Noble My Love - Episodes 19 to 20 FINAL (A Mini SqueeCap)

Enter the DragonMom! Nothing like bringing in more crap thirty minutes from the end of the show.
becca: *sneaks in for final squeecap* Warning: It's been months since I've watched this drama, and I think I've forgotten most of it.
All you need to remember is than Kang Swoon has a lot going on in his pants.
Blessed be the pants. All glory and honor to the pants. Calls those pants Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.
She was not what I expected.

Episode 19 – Marry Me – The Worst Proposal

It’s a tense scene on the living room furniture. No matter how quietly she asks, it’s clear Dragon Mom wants to know who the curly-haired interloper is. And not the fluffy one hiding in another room.
I know I'm supposed to dislike her, but I dislike her not in the way that I think the writers want me too. She, too, seems like a character they got for a bargain. Stereotypical dragon mom who wants her son to marry someone she picks. (yawn) And thinks that Cha is just a money grubber. (double yawn) More wasted time when we could've just used the "other love backstory." I also have no patience for parents who have double standards. She needs to spend some time getting BratBro in hand, not meddling in perfect son world.
She was disappointing. I would've liked bigger hair, a stiff big handbag that the props people got cheaply at Dongdaemun Market, and huge chaebol earrings. 
I forgot about her completely. Yay for selective memories!
Swiping left. *hugs Becca*
Dr Cha answers everything with her usual frankness: she’s a veterinarian and her parents own a farm. BratBro is looking very upset (which actually made me start to like him a bit)  but Kang Hoon is stone-faced. DragMom’s face clears. She assumes that this doctor’s parents were too busy mucking about to teach their daughter proper manners. Both brothers put up a short, weak protest.
And both brothers made me dislike them a bit. 
Sigh. So ineffectual
We know what they're effective at, and it doesn't work on their mother.  Thank God, because that's a drama I ain't watching.

But our girl can stand on her own two feet. Yes, there are things to be learned, but these have nothing to do with her mom and dad. Those words are like raindrops on a coat, bounce bounce bounce. In the same half-smile-half-sneer, DragMom tells Dr Cha to get lost. Kang Hoon pops up and chases her, ignoring Mom’s command to stay there. Mom chuffs louder than either of the Dr Biatches.
Total yawn.
I already swiped.
The doctor is already on the damp steps when Kang Hoon catches up. He grabs her arm, stopping her headlong flight. She turns those big eyes full of hurt and warns him to let go. He just pulls her to the car.
I hated seeing my beloved Dr Cha/Jaekyung look sad. It was almost as bad as seeing Jaehyo look sad.
Jaehyo is not in this drama. Focus.
Right, that was the other web drama with a terrible mother.
Pick a webdrama and spot the Evil Mom.
At HoonHouse, BratBoy tries to make his mother see what she did wrong. He was acting up with hose to play with both of his siblings. What other sibling? (NOTE: he calls Dr Cha his big sister) I dunno, does Mom think this sitch is a rinse-and-repeat of the HoB4Bro?
More boring. If she is going to be evil, go all out. She should be talking about how much she hates joy or she wants more profits so she can't have Kang Hoon distracted. Or she doesn't want him off the grid again like with other girlfriend or she wants someone to control or something. Revel in your evil; don't be petulant. Evil mom roles aren't petulant! We don't have time to waste on petulant!
When dealing with chaebol moms, the need to control is usually a factor. Mother may know best, but our Kang Hoon is like Rapunzel - he needs to be freeeeeee. (I don't know what I'm doing with this metaphor.)
Our Kang Hoon is like Rapunzel, with very long braid hanging out the window, only it's not a braid and it's not a window. I want to play with Kang Hoon's braid, wink wink. "My, what a thick braid you have, Kang Hoon. Ooooh, Kang Hoon, can I play with your braid? I don't think I've ever seen such a long thick braid, Kang Hoon...let's measure it! Stop flinging that braid around, Kang Hoon, you'll put someone's eye out!" Like that, Becca?
*is traumatized*
Who knows, but she is shocked to see/hear Fluffy as well as Dr Cha’s special pink bedroom (with its never-wrinkled linen - hm, that raises questions about the sleeping arrangement, doesn't it? *wiggles eyebrows*). Can we give her a cat allergy to sneeze her into a coma, Show? Fuzzy certainly doesn't give a damn and looks comfortable staking claim to the bed. DragMom yells at her youngest to find his brother ASAP.
Fluffy wants the humanz to serve him naoooowwwrrrr.
I want that cat's life. Pretty cushy. Lots of naps. Perfection.
That cat is lying there thinking 'I bet Kang Hoon's braid can't do THIS' while he flicks his tail.
The pair have reached the clinic, still holding hands. Dr Cha is exhausted; CEO wants to know why she must stay there. She should go to a hotel, or even the HoonHouse annex. But she feels better around her comfortable things.
I would, too. But I'd invite him to stay with me as well.
After being treated like that by the mum, I doubt she's in the mood for anything.
Moms: killing the romantic mood since the dawn of time. (Love you, Mom!)
Don't let Mom freshen up your braid, Kang Hoon. (someone help me, I can't stop)
You don't want to help, and you also don't really want to stop. We don't want you to, either.
Kang Hoon knitting a sock for his braid.
He sits down next to her, and only then realizes that she ran out wearing nothing but house slippers. He promises that she won’t be forced to leave him again. They share a quiet, sad moment clinging to each other.
They can both sense a possible ending.
His braid may be thick and shiny, but he could still suffer from a split end.
Later on he fetches porridge, but she’s not in the mood to eat, even if he cajoles her. Mom, of course, is ring-a-ring-dinging his phone, but he ignores her in favor of his woman. Does she have a fever? She’s not looking well at all, but she tells him to go home and see her tomorrow. With her clothes and her cat.
Boring. I thought they could play with each other's hair. (it's a disease, I swear)

He makes it home. Mom isn’t grilling him, but she is dismissive of his choice in life partners. With a verbal shrug, she basically tells him she’s doesn’t give a damn what he thinks, she won’t allow it. The doctor is decent for a poor person, but nowhere near the caliber her son should have beside him. He tells her tough noogy, he started this and he will finish it with a wedding band on the doctor’s finger. Mom’s mouth is hanging open like a large-mouth bass when he walks away.
We all know that this is too easy, right?
Oh of course, the grown man with incredible abs, skills and qualifications can't do a thing without Mummy's approval.
Break out of that tower, Rapunzel!!
(In my best Liam Neeson voice) Bring forth the braid!
Whose house is this anyway?? DragonMom has Dr Cha’s stuff cleared out into boxes and unfortunately finds the "Hospital For the Hottie" contract from Episode Nine. Just wait until she sees the Ground Rules contract.
Well of course the business owns the house, or the parents do. I think Mom scalped dad. I'm pretty sure I saw his balls hanging on the wall...
(note feel free to remove above if it doesn't work for you)
(looks right to me)
Okay. It stays!
DragonMom is doing a ballsqueeze on her eldest (that imagery is disturbing on multiple levels, P'Shuk)(considering where I've been taking the imagery all unawares, I think it's awesome), slamming him for choosing a contract with an orchard monkey loser versus her no-doubt-perfect wifepicks. He tells her his feelings changed after that contract was written. Mom is a condescending ass. She brings up the former girlfriend, so clearly she knows what happened between the brothers. She calls him useless and challenges him with a pre-nup to test the good doctor’s intentions.
Do you guys ever wonder how we are supposed to believe that such horrible people in these dramas have such nice children? Yes, I've known a few, but those kids never had anything to do with their parents once they're grown up.
Sometimes I wonder what today's lead characters will be like as parents and if they'll be making the same mistakes.
I'm all for prenups, but something tells me this one is going to a horrible, degrading one that no one with any sense of self will sign.
I don't think there's anything wrong with protecting existing assets - an incoming spouse shouldn't be able to take them, nor should they risk losing their own; agreeing up front is just keeping things simple. But half of anything that comes in while they're married is fair game, and kids should be equal inheritors in family assets once they reach adulthood. Expect the best, plan for the worst. If you have a plan, then you can forget about it until you need it!
In the privacy of his home he reads the document all the way through before calling his beloved. She wonders why his voice sounds funny; he squeezes his eyes in pain but assures her he will stop by tomorrow and explain.
 CEO Hotness stops by in the morning carrying Fluffy, but comes to a halt when he sees a young man feeding his woman. Whut?? Eh, it’s only her brother. A few blinks later, he smoothly goes into Meeting Your Girl’s Relatives mode. FarmBro’s comments get him kicked several times by Dr Cha, but he is suitably impressed by his hyung-in-law’s business card. He does wonder how the boyfriend’s family reacted to the news. That makes our couple understandably uncomfortable.
If he's bringing back Fluffy, that should be a clear indication.
I do remember that sudden switch to best behavior being funny - I always love watching the haughty lead under pressure to impress the in-laws.

Kang Hoon has to head for work without discussing his mother’s edict. He just tells her they will talk later. Uh-oh, that delay can’t be good.
Nope. Not good. Nada. Go back now.
"We'll talk later" is never a good thing in dramas. It means something bad will happen.
He's going to get his braid chopped off in the door she slams on him.
I hate when people tell me to talk later without even an indication of the topic. Just saying.

It’s dark outside when he finally signs the last of the day’s work. Looking at the pre-nuptial agreement, he grabs his coat and heads over to the hospital.
Except DragonMom has beaten him to it. She pontificates a bunch of nonsense on how there’s a price to pay for the prince, blah blah blah, not like the vet hasn’t gotten enough crap hanging out with him. But worse is to come. She slaps down the pre-nup and warns that it is totally non-negotiable. DragonMom stabs a few more times. The doctor must be good at signing things, since she has this clinic and is expecting to enjoy her money-grubbing ill-gotten gains.
The prenup has to be re-signed each year until Dragon Mom says it doesn't. Dr. Cha, if she has enough of the MIL From Hell, will have to give up any children she has and any money she would be entitled to without a prenup. It's pretty humiliating and shows a complete disregard for the other person as a human being. 
Fuck THAT.
I can see EvilMom and Dr Biatch1 getting along soooooo well, and why Dr B1 was the Number 1 draft pick. Not sure if you can sense a heartbeat in either of them.
Dr Cha has had enough. NO.
Damn straight!
I believe I made my thoughts clear so I won't need to repeat them here.
She won’t sign the document. And she won’t marry this woman’s son.
She has self-respect. Nothing is worth giving that up.
Now slap the bitch, Dr. Cha!
Poor Kang Hoon. Too late, he rounds the corner just to hear that denial. Mom’s sees that he sees and heard what she heard. She decides to rub it in like broken glass in an open wound, and asks Dr Cha to repeat herself. Mom is a Gloaty McGloaterson when she alerts Dr Cha to the presence of the hot, hurting man behind her.
I just want her gone. Not because I hate her. She's not even worth hating at this point. I just want more of Hoon and Cha even if he's sad.
This is his fault, though. He should've told his mother, prenup signed once, proper alimony, shared child custody. This other way is just treating Dr Cha like a baby machine slave.
Bye bye.

Episode 20 – My Dear Love

The ‘Closed’ sign is up on the hospital door. It’s also up on Dr Cha’s heart. The two of them are now alone, staring at each other across gulfs and gulfs of sadness. Almost in disbelief, Kang Hoon asks her point blank, “You really won’t marry me?”
I know why she is doing this, but I don't think I could've stood my ground with that look of pure vulnerability on his face and this very proud man's begging tone.
I could've. But then I'm still single.
That look would've done me in. . . and then Dragon mom would've said something, and every memory would've all come back . . . with my backbone.
I would have just said not if that's how it has to be. At least let him understand what needs to change.
In an expressionless voice she reminds him that he never proposed. But she was supposed to follow his lead and trust him! But now she gets heated. She will never sign such a disgusting document that advises divorce and child custody proceedings. He stops her by pulling her in a desperate hug.
And his mother does not notice or care about his distress? Has she forgotten that he apparently shut his brother out for five years after the last women he cared about left?

She punches his shoulder while he quietly begs her to just please give in this one time.
Oh, you dumb ass. 
She pulls away and declines, but he pleads with her, his voice gaining strength. If they follow his mother’s orders for just one year, they might be free to do whatever they want! Have children, grow old together, and be a real family. But she wonders what will happen if they divorce within the year? To him that makes no sense. A prenup presupposes a divorce, though. There's nothing wrong with considering all possible outcomes when making such a huge decision. Oh, I totally agree with that. To her, that pre-nuptial doesn’t make sense either.
Follow his mother's orders for a year? That woman would do her best to drive them apart. Worse still, she'd hope that Dr. Cha would get pregnant, so she could steal that baby from her. Does he know nothing? Can he not guess his mom's plans? Is he brand new to this world?--But he is in so much pain here that I struggle with my outrage.
Also, it has to be re-signed each year. And once Dr Cha is living with the family, she's pretty much at their mercy for whatever abuse her in-laws dole out.
So Dr. Cha is the mother who craves the rampion (Kang Hoon), which is why the evil witch is demanding her child. Wait, but if Kang Hoon was supposed to be Rapunzel.... This is too confusing. *gives up*
*disturbing images of Mom giving the braid a good conditioning*
He yells, “Only this once!” He grabs her hands as his voice gentles. Please can’t you say yes? She doesn’t say a word, and he realizes she will not give in on this. Her MO is always to leave herself an escape route in any situation. But can’t she think of “them” instead of only herself?
Good job Dr. Cha. You stand your ground, girl, because there is really no them in that contract. When I first watched, I was mad at her and was completely on his side here. Stay! Prove Dragon mom wrong! But now I realize that no one is really looking out for her.
Exactly, she would've been at their mercy, and Dragon Mum would've stuck around to make her life hell.
Her life would be miserable under this contract with mom. If they cave now, they would always cave - meaning even if the year went by, she'd still be miserable with mom. He has to choose her to prove to her and mom that he would always choose her and not out of some compromise. Her heart will break here, but alone her spirit won't be crushed.
Agreeing with Trot.
*wild applause* Well put, indeed!
Give Trot some cake! 
She apologizes. Kang Hoon tries a final tactic. If he walks out of that building, he will never ever ever come back to her. Ever. They both tear up as they realize they are both unyielding in this. He walks away, his face stormy, his eyes bleak, as she collapses into a ball of tears.
Not going to lie. I had tears, too.
Out of my own experiences with dealing often with extremely rich, chaebol types (not Korean, though), they have no concern for a less-well-off person's feelings. Money is everything to them. They want what they want, and they sneer at everyone else. Kang Hoon has come a long way, but he still doesn't get that this other person has feelings as well.
I think he knows she's hurt, too, but he's just too wrapped up in his own pain and desperation to see what giving in would do to her. He thinks they could get through this if only they're together, but she knows it would only tear them further apart.
Because he wants it, he is willing to lie to himself.

At home, he’s wide awake in bed, his puffy eyes belying his pain. He looks up to see her smiling over him, but it’s just an illusion his bruised heart is sending to his agonized brain. He orders it to go away.
At the hospital, Dr Cha sits on her sofa and stares at her recent successes at the new location. She flashes back to the first time that cocky so-and-so showed her this location, and the times they interacted in that building. She has a tiny smile that dissolves when she remembers the final ultimatum and goodbye. She makes a decision and locks the place up, trundling away with her suitcase. Hey, what about Fuzzy?
Maybe Fuzzy went back to torture the mum. He can be an inlaw from hell too.
At HoonHell, CEO is just waking up with a splitting headache. He checks his phone; there’s a video from his woman! He quickly watches it. Next scene, still in yesterday’s clothes, he hightails it out to the hospital. Dr Cha’s voiceover continues as we see him grab Fuzzy from Weaksauce and take him home, daring his mother to say anything.
"I defy you, Mother! I defy you with a fluffy kitten! Take that!"
By the power of Snookums, I banish thee!
Dragonmom and BratBro meet him at the door. I've watched this scene several times trying to figure out how to read their expressions.
He’s also carrying a pink book. The video starts with a kitty-wave as Dr Cha talks. She hopes he is well, and, in spite of his anger, hopes he will watch the video. She thanks him for his feelings and tells him she loves him. He nearly breaks into tears as he wonders where she has disappeared to. The pink book is her scrapbook of all their interactions, tickets and photos.
Who knew scrapbooking skills and stickers would come in so handy?
Who knew she had any time to scrapbook?
Remember? She used the scrapbook to record their "dates." (I think. As I said, my memory of this drama is fuzzy.)
It turns out she’s in the country, with a straw hat and ahjumma pants, eating a big ol’ bowl of something. She gets a call from her dongsaeng, who wants payment for keeping an eye on her clinic. KangBro shows up and they introduce themselves. The younger boys then decide to talk about their older, hardheaded siblings.
So, at the clinic, the two perform a crossed-arm-stare in Dolby while Kang Hoon asks for information on Dr Cha. FarmBro doesn’t want to share. BratBro of course chimes in on a boyfriend’s inability to find his girlfriend. Kang Hoon tries a different tack. He can’t eat or sleep without her. In fact, he might be…in lo...err…humph…well…
What, is he pregnant?
His braid has this big knot. He needs her to tease it out.
She is wide awake as well, sitting outside on the table, remembering the Climb Kang Swoon Night, the first meal together, the front porch skinship. Her phone chimes; Weaksauce advises her that CEO has Fuzzy. There are also back to back texts, alternately pleading and angry and sad. She envisions him in front of her, missing her.
I know it's cheesy, but I liked the fact that he was having visions of her and she of him.
I fast-forwarded.
"I'm holding your cat hostage! If you want the fluff, you'll have to get through me."
The next day she is at the bus station, getting a ticket to Seoul. Go get your man, Dr Cha!! (Go get your cat!!) Of course, at the same time, CEO Hotness is heading up the road with directions to Dr Cha’s location. Looks like he means business!
DragonMom is all fretting and stuff, and PA Kang finally tells her to set her privileged ass down.
Well, we want him to, anyway. Instead, he enumerates Facts The Old Fart Didn’t Know About Her Eldest’s Intended. The fact that she saved Boss’ life after his kidnapping; the secret of the extent of his injuries; and the tightness of Dr Cha’s mouth when the knowledge could have swung the favor over to her.  Dragon Lady is now little more than a weedy sea dragon.
PA Kang= True Hero of this tale.  (putting down my glitter fan sign and bowing low before him in appreciation)
Kang Hoon should've told all this, and he should've said how Dr Cha refused all payment, and how he insisted she come work for him even though she wanted to stay where she was.
It wouldn't have been as effective, I think.
Dr Cha is waiting at the bus station when she gets a call from FarmBro.  Like a shot she runs for the orchard. Was she at her parent’s place the whole time? Pretty poor sleuthing skills, then, CEO Hotness.
Yeah. That's what I thought, too. And then I wondered if he ever knew the location of her parents' orchard. 
Of course he didn't know the location of a peasant's orchard in Peasantville.
Just look for the biggest, juiciest apples.
He's already got them, nyuk nyuk nyuk.
But who cares?! She’s trotting through the rows of apple trees when she finally spots him. He’s wearing distressed jeans, button shirt almost to that swan-like neck, purple jacket, and a growing….smile!
Those aren't jeans...
They both start to walk towards, speeding up until she’s practically running. He, of course, just lengthens that lovely stride a little longer. They come to a halt nearly touching. His hands are NOT in his pockets, but he is in full peacock stance.
She wonders how he found her; he states he would find her even to the ends of the earth. They stare a bit longer and finally orbital hug. When they stop, it appears they have telekinesis. He promises to give her an airtight contract; she wants to make sure he belongs to her forever. Wait, no final kiss?? Stahp!!!
Instead the book closes as our PA Kang narrates the connubial bliss of our newlyweds. He’s perfect, she’s beautiful, and their kids will be the bomb diggity. We get some final cute post-wedding scenes as PA Kang enthuses that a happy boss won’t pick on him anymore. And a final kiss! With PANTSHANDS, of course.
Like we need reminding of how happy those pants (and what's in them) are at this point!
That final kiss and the way they just laugh afterward is probably my favorite thing that happened in this show. They both look so giddy and adorable.
They are cute, it's true.


Done! Done, done done. Our Pantshands Prince and our Vivacious Vet finally get their happy ending. Mom was just a flash in the pan; well, really anybody and everybody in both families could have been cardboard cutouts. But I did so love that PA Kang performed the turnaround when it came to Dragon Mom.
Awesome Assistants: one of my favorite tropes!
My hero!
I was surprised at the effort it took to squeecap 15-minute episodes since we have been doing full-length shows for almost a half-decade. But I'm happy Jo has the joy of recapping Viki's "Dramaworld", whose lead guy isn't nearly so hot, but whose villain is so much better than, well, anyone else.
And the Flower Boy, don't forget the Flower Boy.
The prenuptial agreement shouldn't have caused this much contention in my book. After all, if he told his mom to pack sand, what would she do? Take away his position? Make him wear plaid?  I'm not even sure why she left the building when Dragon Mom told her to vamoose. I would have just gone to my room and eavesdropped. Possession is 9/10's of the law, of furniture AND man.
But that's not how it's done in Dramaworld.
There must be a chapter on it somewhere.
Chapter 12: "He Who Wears The Crown Must Place It On His Braid"
Anyway, thank you to all my intrepid commenters who stuck with it through all my delays. You guys also deserve a glitter sign!! And especially for Quirkstine, our resident Trope Tracker!!
Thanks for inviting us along, Shuk! This show was great, but commenting was even better!
And thanks for letting me join you in the eleventh hour!
Free the braid!


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