ET Sightings - First Quarter 2016

Shuk:  Hello again. As I am getting ready for my birthday trip overseas, I thought this would be a good time to post yet another Eiffel Tower post. Honestly I don't always try to find these, but now that my TList has caught Find The Tower Fever, these things are popping up like spring bulbs!

Even Topp Dogg wants me to Love It Like They Do!
So, first, I want to add those non-drama ET's that my chinguya have been sending me. My "Noble My Love" SqueeCap collaborator found me these rather disturbing scissors. And the always-amusing Trot saw this one in a London window and couldn't resist sending it to me.
(Trotwood: It was not even in a store with French clothes or a French theme--just a random ET)

Mary found two, yes two, for me. A non-Paris Baguette bakery in Quezon City, and a pair of earrings.


So thanks to them, and thanks to the (many) peeps that contributed to the list of shows that have these things in them. Now back to the shows!!

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All About My Mom 2015 (South Korea)
This one fascinates me. A ET floor mosaic with...err...happy faces surrounding it? It this what people really like in their foyers in Asia?
Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai 2015 (Thailand)

Awl 2015 (South Korea)

Nam Pueng Khom 2009 (Thailand)

My first Taiwanese / Mandarin drama of 2016. But not my first ET of the year!

Bromance 2015 (Taiwan)

Madame Antoine 2016 (South Korea)

This one gets an Honorable Mention for having one person point out that hundreds of years before Gustave Eiffel was even alive, that familiar shape was adorning topknots in 4th Century China. Prince Yu is such a trendsetter!
Nirvana In Fire 2015 (China)

Ugly Duckling The Series: The Perfect Match 2015 (Thailand)

One More Happy Ending 2016 (South Korea)

I have happily watched this lakorn more times than I care to admit, but it wasn't until a very short time ago that I even noticed the ET photograph. On a thatched party hut, on a supposed private island in the middle of the Andaman Sea. I guess staring at Chakrit to up most of my ocular concentration.
Mon Jan Tra 2013 (Thailand)

As for my current favorite SoKor drama Marriage Contract, thanks to Jo for finding the little dangling bracelet one on Dimples wrist! I was too busy caught up in his angst and confusion to notice.

And the number one ET-infested drama I've watched this year comes from (no surprise) Thailand. Hua Jai Reua Puang translates as "Heart's Tug" (love this drama!!) I'm convinced that the hearts all want to speak French. I guess technically it is the language of love; at least Gomez thought so. LOL. Although I have only watched the first three episodes, I total found five so far (I was trying to decide if it was going to be my traveling drama since it 35 hours and completely subbed).
APRIL 7TH UPDATE:  Yes, I have just found another, bringing the show's ET total to six. And I'm only up to episode 10 of 20. I wonder if the main couple will honeymoon on the Champes Elysees??

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So there you have it. My current crop of Eiffel Towers. As for any Japanese dramas, I just started Sumika Sumire, and I haven't spotted one yet. In fact, the last JP drama with an ET that I've seen is 2014's Time Spiral. But if anyone finds one, let me know!
Original Architectural Drawing, 1908