodes to go.
I think I'd still be feeling a little wary if I were her, too.

Team Alpha returns to Korea and are given three days leave, which to Shi Jin and Dae Young means three days drinking. I wish I could gif this entire segment because it was so funny! So I'll add a few more.
My phone is drunk!  No one will answer!

"That's my girlfriend? Really? Daebak!"
Eventually the tables are turned with Mo Yeon being the one completely drunk. Don't ask me how Shi Jin sobered up, but back at her place he's able to swing into full action mode when he hears someone in the house. Who turns out to be her mother! I kind of love drunk Mo Yeon.
They are each the cutest kitten in the world.  When did she stop looking blind, though?  Was it last week? The week before?  Also, is it weird that he is at his most handsome when he's worried?

When meeting for lunch later that day, at their local neighborhood Subway, of course, Shi Jin is once again called away for a secret meeting. Now Team Alpha et al get to play Men in Black, complete with special pens! Only these have a different kind of memory eraser. Seems like their services are needed at more North Korea/South Korea talks.
I have had Subway two, maybe three times since this started airing.  

While going to pick Mo Yeon up for a date, Shi Jin rides in the elevator and overhears a conversation between the Chief and his aide discussing Mo Yeon. The aide pulls out a group shot and says her boyfriend is one of the soldiers. Shi Jin steps in to pick himself out of the picture, haha.
The more cute this gets the more convinced I am that someone really does die by the time this ends.

Fast forward to a double date with our two couples. These are the moments I love Shi Jin and Mo Yeon the most, when they are lovey-dovey and not playing that I'm fake mad at you for looking at another girl/guy thing. Dae Young and Myeong Joo are happy, too, especially since they're not doing their Let's Break Up No Never dance.
Myeong Joo's face is the best thing about this scene, which is full of really great things.

I hesitate to include this next gif because it is ludicrous that they would even put it in the drama, but it does contain a kiss (their first shown? I forget) so here it is. But really, who in their right mind would put a car into autopilot so they can take 30 seconds while driving in traffic to kiss! That is not, as Myeong Joo stated, what she picked the car for! No, it was picked to peak interest so everyone in Korea and elsewhere can get a self driving car and cause havoc for the police. But it was a decent kiss.
Yeah, great, he kisses good.  This was just f**ng stupid and I can't believe that the auto manufacturer thought this was a good thing to do. They could have come up with a better way to demonstrate the feature.

The kiss, of course, meant nothing, because Dae Young finds out the Myeong Joo begged her father not to make him quit the army if she got better. Now we all know from that prideful gaze that Dae Young is not going to tolerate this, because he wanted her father to accept him on his own merit. Cue: breakup music. Let's finish this now. I have no hope for a couple who spends more time fighting against each other than fighting for the relationship.
It took me a minute to even understand WHY they were fighting. I get why she did it and I think anyone would have, but it was a pretty manipulative thing on her part.  Once he told her that he had hoped her father would choose him because he was worthy on his own merit, not because she begged him to do it...then I got it.  She loves her father; he is her only family.  Dae Young loves her, but he also has deep respect for her father and he knows that relationship is important, besides.  He needs to feel like he can look him in the eye, and if he's only there riding on her coat-tails (because she begged) then I can see why he'd say he can't do that.

Our OTP has other problems, though, which is mostly timing. While settling down to once again try and watch the movie, this time it's Mo Yeon who gets called away. I think we should just watch the movie for the last episode, to save ourselves from who knows what the writer is going to throw at us.
Come ON.  She's an ER doc.  One of many.  Did a plane crash in downtown Seoul? Why is she getting called in?

Another day, another Special Forces opportunity. While rehearsing in case of any problems that may come up during the North/South Korean meeting, Shi Jin and Dae Young are left alone when Shi Jin's nemesis from North Korea starts rapidly walking towards them.  You know this isn't going to end well. But there's something in SJK's eyes that I love watching here.
Oh I don't think he's a nemesis at all!  These men like each other.

Back at the hospital, Mo Yeon and team must prepare for the emergency cases coming in. The first is the North Korean soldier, but Mo Yeon is asked to wait and take the more critical one, who turns out to be Shi Jin. I have to say my heart really pounded at this. As we flash back to Mo Yeon saying goodbye to Shi Jin when she left Urk, we are left to ponder: what will happen to our hero?
You can ponder that.  I'm just wondering where all the feathers came from.