Descendants of the Sun - Episode 14 (a gifapalooza)

We left off last episode not knowing the fate of Shi Jin after being shot multiple times and ending up at Mo Yeon's hospital. Who knew you could fix a gunshot wound to the gut with a cast on your arm? We get some background information on the gun battle that took place, along with a lot of new political intrigue, but I've decided to once again to just focus on the cute, sexy and athletic Shi Jin and friends.  Oh, don't forget to clothe yourself in your suspension of disbelief!
I don't care, I don't care, it's all worth it for that slide over the car hood.  I'm watching plenty of smart shows.  Give me my amazing Shi Jin!  It's all I want!
Shi Jin pulls off quite the maneuver while trying to get the bad guys. Go Shi Jin, go!

As we flashback to the gun fight that took place in the garage, we see  that Lieutenant Ahn from North Korea is not out to get Shi Jin, he is actually the victim. Scenes of the gunfight are interspersed with Mo Yeon desperately trying to save Shi Jin's life, because he's gone into cardiac arrest. At the last minute, he comes through, asking about where Lt. Ahn is. Because once your heart gets going, you can just sit up and resume your life.
You are in the Shi Jin zone.  All is possible on this plane of existence. Also: I really like that North Korean guy, don't you?

Lt. Ahn doesn't trust South Korean doctors so is causing a ruckus to get out of the hospital. Shi Jin miraculously intervenes (look at the carefully concealed cast) and when Lt. Ahn collapses, asks Mo Yeon to be the one to operate on him.
I never noticed the cast during the episode!  It's there!  You know the story, right?  Our love Joong Ki was injured pretty badly doing the stunt with the car slide and missed a couple weeks of work, but came back (before the doctors officially released him because he is just as awesome in real life as Shi Jin is in the drama, per the production company) to complete filming so as not to inconvenience all the other people involved.  I guess they had a choice:  do we spend time and money to go through and re-shoot/re-edit certain scenes to maintain continuity?  or do we release a statement praising God Joong Ki and trust that everyone says 'Oh, okay, that's why.' and then lets it go, because Joong Ki?  I think we know which way they went.

While operating on Lt. Ahn, a micro chip is found implanted in his arm. Mo Yeon retrieves it and goes to give it to Shi Jin, but  first she scolds him for not caring about her feelings. She's interrupted when they wheel Lt. Ahn in to share a room with Shi Jin. Dae Young explains that no one is to enter the room, even Mo Yeon, without permission.
The next drama:  Mo Yeon, From Soldier's Woman to Spy

Dr. Kim is discussing rumors of a North Korean being in the hospital when Chi Hoon talks about how he's seen worse in Urk. Of course she doesn't believe him, but he looks cute explaining things.
Onew is adorable, generally speaking.  I won't hold Chi Hoon against him.  For long.  That woman, though.  Her voice is getting to be more and more of a rage trigger for me.

Sang Hyun finds Lt. Ahn's pen and decides to get it to work by licking it. Luckily Dae Yeong intercepts the pen before Sang Hyun poisons himself to death, a thought which he doesn't take standing up. Jae-Ae to the rescue!
*quietly giggles very hard at Lafer's snark*

Everyone is trying to figure out what Lt. Ahn's reasons for coming into South Korea with a fake passport and now wanting to return home (everyone but me that is, because really I don't care.) When Shi Jin can't get answers from him, he asks Mo Yeon to find a room so the and Lt. Ahn can talk privately. Seems the hospital room is bugged, so Shi Jin must get Mo Yeon to understand without saying it out loud. Unable to resist that face, she tells him he'll need an MRI which will provide the opportunity he needs.
Come on, you don't have room in your heart for a freckled North Korean who secretly wants a bromance with Joong Ki?  I think he's a prickly cutiepie.
Mo Yeon goes to ask her friend if she can have private use of the MRI room for a bit and not to ask questions, because she works for the government at the moment. I think Mo Yeon is really happy to be once again helping Shi Jin with his covert operation.
Spying is sexy.

Lt. Ahn reveals that he was hired to find out who was authorizing their top special forces to get involved with a crime syndicate. When asked if he found out who the traitor was, Lt. Ahn swallows the micro chip. I guess swallowing things is the preferred way to hide evidence in this drama, but of course they made a copy before giving back to him. All I could think of while watching this scene was a) it's hard to take this seriously when they're in their jammies and b) Song Joong Ki's skin is absolutely amazing, especially in contrast with the other actor.
Those are freckles, not scars.  It took me a while to realize.  I like the freckles, it's not something I expect to see.  Wouldn't you think the moisture would kill the chip, though?

Lots of other stuff goes on, including Lt. Ahn jumping out a window, being caught by Shi Jin then taken away by his government but not before Shi Jin gives him a tasty treat. (Honestly, at first I thought it was just more product placement.) Lt. Ahn is shot by none other than Shi Jin, who has escaped the hospital to suit up in full sniper gear, but not until Lt. Ahn gave the clue for cracking the code to the microchip into the microphone that was hidden in the tasty treat. Whatever.
You are so cold.  Lt. Ahn needs love too!

Back to the cute. When it's all over, Shi Jin pretends to be sleeping as Mo Yeon enters the room and finds Dae Young there. As soon as she leaves, Shi Jin asks for help getting his pants off (because the cast that was there but wasn't there 2 minutes ago is there now). Mo Yeon, not to be fooled, walks back in the room as the two panic. You gotta hand it to the writer to come up with some pretty funny scenarios.
The whole standing there with the book thing...I was dying. Tori and friends used to play 'Stupid Hide and Seek' when they were kids - hide in really obvious places.  All time winner:  one child sat next to the telephone (a real one) with her head on the base and the receiver on top.  This reminds me of that!
Myeong Joo shows up to see Shi Jin and finds Dae Young in his room, which makes for much awkwardness. She leaves, and Dae Young tells Shi Jin he has resigned from the army. Shi Jin is upset by that, but tells Dae Young to go after Myeong Joo since he gave up his life for her.
Loved that Shi Jin had exact same reaction as Myeong Joo:  'Without talking to me first?'

He goes to her, but she is hiding behind the wall and Dae Young cannot find the courage to approach her. Of course he can't.
It's such a hard situation for them, though.  Neither is wrong, neither is right - each sees the other's point.  How do you comfort someone if you know you will just need to keep on causing that same pain? Should you comfort them?  Or do you just allow them to work their way through it and move on from you?

After watching that scenario, Sung Hyun asks Ja-Ae to go car shopping with him. During the course of some banter, Sung Hyun kids Ja-ae and asks if she was watching him because she likes him, to which she takes him off guard by answering yes. Awww. He's so happy.
These two make me happy, the silly birds.

Mo Yeon catches the news on the hospital TV of how successful the meeting of North and South Korea was and seems to feel a certain pride that Shi Jin was a part of it.
I would, too.  It sucks that you don't get your man all to yourself...but it could be a comfort to know he's instrumental in making good, important things happen. You at least can feel that your own personal pains are for a greater good.

Mo Yeon goes in to spend the night in Shi Jin's hospital room, but would like answers to where he was. When he thanks her for saving his life, she asks why are they always thanking each other for saving their lives instead of for the things regular people thank each other for. She's proud of him for keeping the peace for his country, but doesn't want him to ever come before her covered in blood again.
Most women just worry he'll track mud through the place...

They decided to watch the movie together, which Shi Jin can just happen to access being a VIP. Finally!
I don't even remember which movie it is.  Did we know?

Unfortunately they fall asleep, and while Mo Yeon felt happy and loved in Shi Jin's arms, she wondered if the movie had a happy ending or a sad ending. Looking at the previews, I'm sure we all are wondering the same thing.
Happy.  Happy if you know what's good for you, Show.