Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 48 (Recap)

kakashi: In this episode, the shit hits the fan. Never has Su Zhe's death been so palpable. Thanks to his good friend Lin Chen, he may make it a bit longer - but it's no longer a secret that his time is running out. And of course, at this most vulnerable time, Xiajiang strikes again. And it's a huge blow.
JoAnne: Well, it's still a secret to Nihuang, apparently. And good old Jing still has no clue. XiaJiang. Xiajiaaaaaaaaaaaang *shakes fist at sky...picture Stephen Colbert screaming Raiiiin* That snake of a Consort Xian needs to go, too.
Eleanor: I think Nihuang's in denial. Her long lost love has returned, there's no way she can face the idea of his death. So she's clinging to straws. I think deep down she knows though. 

Episode 48

Xiadong cries tears of joy to have her husband back, even in his altered and mute form. Wei Zheng is all eager to start the treatment and mentions "Young Marshal" several times in his convo with Lin Chen. That gets Xiadong's attention. Yup. He's Xiao-Shu! And yup, he also got poisoned by the Bitter Flame. But he went for the fur-free road.
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a ...general in the Chiyan Army. That does not rhyme at all.
I wonder how long it took to get all the furry make-up-wig stuff on. It must have taken hours. It's really quite intense how long these actors have to take for hair and make-up to film a drama like this. 
What else could he have done, right? You need to speak when you want to take revenge (or he could have bit everyone and drank their blood?). Meng feels hurt that his friend did not tell him, but there is a reason he kept it from his friends - they would have treated him differently. Mei Changsu also knows that keeping this from Jingyan has become more and more difficult, but he makes one thing clear: it has to be the current Emperor himself that pardons the Chiyan Army. If Jingyan does it, it will appear biased. Hm... I always assumed, like Meng, that getting Jingyan on the throne would be enough. This sounds much harder.
Yeah...I can't see that happening. Even on a deathbed, I can't see that happening. He's going to destroy his 'legacy'? Nah.
Yeah, this is going to be really tricksy for everyone one involved. Silly thought - to get rid of the fuzzies is no warm fuzzies business ;) I completely understand Mei Changsu hiding what he went through from everyone. There's no way they would let him do what he's doing if they truly understood what he went through. 
And then, it's time to talk to Nihuang, who is still silently crying. Being the kind of woman she is, she is mainly crushed she could not be with him while he endured all those bone-shifting horrors. And then, she says: "I just want to know, how long do you have?" He hesitates. Then, he says: "Ten years". That's enough for her. But only if he promises he will not leave her again for all that time. Oh no.... does she not feel that he is lying?!
I guess I understand his intention...would I want to think I had ten years (understanding that nothing is guaranteed) or would I want to know that I have a year or less? At what point is that balance of just living your life normally, with maybe extra focus on what matters - and living your life in fear of the dwindling days? If you start with ten and get down to one, do you already have that habit of focusing on the good to protect you from the fear?
I also think he just doesn't know how to tell her. Or he's afraid of hurting her more. Or being tempted to run away with her? Maybe to try and relieve her heartache temporarily? 
Shortly after, after everyone has left, Mei Changsu collapses in front of Lin Chen. This does not look good TT_______TT. I like how the Master of Langya Hall is all matter-of-fact and down to earth about this ... I guess this is what Lin Shu values about him. Mr. Su knows his time is running out and there is still so much to do. He thinks he has about a year left ... it's more like half a year at this rate, corrects his friend. Lin Chen will help him though - through to the end. If he gets Fei Liu as a present :)
Fei Liu wants NO part of that mess.
LOL Why couldn't Wu Lei be in Disguiser? That would have been awesome! 
Xiajiang! DIE! Much too alive, he's plotting evil deeds. Through that ugly minister's niece and a murderous maid who's working for the Hua Tribe, he has a secret letter - hidden inside a gift box - sent to the Snake! Who looks much better without dying birds on her head. Still an awful snake though.
I do not find her attractive AT ALL. plus I'd like to stuff that letter down her throat and choke her with it. Maybe add a dead bird or two.
Ugh! I do not like these baddies one bit. Go away! 
In the meantime, Crown Prince Jing has taken up office and conducts state affairs (while the Emperor is frolicking around with his Concubines). Li Lin from the Ministry of Defense is major confused when the prince first reprimands him for being late and then gives him real work! Awww, Jingyan. Please don't piss too many people off! Unfortunately, that seems exactly what the Emperor wants him to do though ("offend people for me"): the main task he gave his son is to decrease the number of dukes by demoting them. Ack!! At least it seems he asked for help from Prince Ji and Marquis Yan.
What did the minister think he would do, instead? Do they not expect to work?
I think they haven't really been working for years. Jingyan actually wants the kingdom to run smoothly and not rot. 
At the Su Mansion, Nie Feng is successfully treated by Lin Chen (he needs to tease e v er y o n e all the time, this one, right?). Also, he starts treating Mei Changsu and it seems that hurts like hell. Damn those pressure points!
So silky.
Haha. I have this image of JoAnne trying to stroke the screen. 
And then, it's about time to return Xiadong to prison. Noooooo!! And time to break our heart a little more when Xiadong and Lin Shu meet in his library. Xiadong, who is so grateful for everything, smiles at him and says she's glad he's back and happy for Nihuang. Uh-oh. Mei Changsu does not smile back but tells her, as the best friend, to take care of Nihuang in the future. He is not well. He is not well at all. Lin Chen being here means he does not have a lot of time left. He says to Xiadong what he dares not say to Nihuang: "Even though my feelings for Nihuang have never changed, she and I cannot be together in this lifetime". TT________________TT
Dude, not even ONCE? Not even for CUDDLES? Have her buy Jing's old place, use the tunnel to have secret sleep overs. Just snuggle, for pete's sake.
For reals. Stupid conventions. 
It takes a bit of persuading from the Hua spy, but then, Snake Consort Yue pretends to be very ill to lure the Emperor to her palace. Great. I HATE the snake!!! Noble Consort Jing gets news of the Emperor's whereabouts when her future daughter-in-law (still with the algae in her hair) is with her. She takes it lightly - or so it seems. Later, when they eat lily soup, she orders her maid to bring his Majesty some too. She seems uneasy as she stares at the Nanshu tree in her garden.
I don't really like that new girl. It looks like she has all baby teeth. I think tiny teeth in adults are terrifying.
Yeah, I don't think any of the Wang Fei really like this wife ;)
I HATE TH E SNAKE! Her stupid sick act (because she was so shocked by something! and her "I'm such a good woman"-act (she really didn't want to read the letter, it was for the Emperor!!) makes me want to throw up. After sheer endless snakery, she finally gives the Emperor the letter ... which contains "Xiajiang's confession". Of course, she "dare not say" what's in it for so and so long, but then, is finally "persuaded" by the Emperor. The confession said ... that Mei Changsu is Lin Shu!
YOU VENOMOUS BITCH. I hope you get skinned like the snake you are.
Why???????? Don't we already have enough hills to climb for Team Mei Changsu? Do we really need this show? Really? My nails have already disappeared from chewing them and my eyes are red from crying. 
It's an outrageous claim, of course, even though Xiajiang explains the details ... including the Poison of the Bitter Flame. But what if it's true? The Emperor has his sages go through all the archives to find something about that poison. And Xiajiang gets "a chance to speak up". Noooooooo! If it's true what he claims, he will be pardoned and the Xuanjing Bureau will be reinstated. NOOOOOOOOO! The old fox is not sure he will win this round. And so, he orders an assassin lady from the Hua Tribe to wreak havoc in case he will perish. That - and kill some people he told her about. At all costs.  
Noooooooooooo! You know that eunuch was side-eyeing her big time - maybe he'll figure out a way to stop this. I'm about ready for some royal helper interference!
Please tell he the Head Eunuch is going to help Team Mei Changsu? Xia Jiang CANNOT win this one. He CANNOT. 


Horrible. Horrible!! Did this horrible, horrible man need to find out?! This will complicate things a lot and Mei Changsu cannot use any complication. He is barely hanging on TT_______TT. And that damn Hua Tribe!!! I knew this would come back to haunt everyone big time and now we're seeing how big that trouble really is. Damn. Damn, damn, damn.
Please someone tell me at the end the eunuch reveals he has always known everything and is secretly supporting Mei Changsu.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Team Mei Changsu is soooooo close to reaching their goal. So close! Why must Xia Jiang and the Hua Tribe interfere now. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!

By the the 'Director's Cut' of Nirvana, Nie Feng opts for a cure mid-way between Hairy Beast and Changed Man: