Thumping Spike - Episode 8 (A Squeecap)

trotwood: I’ve decided that I don’t understand the titles for this show's episodes. They continuously seem to be more appropriate for a different episode. I think of this ep as “Rimmbutt Returns” not because Rim hasn’t been in this show before but because the little bit of cute was overshadowed (sometimes completely) by him being a self-righteous ass. He is going to have to work hard though to counteract the power of the giant climbing tree puppy.
kakashi: "Rimmbutt Returns to the unity of the love team" or something? Maybe add: "hot and bothered"?
JoAnne:  I'll be busy climbing the Tree, so be sure and let me know when the emotional weather clears down there with our beloved Butthead.

Episode 8: Unity

Episode begins with Woo Jin standing outside of the training house. He seems to be a bit worried, looking glorious in his school uniform and his white sneakers. Jae Woong and Se Ra show up (aww. We knew he’d come back!), and she looks at her watch worried that he is out past 10 PM. He gives Jae Woong probably the nastiest look that he has given any thing on the planet ever up to this point (which isn’t that nasty, just nasty for him) and asks her why the (the what, Trot? why the what? Were you going to SWEAR?) she is together with Jae Woong. I have to say I’m starting to get bothered by how no one seems to really answer her questions but talk to her as if she hasn’t spoken at all.
She does not read people well, this woman. I'd have asked this guy why he's acting petty and jealous. Instead of being glad that their gold standard has returned! 
Perhaps his face is too high up from hers for her to accurately read his emotions. If I were her I would try to minimize that height difference by oh, I don't know...well, I suppose they could sit down, or lie down...
She tells him that she just happened to see Jae Woong. [Why does she lie? It’s obvious that she went to look for him because she said she would, she has been gone for four days, and she’s wearing the same clothes she had on when he last saw her.] (Maybe Jae Woong doesn't know that, though.) She pats Jae Woong’s shoulder to say they should go inside; she tells Woo Jin to go home too since it’s so late. Jae Woong goes inside, and she goes to follow, but Woo Jin grabs her arm. He wants to know if this means that sunbae is back and whether she convinced him to come back. She scoffs that she has that effect but that he decided to return on his own. Woo Jin looks distinctly unhappy. Se Ra is about to go when she stops and asks him if she can see his father. Now he looks completely conflicted.
Yeah, why does she lie? She doesn't get that this kid likes her but she thinks it's necessary to keep pretending she didn't stay at the hospital for 4 days to win him back? Did he stand outside the house waiting for her for 4 days? 
Perhaps she wants Woo Jin to think more positively about Jae Woong's commitment to the team - coming back on his own is better than being talked into coming back.
So they show up at Woo Jin’s house. When is this, that night? She is still wearing the sweatshirt without the blackout tape. She does her hair and makeup, but why is she wearing that to meet with the father? But then I think, he’s wearing a sweater vest to match the Partridge Family bus, so why not.
David Cassidy was my very first flower boy. *sighs*
Father of the Year smugly sips his juice and acts surprised that she would even show up to ask him to reinstate the team. He snarkily says that she must have an easy life thinking she can come in there and just get things changed. But Se Ra is not to be cowed and says with purposeful wide-eyed innocence that she could do things the hard way by putting up a protest poster, getting signatures from teachers and students, and then sending it to the school board.  I nearly applauded at how well she handled this maneuver. She is so slick and pulls the innocent look so well. However even though bad dad knows he’s in a hard place, he also won’t back down completely. He says he’ll consider their request if they come in first at the President’s Cup. Woo Jin protests at this unreasonable deal, but his father snaps back at him, “Are you playing to lose then?” Se Ra takes the deal to the surprise of both men. Why are they surprised? She hasn’t slept properly in four days!
All I could think of was "WOW, those sofas". I think his inner ugliness is mirrored in the extreme ugliness of that living room.
They have friendlier lighting in operating rooms. It looks like they set up his living room in a hospital lobby.
The next scene is in the principal’s office with Bad Dad on one of the plush chairs and Se Ra and Coach Song on the other side.
What! No, you actually left out how she asks Tree, who thinks she's crazy to say they'll come first, who is first right now and then smiles happily on her bed ... looking at the thing at the ceiling. It's not porn, it's an emblem of Hanbit University. Awww, this is where Rim wants to go after graduating! She takes the poster off and scribbles "you can do it" on it, before putting it up again. Awww, awww, awwwwww.
When I think of Rim lying in bed at night fantasizing, this is not what I imagine him picturing. Although I'm sure her encouraging words will still be welcome.
The principal has called them all in to hear that bad dad had agreed to not abolish the team. But our snark dad has to rub it in to Song that he doesn’t believe he’ll need to worry for long because he knows that they won’t win especially with him as coach since he wasn’t talented enough to make pro. Coach Song hits back with the fact that Bad Dad was too stupid to get into college and used his money to study abroad. They dissolve into taunts involving poop and the principal having to break up this fight. But what’s this? They were BOTH on the volleyball team when they went to school here? SO this bad blood goes back years.
The sad thing: people are really like this. It often makes me laugh though, like here too. And by the way .... Coach Song! We have a name! He is Coach Song!
I've been wondering if Koreans really do conduct a lot of meetings on such comfy furniture, rather than in meeting rooms.
Once they leave, the principal asks Se Ra how long she plans to stay because her manager calls every day to check on her. The principal complains about his persistent questions and wonders why he doesn’t just call Se Ra directly if he is so concerned. Se Ra looks guilty (I don’t think she’s thought of him much at all—who’d have time with all those puppies in her charge?), so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she goes to the agency. Secretary Kim isn’t surprised to see her and seems less annoyed with her than usual. She does say to Se Ra when the younger woman apologizes for coming unannounced that Se Ra always does, and that Representive Gi-Joon would always drop anything he was doing to see her. (I could see how this would’ve been annoying to Secretary Kim) We were told that it would be awhile before he’d be able to get back, but at end of this conversation, he shows up at a run and out of breath. This is the first time that I felt a little sorry for him.
It's because he seems vulnerable. Even more interesting to me: Who is this on the wall? The yellow shirted dude? A real basketball player? An actor pretending to be a basketball player on the wall of a sports agency?
It confirmed my suspicion that he thinks of her as more than just a client, which puts a lot of his previous behavior in a different light. I still don't like his face but I think the liking is genuine, not power-based. No clue on your guy, Kakashi.
Scene shifts to a café/coffee shop where they sit awkwardly across the table from each other. He wants to know if she is going to re-sign with him because he knows she hasn’t been scouted by anyone else. She is surprised that he knows this. But let’s stop for a minute. I don’t think she is underestimating his power like he teases her about afterwards but more because I don’t think she ever really thought about how much he thinks of her. I don’t think she took him for granted per se, but I don’t think she recognizes his treatment of her as special treatment. I don’t think it would occur to her that he would keep tabs on her after she left.
She seems quite oblivious in general. It makes her pretty immature if you ask me and she appears dependent on someone who guides her through life in general. No wonder this guy has a very strong protective impulse vis-a-vis her. 
I think that these kids who are groomed to go pro like this are handled very carefully - they live for whatever it is they're being managed over, school minimums are met, and everything else is taken care of.  If everyone around you hovers, and has done so since you were quite young, you have no clue what normal is even if you see other people being treated differently.
He responds that of course he knows because he’s the great Kim Gi-Joon! But then almost immediately looks sheepish and says he probably sounded like a jerk saying that. He next asks her if she isn’t uncomfortable living at the training house, and once again she’s surprised that he knows this. And he says again that he is the great Kim Gi-Joon, but this time they both laugh about it. He clearly wants her back, but I think he just wants “her” back not just her talent. He’s oozing that vibe, but she isn’t picking up on it at all.
Okay, okay, I'll admit it: he was a bit cute in this scene. 
Well, I still don't like his face but he was pretty pleasant, all considered.
She tells him that she is too busy to think about whether she is comfortable or uncomfortable. He responds that he wants to apologize for what he said and how harsh he sounded. He can see her potential for greatness and it makes him angry to see her settle for less than that. He wants her to re-sign with him because if a scandal breaks out he cannot protect her. I wonder about that. He could still if he wanted to, but he wouldn’t reap the benefits from such a repression. She tells him that she will have to think about it.
Oups. Now that a scandal is mentioned we'll get a scandal, right? KDrama law
Once you open that gate...
Representative Gi-Joon goes back to the agency feeling down. He is disappointed that Se Ra is taking her time. He tells Secretary Kim that he thought he’d find Se Ra crying and begging to come back but she wasn’t. He begrudgingly admires her strength and wonders if this is what happens when a person competes at such a young age. Secretary Kim wonders about all the fuss. If Se Ra won’t come back, they can just make her come back. Gi-Joon looks at her askance (I have wanted to use this phrase for a long time; it’s hard to fit in regular conversation).
Is Secretary Kim thinking evil things? Tsts.
I'm bereft at the thought. (seeing Trot whip out askance encouraged me to give one of my words an airing, too)
Jae Woong is back at the track that evening, and Se Ra shows up with a towel. He wants to know why, if she has time to do individualize coaching, she doesn’t have time to go to hospital. He’s afraid she’ll miss her opportunity for treatment like he did if she waits too long. She wants to know what’s wrong with him. He sighs that anyone can see that he’s not in good shape. (Raise your hand if you don’t think Rim butt is in good shape. No one? Anyone in the back? No? Thought not). Because Se Ra is not dumb (or blind), she looks genuinely surprised and says, “That’s not true. You look great.”
Well .... we can't really see his butt well. It's the trousers. And the camera mainly focuses on their faces. Show us? Maybe it's a bit flabby?
Rim, Aaron Yan knows a tailor that you should try out. So does Cutie Soo if you think Taiwan is too far.
And then Jae Woong does this rubbing her head cutesy thing like he thinks she’s very adorable. She pushes his hands off her head and reminds him that she is their coach and four years older than he. But he just teases her about being that old playing with bears and starts calling her Teddy. He grins broadly at her and grabs her hood by the two sides. He’s this close to pinching her cheeks. And now they rough house together—he teasing her and her trying to get back at him. Unfortunately, we cannot really enjoy this since someone is taking pictures of them.
They got friendly real fast, these two! Also, I'm so tired...... I managed to read "boob" instead of hood. The two words look really similar if you squint. 
'He grins broadly at her and grabs her boob by the two sides' did you wake anyone up with your laughter?
I was so shocked I forgot to laugh.
Next day (?), a taxi screeches to a halt in front of a hospital and Se Ra jumps out and runs to the desk, begging them if they have a name of Jae Woong. He is there but perfectly healthy. This was just a ploy to get her to go to the doctors. He talks her into going to an appointment. The results are just as she fears: surgery is impossible and treatment is risky. She won’t even cry when he tells her to go ahead. Why make her more pathetic she wants to know and she leaves him in front of the hospital feeling torn.
Ah, I feel sorry for her. But at least, she has Rimbutt. 
And great hair and a kick ass wardrobe and a college education. I'm thinking she'll be fine.
Still that night after his run, she still shows up at the track. She teases that he must be surprised to see her and thought he’d get off just running a little and then going home. She gives him a bottle of water and right when he’s got it tipped up enough to drink, she bumps it on purpose so he spills. He protests, but she comes back at him. Did he think she was going to let it go? If he lies about being in the hospital again, she’ll put him in there herself. (Don’t mess with an oompa loompa, JW!)
I like that they're friends now. 
I was mad he didn't have to take off his shirt. It was too much to hope for the shorts, right? It was.
He wants to know if she is okay. She seems resigned because it is what she expected but she was still shocked and hurt to be right. She was going to have to get it checked eventually. He tells her that she should get the treatment. She tells him that it’s not his problem, but not in a nasty or defensive way at all. Just like she really doesn’t want him worrying about it. Then he calls her “Teddy” (and I melt a little—okay a lot) and she warns him not to tease her. But he says with a straight (please come be my love slave) look (okay maybe it wasn’t this, but he is very sincere), “I want to see you playing on the court.” She suddenly doesn’t know what to say and just stares back at him. Don’t blame her. End of episode.
Ohmygawwwd, RimMagic. He's doing it! We're all dead.
Happily so.


So this episode confirmed to me that the manager has other than just managerial feelings for Se Ra. Whether he understands what these are I don’t know yet.
I can't hate him anymore for it though. He means well, but I guess he is also quite confused by his protective instinct.
Yes: is he a jerk who happens to love her, or is loving her making him a jerk?

Woo Jin was hardly here, but I think they needed to give us more time with our leads to get viewers to see why she would pick Jae Woong.
Well, at least we got some Woo Jin... but we didn't see any of the other boys! What a waste! All those half-naked after shower scenes! 
Rimbutt is clearly judging you.