Pied Piper 피리부는 사나이 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: Did I mention how good this drama is? (Yes, but you can't say it enough) I'm not kidding, this shit about the "terrorist" motivation/ ideology is really well researched (says my alter-ego, who does security-research in real life and wrote a paper on Anonymous). That shouldn't be such a surprise, should it, but seeing how 90% of all Kdramas use this kind of stuff simply as awkward background for romance, it kinda is. In this episode, our negotiators get really close to the Piper. Or do they? I am seriously doubting that people are whom they claim they are. Also, this is getting INTENSE.
Jaehyus: It was scary.
trotwood: Riveting and scary. I don't even care that much about the girl reporter and I was still worried about her.
JoAnne: That girl keeps popping up a lot and in noticeable ways for a side character that isn't comic relief. I am suspicious.

Episode 7

WTF is Hee-sung doing at the meet-up between Seo Joon and the Piper?! Seo Joon is a smart cookie and poses a question to corroborate the man's identity: what is 3125? Hee-sung draws a blank, which means the meeting is over before it really started. Myung-ha follows Seo Joon (who is walking back to his chauffeured car and Sung-chan follows Hee-sung (also going to his car)).
I like the whole part with him talking to him on the phone like he's not right there watching him. I've seen this so much, but here it seemed really well done for some reason.
Hee-Sung was just so blase about the whole thing. Do you think he knew they were there before they revealed themselves?
When he gets to confront the Reporter, Sung-chan is massively angry but Hee-sung claims he just posed as Pied Piper, like Sung-chan did before, to gather more information about Chairman Seo. Since the last incident, which proved he's close to Sung-chan, he's cut off from everything, Press Director Lee won't talk to him anymore. No scoop = unhappy Hee-sung.
Such a reasonable response delivered in such a reasonable manner.
Sung-chan has to let him go, of course. The only interesting thing that comes from this is the fact that Seo Joon was pretty convinced the Pied Piper is a broadcasting insider (waaaaait a minute... weren't we convinced he was a police man a few episodes back?!).
I don't think he thought so. I think here we are led to the broadcast station because everything seems to lead back there. The secrets are all there or tied to that place.
I agree, all the information seems to be there, and the Chairman seems very in control of that place too. Isn't he always issuing orders with each crisis? Or is that just my impression?
K-Group either owns the station or is a major advertiser with them. Chairman Seo is tied in pretty deeply with them and with the police chief, going back many years. We saw a very similar dynamic in both Pinocchio and that drama about a choice that never actually made a decision. Bastards.
After this, Sung-chan invites himself to Myung-ha's place. To find out more about Team Leader Oh ... and about who could have known about the voice recorder. And find something he does! In a worn cardboard box in the cupboard, they find a badly burned book inside an envelope... it's her Pied Piper children's book, the one she read in episode 1. It seems clear now: Team Leader Oh and the Pied Piper met before, maybe even knew each other. Sending him the book could have been a threat of sorts.
She really must have been through trauma because there is no way I would not have gone through that room looking for answers way before now. I would've had everything documented, cataloged, and archived.
She doesn't seem that bright in some ways, though. Empathetic, yes, and an excellent potential SWAT team member, yes, but not that quick on the "what-next" thinking.
She had absolutely no reason to connect his death with anything until very, very recently, and she's been kinda busy not getting killed.
After this revelation, Sung-chan goes home. In his garage he bumps into Assemblyman Jung, who has been waiting for him. The older man once again tries to be friendly, but Sung-chan scoffs at him like before. It's not only a social call though: Assemblyman Jung has also come to talk about Reporter Noh, who is a good friend of his. He informs Sung-chan that he will do a big media event to tell the world that Noh is innocent. Sung-chan once again reacts with cynicism and contempt. Quite exasperated, Mr. Jung asks: "Sung-chan-ah... what happened to you?" As he walks away, Sung-chan answers: "You made me like this ... father." Well, I can't say I didn't see that one coming :D
Who didn't? But I'm more intrigued by his comment because it implied that Sung Chan wasn't always an angry, money-grubbing schemer or at least someone who plays one for the rich and powerful.
Well, he could have been like this his whole professional life because of how he was raised... but his dad sure seems idealistic compared to him so the dynamic is a bit confusing. Maybe his dad keeps getting his ass handed to him and so Sung-chan decided to go where the money is rather than face his father's fate.
I didn't see it coming. ::HidesInEmbarrassment::
Team Leader Kong (he is quickly developing into one of my favorite characters--me too!!) finds out that Sung-chan and the others have been investigating the Pied Piper behind his back and is really hurt they left him out. Awwww. He wants in! Of course he didn't believe that Noh is the Pied Piper! Sung-chan says it was him who told the others to be quiet ... because of the mole in their midst. Yeah, about that ... not much later, we see that it's baby maknae Jo Jae-Hee (Jang Sung-Bum).
I felt bad about this. I didn't want it to be one of them. I liked them all, but if I had to pick one, I'd rather it be him than Teamleader Kong or Choi, who I am also liking more and more. He's clumsy and awkward but really observant of the group dynamics and the way they are shifting.
Evil Maknae. Or, maybe, he's the Pied Piper?
He could be. It wouldn't be the first time someone similar turned out to be the Big Bad in a drama - I like the chances, but the guy doesn't seem at all happy about his role, so that makes me leery of putting too much weight on it. I did laugh at the reveal of the secret investigation because Kong surprised me in a good way. I already knew I was liking him more and more but that cemented him as a good guy for me.
All together, they're working on the case now. These are the things they suspect (pay attention, this is important!): a) The Piper is either a victim or related to one from the Newtown incident. b) 4 civilians plus one police officer died during the demolition. Myung-ha's parents plus: one guy called Shin Kyung-man, a 26 year old college student. He is survived by his father, Shin Ho-chang. The second victim, Jung Soo-in, was a 30 year old office worker. She is survived by a younger brother named Jung Soo-kyung, 18 years old at the time, now 31. Myung-ha remembers that he used to be an athlete at the time, an aspiring boxer. 
Immediate thought: that dongsaeng is in a gang now, or somehow mixed up with the underworld because kdrama.
I thought 'Boxer? well, it won't be him. He won't be very bright. It must be that other guy who died, a case of mistaken identity.'
They decide to go ask former tenants and contact about the whereabouts of the two survivors. Luckily, Sung-chan has a former colleague (who is this actor, I know him!) who has all the names and details because they worked together back then. The colleague? He also has a lot of guilt. And in passing, he mentions a reporter back then, eager for details. Guess who? Hee-sung. What a lying liar who lies! He knows all about Newtown and claims not to know what 3125 is?
Hee-sung, that sneak! So, so shifty!
In the meantime, Team Leader Kong and the very quiet mole Jo are paying Boxer's gym a visit. There are quite a few pictures of Jung Soo-kyung in victory pose on the wall. They speak to the teacher (another cameo, don't remember his name) and apparently, Jung disappeared for 7 years, than resurfaced about a year ago, a gambling addict and in debt. The juicy detail: he gambles at Seo's casino.
I'm curious about Jo's role as a mole. He is still really dong his job; he's not undermining anything or even really stealing anything. He's breaking confidence by leaking what they are doing, but I have a feeling that though he's a mole, he really isn't "the" mole in the police station that we all should be worrying about.
Whose mole is he?
He's sharing info with the Police Chief, and there's exculpatory information coming.

Stakeout at the casino! Hahahaaa, our guys are so clumsy at this, when Jung actually appears, they first don't recognize him and then tip him off that they're after him so that he has time to take off like a rocket. I must say, Sung-chan is pretty fit for a negotiator. Well, I'm not surprised, I've seen his body in Empire of Lust and I tell you... okay, I digress.
Actually, I'm surprised you didn't digress more with your new-found obsession and all.
Yes, I saw his pictures. And I have got that movie downloaded and ready to watch! #cometonoona
Watch out, she's possessive about this one...
Also, I kinda doubt you're his noona
They finally corner the guy who ... is terrified. He believes they're debt collectors from "Money-Money". The reason why he quit being a boxer is that his leg got quite severely injured during the Newtown incident - he has an ugly scar. When Myung-ha says she's the kiddo who used to live on the rooftop, he reacts strangely, evasive, like he doesn't really remember.
I remember thinking at the time that he did remember her but didn't want to admit it or make a connection to her. He seems to want to distance himself from the whole thing.
Probably hit in the head so often he couldn't remember.
He looked... guilty, almost. I wondered if he was the one who started the fire.

Sung-chan asks whether he ever received a strange phone call and he has! A year ago. But because he said that revenge wasn't an issue for him, the Piper hung up and never bothered him again.
This Piper person strikes me as insane. Okay, he always struck me as insane, but this episode, even more so.
This made me laugh. I pictured the Piper just running down a list of numbers one night, smoking cigarettes and calling strangers: "Hey, remember Newtown? Wasn't that some SHIT, man? I keep thinking...they should really get a taste of their own medicine. Whaddya say we get together, really screw with those sons of bitches? ... no? You're good? Meditation, huh? Regular hikes in the mountains? Oh, wow...vegetarian. Yeah, I heard that really lowers your aggression levels. Yeah, I should give that a try... Okay, well, if you change your mind, here's my number."
But then, the ex-Boxer suddenly claims that he thinks it was Shin Kyung-man. What, the dead man?! Hmmm... so, apparently, the body was so badly burned back then that the identity couldn't be confirmed. That's really suspicious... Shin Kyung-man would be 39 by now, which fits with the profile of the Piper that Sergeant Jo has: He is his 30s. High IQ, eloquent, sharp. Suave at using his words to control others. Ahahahaaaa... yes, sounds very much like Sung-chan, Kong jokes! Or ... Hee-sung, Sung-chan replies. Well, the others laugh at that, but Sung-chan seems to hesitate just for a moment after he realizes what he just said.
At this very moment, I'm going with Heesung. But I also expect he will prove a red herring.
In retrospect I find the Boxer's suggestion quite interesting.
They need DNA from the dead kid's father to make sure the body found back then was in fact Shin Kyung-man and not somebody else. But where is the elder Shin? Time to visit some faces from the past ... After getting a lot of verbal abuse from former tenants, Myung-ha and Sung-chan end up in a small restaurant of a woman who at least talks to them (she seems to like Myung-ha). Yikes, Sung-chan is SO uncomfortable as he comes face to face with all the suffering and resentment that the Newtown incident has caused... he even later apologizes to the woman, but it's so out of context, she wouldn't understand for what.
That's got to be uncomfortable. I'm not excusing his past, but he clearly has managed by not getting emotionally involved with anyone only using his knowledge of emotions as a negotiator. He did not need (nor did he want to) know any of them as people. (This scene also made me want to eat banchan.) (Let's go to Moon Sun, Trot! I want some pickled cucumber, and I'd love some pajeon.--I'm in!)
I didn't feel bad for him. He made his choices, and he should live with being uncomfortable because of them: that's life.
Well, that's one way. What ever happened to compassion, especially in the face of personal growth?
The ahjumma at the restaurant claims not to know where the older Shin is at first, but when they're about to leave, trying to get her to accept their money (she: "I can't accept money from Myung-ha's boyfriend") (yeah, right), she thaws and admits she knows he is in a rather fancy nursing home. She and some others collected money for him to go there. Sung-chang and Myung-ha go for a visit. The Elder Shin can barely move, but when asked about whether someone beside his son has come to visit, he gets agitated and tries to lift his head.
He seems like he wants to warn them.
There also is a mysterious guardian and because this is a Kdrama not like the others, the nurse does not even begin to share any information about him without a warrant. (I was so shocked!) The visit is not all in vain though because practical Myung-ha has picked up a hair underneath the old man's pillow, so they can do the DNA test. All of a sudden, Sung-chan realizes he has "left" his cell phone (suuuuuure) and goes back in.
Is this a tease gif because we all want to pat his butt? He does have very well-fitting pants throughout show. I have noticed.(running away from Kakashi)
Yes thank you for giffing the butt patting.

First, he switches on the TV, because that is where the elder Shin looked at before when he was so agitated. And would you believe it... the news come on and Sung-chan stares at Hee-sung's smug reporter face... and a movie starts playing in his head. It's called "why this guy is extremely suspicious". Juicy detail: TNN is going to report "live from Assemblyman Jung's Publishing Party" in a few hours. Second, Sung-chan removes the oxymeter from the old man's finger, which causes a Code Blue alarm. One nurse immediately calls the guardian, but Sung-chan grabs the phone. He takes a few deep breaths before he puts the receiver to his ear. Guess who... Hee-sung.
Removing the oxymeter to get the guardian on the phone was horrible yet weirdly cool. Still, I think Sung-chan shouldn't have done that.
It was only for a minute.
Hee-sung has an explanation, of course. He is sponsoring this poor old man... and he is not the only one. Also, he doesn't think it's special he reported on the incident back then. Every reporter with legs did! Sung-chan calls him out on pretty much everything like deliberately killing Oh and then gives the explanation for why Hee-sung is the Pied Piper: he is a victim himself. Most likely Shin Ho-chang's missing son or a friend of his. Bullshit, says Hee-sung. His parents live in the States and he isn't from the Newtown area. And anyway, if Sung-chan continues with his stupid assumptions, he will no longer work with him. It's true, Sung-chan sounds a bit crazy.
But why doesn't he check? I know the United States is big country, but they could have easily checked on his parents and who they are and where Hee-Sing went to school to at least rule him out.
He could fake all that, though. 
I also felt weird here because I still don't understand this partnership. Why should/would Sung Chan care if Hee-sung doesn't work with him or not? What has Hee-Sung brought to the table in this investigation so far? His job seems to be to 1) be suspicious 2) make Jo be suspicious of him 3) make Jaehyus forget him. None of which is getting us closer to the Piper.
Hee-sung initiated the collaboration, if I remember correctly. He held damaging info over Sung-chan's head, but also offered to get him access via the crisis team. Moving along, I suppose his knowledge of the TV station helped them quite a bit, and now there's the K-Group/Chairman Seo piece. As a well-known reporter, too, he'd have some influence in various places.
Who are we talking about again? :D
At TNN, preparations for Assemblyman Jung's book launch interview are well underway. The eager young reporter (her name is Yoon Bo-Ram (Jung Hae-Na)) is getting ready to interview Mr. Jung.
I'm know going to seem petty again I know, but my minor was broadcast journalism. I would have never been allowed to wear an outfit like that for a major interview at an event like this. Her plain black interview suit (I know she has one;she probably wore it for her interview for this job) would have been more appropriate here. I feel as though the writers are paying so much attention to other details that they are not paying attention to these. I get it (writers don't determine the clothes of a person though, that's the stylists/costume designers). She's supposed to be a young newbie, but I find it hard to believe that Hee-sung who dresses so well in his broadcast wouldn't have given her a tip about how she should look giving an such an important interview at a big gala.
When making these dramas, they get sponsored clothing. So, this is basically product placement. I know, I'm always amused when lawyers are shown in anything not boring.
Sometimes, it's sponsored, but often, actors often bring their own clothes
I don't remember what she had on. Wasn't it a white jacket of some sort?

At the police station, Officer Choi discovers something chilling... the countdown on the Underground platform has started again (Go, Choi!). Sung-chan quickly confirms with Seo Joon: he was asked to start it again by the "real" Piper. He doesn't know what will happen, but he is quite curious himself.
Did I miss something? When did they become phone calling friends?
Curiosity is not a reason to encourage an anarchist. Just saying.
We should embroider that on a pillow.
Sung-chan gets to the station first, right when the the interview with his father starts. As he told Sung-chan in the garage, Assemblyman Jung mainly talks about Noh and how he is sure he is innocent. As he watches the interview with his father from the side, Sung-chan receives a phone call from Sergeant Jo: it's confirmed, the DNA of the older Shin matches the burnt body. Also, Team Leader Kong went to go see Jung Soo-Kyung (the boxer) again... and found the "Only the weak ones who cannot punish are the ones who can forgive"(different translation this time!) (I find this really pompous.) sprayed on the wall in his hotel room!! Sung-chan stares at Hee-sung with great intensity. What is going on? He was absolutely CERTAIN that Hee-sung must be the Piper.
So... as a general saying, it seems like it means one thing: you can only truly forgive from your heart when the alternative is to suffer from whatever it was forever. It takes that huge generosity of spirit to forgive the person who wronged you. But if you look at as if it were a specific event that they're talking about, it seems more like it means this: If you weren't the defenseless one who got hurt, you have no RIGHT to forgive. That one seems a lot more vengeful.... like it might be said by someone who's pissed off at a world that moved on without requiring true amends.
Oh no, Soo-kyung is already in the station, assault rifle ready ... aiming it at Mr. Jung and then the female reporter ... and then the book. He shoots. Panic ensues. The sniper shoots again (hitting a vase) and then, the red laser point comes to rest on Reporter Yoon's forehead. On live TV.
I gasped out loud. And that was a relief because I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing when the shooting started.
Scary! And poor Reporter Yoon!
See, here she is again. I'm telling you that she specifically must have some importance. She must.
The Piper calls Hee-sung and tells him to continue with the broadcast (note: his voice is not disguised I wondered why, too). (because they already know who he is: no need for disguise now.) If they stop or change the screen, Reporter Yoon is dead. Sung-chan gets a headset and gets ready to negotiate "through Anchor Yoon". This scene is very powerful: Sung-chan tells Hee-sung to buy them time until the SWAT team is in position, and Hee-sung follows his lead... more or less, as "the nation" watches (we see in fact that that ahjumma from the restaurant watches).
Everyone watches. I was even more nervous because Hee-sung looked so freaked out.
This is where I decided the Piper is a complete freak and needs to be out of society for good. Plus, attempted murder aside, there's a point where all that craziness just becomes tedious.  Of course, to stop it, we have to find the Piper...
Hee-Sung really did look terrified. I was almost swayed from my conviction that he's the Piper. Or a dupe of the Piper. Sometimes I think about that.
The SWAT team arrives (I love these guys. They are the coolest. I can't imagine how they remain quiet with all that gear on. Every pair of boots I have squeak.) (I feel like SWAT would've been a good career for trotwood.) (I am really good at laser tag) and immediately make for the most likely hiding places of the shooter. Myung-ha goes in to help with negotiations. She also removes Assemblyman Jung from the scene. Then, she spots Reporter Yoon who is shaking so badly she can barely stand. That is a problem... the SWAT team tells Sung-chan they need about 10 more minutes and that seems an awfully long time in an explosive situation like this! The Piper demands to hear some of the "Truths" that have been buried all these years. The real stuff. Just then, Reporter Yoon collapses. Myung-ha rushes forward to catch her ... and becomes the new target.
Myung-ha was so cool in this! But I like her best when she is rescuing others.
As a reward for her bravery, let's buy her a really nice hair brush and treat her to a deep conditioning treatment.
(I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking like this)
"Tell him about the Philippines", Sung-chan says. And Hee-sung starts to ... until Press Director Lee intervenes and wants to force the crew to turn off the broadcast, thus clearly endangering Reporter Yoon's and now especially Myung-ha's life.
This is the moment I thought, "He needs to die next." There are a lot of bad people in this drama, but he is such a weasel.
Agreed. Not that he should die, but that he is a weasel. And he should be in Mung-ha and Reporter Yoon's position instead.
He is a weasel that should die. In a publicly embarrassing way.
Luckily, Hee-sung continues. And spills the whole truth and nothing but the truth... including how he, Hee-sung and Sung-chan became what they are today because they bend the truth to their own benefit.
And why bring Sung-Chan in at this point? Does the piper know that Sung-Chan is there?
Hee Sung knows that the Piper knows about Sung-chan, since this started (for us) with the Philippines situation. So he would kind of have to tell the truth about Sung-chan's involvement.

But then, Myung-ha chimes in and screams at the Piper that he is not one iota better; he sacrifices innocent people to achieve his goals. The Piper says: he is giving back what he received. But targeting innocent people instead of the people who hurt him. What a jackass. Do not the scumbags in power think that the minority can get hurt for the benefit of all? That is what he is teaching them. Pompous git.
Isn't this where she also reveals that she is a victim, too? Hee-Sung seems genuinely surprised and shocked.
And now, they have ten more seconds ... he wants more truth and if he is not satisfied, Myung-ha dies.
I saw red at this.
I do wonder why the Boxer has this particular reaction to Myung-ha. I always saw it as negative. But yeah, Hee-sung didn't seem to know about her connection to Newtown.
And just when Press Director Lee has made his way down to the main switch and the countdown is UP, Sung-chan screams: "Yeo Myung-ha, MOVE!" and the lights go out.

More Stuff

* Seo Joon! Hmmm... the kid knows everything about his dad. He wants to help the Piper - and by extension all the disaffected people out there - because he knows it's despicable and wrong. But it wasn't the Piper who made him open up Underground, it was of the kid's own volition, which I find an interesting detail. He is feeding off the same type of political ideology that is at the heart of hacktivist groups like Anonymous. It's a relatively naive, but yet strangely contagious notion that "information must be free", that the big and powerful lie to the people, for dodgy reasons. Sung-chan says he caught the "8th grader disease", meaning it's a juvenile romanticism, which isn't wrong, but it's also not right. Seo Joon's excitement as he watched the unfolding crisis on TV shows how thin the line between rightful civil disobediance and violent resistance is. 
When I teach children's literature to future teachers, I talk about how they often underestimate the power of high fantasy on kids both the advances or gifted (not the same thing) learners but also reluctant readers. Kids are generally disaffected. No one tells them anything, people lie to them all the time, and they see things in big picture ways. They like the rules in high fantasy and the fact that whole worlds are at stake and regular people can affect that. Harry Potter makes a mistake and people die. Edmund Pevensie makes a bad friendship choice and winter comes permanently to Narnia. Seo Joon sees his own father as the White Witch. What is he to do? But I also wonder about his glee at the broadcast.
To me, he seems like a typical teenager playing at games but with too much money and power for everyone's safety.
I wouldn't say he was typical at all, although he is typical of a certain type of disenchanted chaebol child often shown in KDramas. This is a kid with access, who sees how things work and is willing to use that even, ultimately, against his own interests. He hates it even though it benefits him. Seo Joon is Han In-sang post Seo Bom, without the focusing detail of a young family to protect.

* What dialect is Chairman Seo speaking? Trot? How are those Korean lessons?
You clearly have never spoken to my Korean teacher. I'm only picking up some Korean in this show when they are speaking slowly. I don't get anything the Chairman says.
I never noticed that he sounded different... I'll pay attention. Not that I could really answer your question, but now because I'm miffed that I didn't even notice. I mean, I could probably tell you Busan, but then so could just about anyone else.

* The book that Assemblyman Jung wrote is his autobiography: "To Coexist". He talks a lot about a conspiracy, with the prime aim to oppress the citizens. He even says: "Terror is a crime, but society should take some responsibility for causing it." That is some dangerous leftwing ideology there, Mr. Jung! Sung-chan sneers at him that "You're still the one who protects the justice in our society all by yourself". It seems he's always been this kind of person.
Somebody has to try, Sung-chan.
You know, we dismissed Chairman Jung pretty quickly. I'm not entirely sure that was wise.

*One page from the Pied Piper book seems to be missing... Myung-ha does not tell Sung-chan about it though.
Oh, I bet it will turn up somewhere...

* A police officer also died during the Newtown incident. Why does his name not come up? Hm...
Yeah. How old was that guy? It could be a younger brother of his, maybe. Not his child, not if the Piper is in his 30s.

* The security nerd in me got big shiny eyes when they discussed violence as a tool for communication! The whole "terrorism as communication" thesis is really fashionable since the mid-1990s. The media plays a crucial role in this, of course, and this whole episode made excellent use of that very fact. Even the way it was filmed, with the screens, the people watching, the people watching in the studio... excellent stuff.
It is very interesting, what this 'instant access' has done to the world. The ways in which it feeds on itself and becomes the news.

* There was a lot of split-screen technique used in this episode. By chance, I have just read a book about "24", the show that made split-screens famous. Of course, Pied Piper does not use the technique as cleverly as "24", but I am pretty sure it's a nod in that show's direction, which I see confirmed by certain events in later episodes.
I watched several seasons in one big gulp and then one day, woke up to not being interested any more. At all. Did you ever watch Sleeper Cell? EXCELLENT but fairly short-lived series.

Comments and Thoughts

SO FRIGGIN INTENSE! Ah, terrorism can be so effective if done right. The Piper and his minions are well prepared and with each incident, they seem better prepared and more steps ahead of our "good" guys. Yes, I am NOT FOOLED. I know the Piper uses other people to do stuff for him, and Sung-chan knows it too, so who can prove that Soo-kyung is THE Piper? He certainly has motive, he certainly has a lot of anger and grief, he certainly presents his case and his hate well. But everything also went a little tiny bit .... too smoothly. From the realization that there is a connection to the Newtown incident to his identification... to his stunt at the station. Why would he spray that message at his wall? Why would he want to be identified at this point in time? I'm suspicious.
Who isn't? At this point, the only person I believe completely (besides our two main characters) is the restaurant lady and I don't know why. It's also way too early for such a reveal. If he is the Piper, then the Piper is not the person who is masterminding this whole terrorism thing. Also, I don't understand the vitriol against Myung-Ha, unless he thinks she is a traitor.
I expect because she's with the police.
That could be it, good point. But let's go back to 'if he is the Piper, then the Piper is not the person who is masterminding...' What if the Piper ISN'T the big bad. I'm not saying he's Soo-kyung, in fact, I don't think he is him at all. But if there really is a Piper out there directing these people...what if there's someone behind him, too?

The episode did everything to convince us of Hee-sung's identity as the Piper, from the moment he appears at that meet-up with the kid, to the realization that he wasn't very forthright about his knowledge of the Newtown incident, to the revelation that he is actively involved in victim-support. I loved how Hee-sung was positioned as a mirror image to Sung-chan (same age, same abilities, same methods), both when they profile the Piper and later, when Soo-kyung talks about their roles in keeping truth hidden. Like or dislike aside, they are, in truth, very similar indeed. (but true enemies often are). It's only the viewpoint, the way the story is told that makes us suspect Hee-sung and not Sung-chan. Objectively speaking, both could be the Piper.
It's crossed my mind. What if Sung-chan is delusional? Has multiple personalities?
Maybe this is the Piper?
Why did you take away the pretty man and replace him with this one?
Crazy Eyes
Finally, a few words on Sung-chan's father. He is another extremely interesting figure. Kudos to the writer for making him that, because we have hardly ever seen him, and yet, he has presence. We don't know yet why Sung-chan hates him so much (apart from the fact that he didn't give Sung-chan enough love, awwwww), but it seems clear already that he, too, is not unconnected to what is going on. He is also joining the long list of people who have (some) sympathy for the Piper and his cause.
Suddenly I imagine Sung-chan as Alex Keaton and his father as the hippy dad. Very funny.
Did you add this gif because you knew that every time I see her I want to smack her in the head?
Oh, I like her.  
Liking her and wanting to smack her in the head are not mutually exclusive for me.

In political theory, there is a lot of literature on the question of resistance, violence, and transformative change. In essence, this is about the question of whether there is a moral obligation to act against injustice. And a question about the means to do that. In short: how much violence is needed, must be used by those who can to change an oppressive system? People in positions of power are conservative - they want the system to remain the same. But there will always be those that see the negative effects, the suffering a particular system creates. What does it mean if they keep quiet about it? They become re-enforcers of the system. The Pied Piper, like so many before him, would argue that if you know, you must act. And if must be, you must be prepared to make big sacrifices for that change.   
He's not exactly sacrificing himself, though, is he? He's sacrificing people who have nothing to do with the things he's angry about.
But it doesn't appear that any one event is really the end game for him, which means that point is still out there - and perhaps he is saving himself for that point. Or, just as likely, he reserves himself with the idea of leading the masses once revolt has begun.